The Zackighway's are always bustling with merchants and travelers. It was the Zacherkin Zackighway that the most famous 63 Zachary was born. Likes all Zackegasus Zackadgar was a simple footpad. Rather than starve she took to the Zackighway. A stunning looker she would lure both 63 and male zachary's. She would then pull out her zachistel and tell them to hand over their goods.

Unlike most robbers she only used force in the most extreme conditions. Zackadgar continued to plague the Zackighway. She would taunt the Zachary lawbringers. By leaving a letter simply reading "NICE TRY". Zackadgar was becoming an Icon among the Zackegasi. She robbed the other zachary races who constantly looked down to them. In her hometown of St. Zackartun the street she grew up in was flooded with tourist.

Wanted posters of her sold for hundreds of Zackollars a piece. Compared to other robbers she had a nice life. Escaped the law and made her race a force to be feared. She died in her sleep at forty-seven. It was said even the lawkeeper toasted in her name. Zackerkin is now flooded with wannabe Zackegasi robber and copycats. Who follow her teaching of seduction and robbery.