This is a seduction poem in iambic pentameter, and it's dedicated to the sensational Elizabeth Debicki. Please comment nicely!

You came to call upon my gracious lord,

But he's away and I'm alone and bored.

Please help yourself to brandy from the tray,

It's just the thing on such a dreary day.

How do you like my beaded ivory gown?

Be seated, please! Don't mind me lying down.

This Turkish sofa's trimmed in gold and red.

I'm bored with being cooped up as I said.

Of course I love my husband, he's a dear.

But now he's growing old, and he's not here.

We've both been watching you, you're on the rise.

A young, ambitious man who seeks the prize.

A single word in my lord husband's ear,

Could make you great or ruin your career.

Let's make a secret pact, just me and you,

And I'll support you in each thing you do.

Decide right now which path your life will take,

For those who choose the right way life is cake.

Say yes and you can have success and power,

And keep my velvet couch warm by the hour.