With Deucalion gone from the throne room, Pasiphae looked upon Gann and Europa. "Where shall you go now, young man?" She asked.

"I don't know." Confessed Gann. "At first I was thinking of going to Egypt but now I am thinking Mycenae would be nice. It is affluent in gold that bastion-metropolis of combatants and agents. Golden masterpieces and across-barricaded bastions make Mycenae sound like a place of adventure I would like to have adventures of my own there, if Europa will join me."

Europa gasped. "Gann… Is this a marriage proposal?"

"N-No." said Gann, a blush upon his ruddy cheeks. "Though I have grown fond of you in the short time I've known you and to leave you behind here on Crete would be unthinkable. If Minos truly follows Daedalus to his death then Deucalion will succeed him and return from his exile and it won't be safe for you here."

There was a visible blush upon Europa's face and she looked so happy. "This is a marriage proposal!"

"What? No! We have not known each other long enough to be married."

"There are people who have known each other for less time, young man." Commented Pasiphae. "Besides, Europa being married may deter Deucalion from his pursuit of her."

"He killed one bridegroom to get to her." Said Gann. "I won't let him get to her. She'd be forced to be either his queen or worse."

"You will kill my son to prevent that?" inquired the queen.

"So let it be written." Answered Gann. He then looked at all present: guards, princes and princesses. They all stared at him, stared at him with critical eyes. To them he might as well have been a Barbary ape.

"This savage is all bluff!" exclaimed one of the princes, Catreus. He was younger than Deucalion by one year but far more brutish in appearance. He looked less like a human and more like some horrid mockery of humanity. "He is not taking my brother's intended anywhere!" Catreus charged with a fist extended. Gann turned his back to the Cretan prince, knelt and grabbed Catreus by the wrist. Then he hurled the son of Minos across the throne room.

It must be noted that Catreus was not Deucalion. Deucalion had learned his lesson once Gann had struck him and so sought underhanded ways to dispose of his rival. Catreus however was not as intelligent. He once more charged at Gann who merely once more hurled the Cretan prince across the throne room. This repeated a third time and as the old saying went third time truly was the charm.

"Had enough?" inquired Gann.

"Enough! I cry quarter!" exclaimed Catreus.

"I'm a Gael, Cretan prince." Stated Gann. "We have Scythian blood, they are a warlike people. We are born warriors. Don't pick a fight with us."

"Should send him to Sparta and see how well he fairs." muttered a guard.

Gann had heard what the guard had said. He merely smiled and turned to Europa. "Will the fair princess join me on my journey to Mycenae?" he inquired. He held out a hand, waiting for her to take it and take it she did. Thus did they exit the throne room of Knossos! Gann had seen enough of this place and for Europa it was the perfect beginning.

As Gann and Deucalion made their way to the port, they found the chamberlain awaiting them. Gann was completely surprised. He thought the chamberlain would have gone on a ship.

"I wanted to thank you, my boy." Said the chamberlain. "In the cell, you told me we are free to make our own destinies. I would like to join you on your adventures."

"But you are so old!" exclaimed Gann.

"Exactly." Stated the chamberlain. "All I have known for sixty twelvemonths is Crete. I would like to spend the rest of my life elsewhere."

"I… I'm not sure." Gann scratched the back of neck. The chamberlain was old but he would possibly be helpful.

"Come on, Gann." Said Europa. "Cadmus is like a second father to me. Let him join us."

So the chamberlain's name was Cadmus… And Europa knew him well. "Cadmus, how was it you offended Minos?" Gann asked.

"I protested against Deucalion's interest in Europa to his face." Stated Cadmus.

"Well, I can't see a reason for you not to come then." Said Gann. "You may come with us."

"Splendid!" The former chamberlain exclaimed. "Where are we off to?"

"Mycenae." Answered Europa.

"Mycenae! Delightful!" Cadmus followed after Gann and Europa as they searched for a ship that would take them to Mycenae. "I have a feeling that Mycenae shall displace Crete as the greatest power in Greece.

"Why do you say that?" inquired Europa as Gann spoke with the captain of a ship.

"The Minotaur is dead." Began Cadmus. "What will Minos send the youths and maidens to now? An Athenian hero may have broke Minos' power but I believe that it will be Mycenaean kings who will lead Greece into a new age."

"And who shall these kings be?" asked Europa.

"Whoever they are they shall be the greatest Greece has ever known." Replied Cadmus.

Gann had heard this while he had spoken with the captain. He wondered just who these kings would be. Would they be the descendants of gods or the descendants of heroes? In Egypt it was said that the Pharaohs used to be descended from gods and then Pharaoh Ay ascended to the throne. He was not a member of the royal family he had been told but a noble who had been grand-uncle and grandfather-in-law to his predecessor, having stolen the throne while the common born general Horemheb, the rightful heir, had been on campaign in Asia. Horemheb eventually returned and took back the throne of Egypt. When he was without issue in his old age he made his vizier, whom had children and grandchildren, his successor and so ascended Ramses I, a member of a noble military family, to the throne. It could be said that Ramses the Great, grandson of Ramses I and current monarch of Egypt, was the greatest king Egypt has ever known. Perhaps one needn't be descended from gods or heroes to be great.

Gann gave a smile. He was not descended from gods. The Egyptians said that the Pharaoh was a god yet Horemheb, Pharaoh Cincris as his people called him, had been born a commoner. Horemheb had been a man. And yet by coming to Europa's defense against Deucalion he felt as if he had found greatness. Perhaps as Cadmus had said, Aphrodite had chosen him and her to love each other. He did feel something in his heart for her and it was indeed romantic love.

That night, Gann and Europa looked up at the stars as the ship sailed for Mycenae. Upon seeing a constellation that looked like a bull, Gann turned to her and asked: "Are you going to miss Crete?"

"I don't know." Confessed Europa. "I lived there for sixteen twelvemonths and now I'm off to Mycenae for adventures with a hero greater than Heracles or Theseus."

Gann gave a chuckle. "Greater than Heracles or Theseus… That is a good one. They are greater than I will ever be. Heracles slew the Nemean Lion and the Lernean Hydra, captured the Hind with the Golden Horns and the Erymanthian Boar, cleaned out the stables of King Augeas of Elis in a single day, chased away the Stymphalian Birds, captured the Cretan Bull, stole the horses of Diomedes of Thrace… He has done many things, as has Theseus. What have I ever done? I've killed some lions, lesser lions, nothing like the fabled Nemean Lion that Heracles fought and slew." Europa gave him a kiss on the lips. When she pulled away he asked: "What was that for?"

"To tell you that you are the hero of my heart and that Heracles and Theseus could never take your place in it."

Gann then kissed Europa. This truly was the perfect beginning.