"Huh, where am I?" I asked myself as I open my eyes, and find myself in a white area nothing else around.

I start to get up, and look all around me to see endless white staring back at me.

"Seriously, where the hell am I?" I asked. I don't even remember how I got here, nor who I am for that matter.

I take a few steps, and out of the corner of my eyes, I see something in a distance.

"Huh, whats that?" I questioned, as I kept on walking. As I got closer, I notice it was a figure and when I got even closer, it turned out to be a girl with dark eyes and brown eyes.

She smiles at me, and says. "Hello."

My eyes narrow at her a bit, while staring intently at her. A sense of familiarity, and a sense of guilt enters me.

"Uh hi, do I know you?" I asked right away, with sense of guilt growing stronger for some reason.

She keeps smiling at me, and says, "You did, but its been quite some time, since we saw each other."

"How long has it been then?" I asked, in a curious tone, since maybe my memory will come back or something.

"Eight years. And you grew your hair out longer than you ever did before," she said with amusement.

I take my hand and put it down my back to see how long my hair is. "Guess I like long hair nowadays." I smile a bit.

She giggles a bit, and says "Its good to see you doing well, even if you can remember anything at the moment."

"Yeah….so who are you exactly?" I questioned, wanting to know.

"Someone from your past, you never forgot about and keep holding onto," she says.

"And yet I cant remember now, but I can feel you are someone important from my heart," I said as I place my hand over my heart, that's beating with a strange warmth.

"Its okay, memories will be back any second," she says as her eyes start watering up with small smile on her face.

My eyes started to watering up as followed, and started to ask "Any second?..." but stopped as memories as rushed back, while she disappeared as I dwelled into darkness.