A Little Story About A Boy And A Girl

By G. Hodges

27 November 2017

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who sat together at a lunch table.

It was a high school in a small town in Ohio. The boy was a local kid, a senior, college-bound, and very nerdy. He was taking AP Physics and AP Calculus and needed to study very hard, so he would simply buy a donut and chocolate milk for lunch and he'd read and study during his lunch period.

The girl was a junior, but she was already 18 years old. She had fled a war-torn country as a child, and had trouble speaking the boy's language. She struggled in her classes but she tried very hard to make her parents proud. She was old enough to be a senior, but was held back because she was a refugee for several years before escaping to the United States. She was very shy, so she tried to sit at a lunch table all by herself – but since all of the tables were occupied, she eventually chose a table with a lone boy sitting there. A boy that looked like a nice guy.

Although they were both shy, they would sometimes talk to each other. The boy would ask about the girl's necklace, and about her home country. The girl would ask the boy about his family, and about what he was reading.

Sometimes, they would just sneak peeks at each other. The boy thought that the girl was really nice and cute. The girl thought that the boy was really smart and kind. Although they never said it to each other, they each felt a little spark of something… something that could blossom if only given a chance.

But one day, the girl got an offer to work in the school office during her lunch period. She never liked the lunch food, and often had little money to spend, so she stopped coming to the cafeteria during her lunch period. The boy was heart-broken, thinking that the girl didn't like him anymore.

The boy still sat at the same lunch table – every day. Every day, he'd look at the empty seat, and hoped that the lovely and mysterious foreign girl would return.

But she never did.

The school year passed on, and both of them eventually graduated and lost track of each other. The boy went on to college, and graduated with honors and got accepted to go to graduate school as a physicist. The girl went on to college too – the first girl in her family to do so – and eventually chose to major in Finance. They each tried to find a relationship, but they both found only rejection.

Then, over five years later, during the Summer, the boy was about to start graduate school when he found his old high school yearbook. He opened it at random, and it somehow came to the page of the shy girl he met in lunch. He just kept looking at that picture – for hours. He wondered whatever happened to her: did she go to college? Did she get married? Where is she now?

And, he kept wondering: why didn't he try to be a part of her life?

By morning, he had decided to make his move. If it was destiny they be together, he thought, then he shall try to do what he should have done years ago. He looked up her family in the phone book, and found one family listed there. He wrote a letter addressed to her, asking about what happened to her, and had mailed it off that morning.

That morning, it was her birthday. Her mother had received the boy's letter, and remembered the boy's name from the stories the girl had told her mother. The girl was surprised the boy still remembered her. Her mother encouraged her to write back to the boy, and eventually she did.

The boy was elated – he never believed he would ever reach her, but she seemed happy and had remembered him all those years. He gave her a call, and she agreed to go out with him on a date.

Their first date was exciting. The boy thought the girl was more beautiful than ever, and the girl thought the boy was very sharing and quite the gentleman. The girl's mother was still worried, so the girl brought along her younger brother to be a chaperone. They talked for hours over dinner, and planned to meet again soon for another date.

By their second date, the girl ask the boy if he was serious about having a relationship. The boy said yes with great enthusiasm, and asked if he could call her his girlfriend. The girl agreed, and boy was very happy.

They had more dates, but soon the Summer was ending. The boy was starting graduate school many miles away from where the girl was attending college. They promised to stay in touch as the boy packed his things and moved out of his parents home.

They did – they called each other every night. They talked about their pasts, their presents, their dreams and their wishes for their futures. The boy and girl had fallen totally in love with each other, and admitted their feelings for each other often.

The boy and girl would plan to meet up at a halfway point every other weekend, and one time, after a date, the two sat in the boy's car in front of the girl's house, hugging each other and talking for a long time about how much they like each other. The girl's mother saw this and got upset, and told the girl that she must choose whether she will marry the boy or not. The mother grew up believing in the old ways, and believed that a girl shouldn't be seen dating boys – so the girl's mother didn't want her daughter to be a bad example to the family or bring them shame to everyone they knew. The girl was very obedient to her mother, but she was worried – would an American boy be willing to marry her after only dating for two months?

The girl called the boy over to her mother's house and told him what happened, and told the boy that he needed to choose. The boy thought it over, and gave the girl his decision.

He said yes. He wanted to marry the girl.

He went to the girl's mother (her father died a few years ago) and asked to marry her, and she agreed. The boy went to his parents, and asked his parents if they'd allow him to marry the girl. And they agreed, too.

And, after a few weeks, the boy transferred to the school where his fiancee was attending and closed his affairs in his old graduate school. They planned a small, simple wedding, and around that Thanksgiving they were married.

That day was November 27th, 1997.

Since that day, they had many adventures, ups and downs. They had a son, after the girl went through a long a difficult labor. The boy had to learn how to be considerate of the girl's feelings and not be such a workaholic; the girl had to learn not to be so angry or impatient. Sometimes they fought over things, and said things that really hurt each other – but they never left each others sides. The boy tried to learn the girl's old language, but never did very well; the girl tried to read some of the stories the boy would write, but never understood them very well. The girl loved having the boy's company, and the boy loved the girl's cooking. All in all, they were happy together.

Their niece loved the story how they met, so she drew a picture of them on some of the boy's homework paper. The boy kept that picture safe and sound to remember those special days.

Twenty years later, the boy decided to write their story down. He took the girl's hand, and once again pledged his undying love to her. The boy told the girl that he believes that, even when they are both dead and gone, some of the molecules in the boy's body will find their way into another boy, and some of the molecules in the girl's body will find their way into another girl. And, when they meet, that boy will fall in love with that girl all over again, and will pledge his undying love to her. And, just like last time, he will love her with all of his heart and until the end of his days.

"And that," the boy told the girl, "is what I call 'Happily Ever After.'"

Happy 20th Anniversary, dear!