Hi, it's me again. ^^ Heh. So I guess this is for real. I'm publishing a story. I hope I'm putting it in the right genre. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Still not used to this site.

"Kitty wait!"

Cora's hair flew behind her like a banner as she ran down the street. She was chasing after her per cat, Ursula. The gray tortoiseshell ran with speeds unimaginable to her owner. And she wondered if Cora would keep up.

"Ursula!" Cora called again.

The cat ran into someone's front yard. Cora saw this as an opportunity to catch her. Whatever it is, she'll be able to take Ursula home. She stopped to catch her breath. How long had she been running? Ursula had dashed out the backdoor a few moments ago and Cora had been chasing her since. She didn't know what time it is and she didn't care. She just wanted her cat.

Walking calmly into the yard Ursula ran into Cora had a sort of familiarity with the blue house. Sure it had a white-picket fence, but she felt as though she's seen it before. Like in a dream.

Cora looked in the bushes for her cat. Just then she heard the door open. She could explain to the owner her situation, but as she turned her head to face the homeowner, she was stumped.

The owner of the house was unrecognizable. It was Serena. Cora's friend from high school. Cora hadn't seen her since then. Serena was just the same. Her dirty blonde hair reached her hips. Her white skin pale as ever as though the sun never touched her. She was dressed in a black bandeau and black skirt. What could've brought her all the way to Serena's house?



Cora walked up to the porch. Standing before Serena, she felt like she were led here by fate itself.

"What brings you here?" Serena asked.

"I...I was my cat, Ursula." Cora said, chuckling. Serena blinked, confused. Her eyes darted from left to right, deciding what to do next. Remembering Cora was a guest, she offered her a seat the porch.

The porch had a white round table with matching chairs. Cora felt an unease tug at her chords. She'd never been here before. She and Serena met in high school. But after high school...fate seemed to have different plans. Cora graduated high school nearly two years ago, and everyone was under the impression that she would go to college. She would've gone, if she had the money. The art school she wanted to go was getting farther and farther from her. Cora told everyone on her blog that she was attending college and posted art pieces to prove she was going to classes. It was a heavy burden, but it was all to keep them from suspecting.

Serena took a seat across from her. The two sat down, awkwardly taking in this moment. Neither of them said anything. Cora wanted to say so many things, but she knew this must be overwhelming for Serena. Finding Ursula could wait. Talking to Serena was her main priority.

"So..." Cora uttered. "...how's everything?"

Serena looked down at the floor. "...Good."

"That's good..." Cora nodded. "What gave you been up to?"

"Nothing much."

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, I'd be the richest person alive. Cora looked down at the floor. She wondered where Ursula might be hiding. She looked out into the front yard. It was so sunny out. This summer was going to be the best one yet.

Lying to every one to keep them appeased. Posting drawings and comics to prove that I'm in art school. It all seems so wrong and right in a way nobody can understand. Serena likes art too, but I also want to write novels. I have no degree in writing. No degree in art. No degree in animal care. I haven't thought of veterinary stuff in years.

"Are you and your parents doing alright?" Serena asked.

Cora looked up. It was like days passed and know one would be aware.

"They're fine." Cora said. She played with her raven black hair. "They're alright. Yours?"

"Everything's alright." Serena replied. "Mom's been busy, she's at work. Dad...he's...fine... Out of sight, out of mind."


Serena's parents were divorced. This was something Cora was never made aware of since Cora never went to Serena's house not once. After high school everything seemed to go downhill. From being two peas in a pod to being mismatched pairs of socks. They were one in the same, the piece of a puzzle. Yin and yang. Dark and light. Losing contact after that caused them to grow into different people.

Cora didn't have anyone besides the close friends online. Serena didn't have anyone save for her mother.

Wonder how long I'll keep this up until someone catches on. I know someone will call me out, and until I confess on my own. But they'll probably figure it out on their own. There's nowhere to hide.

How long has it been? An hour? A minute? Did time stop? Cora and Serena could sit there for days and they would still be unaware of it. Meeting back with old friends especially if you're like Cora and Serena. Their backgrounds were similar. Both didn't have much money. Both wanted to pursue careers that involved writing graphic novels or books. That was mostly Cora's dream. Serena was more corporate but also enjoyed art. So many differing interests and yet so similar. Both have been through so much hurt that now was the they needed to heal.

Cora broke down on tears. Serena stood up, knowing this was an emergency.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I lied!" Cora sobbed. "I'm not really in college. I just made that up...for my art blog friends! I didn't want them to think I was a failure." She sniffed. Cora wiped her tears, trying to calm down enough to speak. "I didn't want them to know, so I made up the whole 'went to college' thing to keep them appeased. That's why I'm such a mess."

Serena looked down at Cora and it only took her a minute to finally grasp why she looked so drained when she arrived. Serena thought she should share with her something she'd been hiding herself.

"Listen," she began, "there's something I want to get off my chest too. I'm not in college either. I went for six months, but I dropped out. I've been in the same place as you are. The reason I never told you was because I didn't want you to think less of me, like you thought." She put her arms around Cora's shoulders. Still holding a bag of guilt she took a breath. "But the good news is I have a part time job now—at the coffee shop. So, all things are good, I guess." Serena chuckled and shrugged, kind of trying to get Cora to smile. It worked and Cora wasn't crying as much. She watched her wipe her tears and get herself together. Cora nodded halfheartedly.

"I guess we both had something to hide." Cora said.

Serena agreed.

"Only...I don't have a job. No job. No art classes. No one else to lean on. Cora rested her chin on her hand. "What am I going to do?"

Serena shrugged. "We both know you can't live off your parents for the rest of your life."

"I know that." Cora snapped. "Things are kind of hectic back home. Mom and dad are busy with my sister's two kids—who moved in by the way. A year ago. No way am I gonna get into to college if I'm always up to my elbows with my nephew and niece." She became bitter. "It's my sister's fault for not leaving that slacker years ago. But she was blind t what was going on her own home. Didn't think to think twice. Yeah, right."

Serena thought this was a good time to catch up. It was only fair. "Come inside," the blonde said. "It's time I invite you to my house." Neither of them went to the other's house during high school. Even though Cora's was close-by.

Cora was feeling much better. She didn't even think about her cat at all. Where was Ursula? It didn't matter. Serena was more important right now. Ursula could wait.

After Cora and Serena went inside a figure moved in the bushes. It was Cora's cat. The gray tortoiseshell looked up at the front door as though she had completed her mission. It was crazy getting Cora over here. Maybe this meeting was all because of a cat. Who knows? Things happen and you can't just explain it.

But sometimes it was good that these things happened.