I fall into the realm of Unitarian Universalist thinking, nonetheless I hope you find this poem to be touching and spiritual regardless of my religious standpoint. I do believe in his message of truth and love and find him to be very admirable.


Jesus was a very special man.

He touched the hearts of many and continues to do so today.

Through his passion, love for justice, equality for others-

he taught us loving words and gentle forgiveness can change the world

he taught us women deserve an equal place alongside men when it comes to being part of their faith.

he taught us to fight back against those who are greedy or who mistreat the little ones.

he taught us to not give in, no matter what, because giving in means giving up.

Through his kindness and his selflessness, he paid the price with his life.

But to many he lives on, not just through his words but through his convictions.

Whether or not I the writer believe in him is unnecessary

I believe in his message of peace, hope, and love, and wholeheartedly embrace it.

So I wish to spread the love that he spread.

Can an unbeliever do the exact same thing, love another?

Let us just celebrate that such an extraordinary person existed and fought for the common man and woman, not just the rich.

And to many out there, he watches over us, loving us forever.

Let us celebrate his courage and bravery and selflessness. That is what Christmas is about: remembering one man who believed in the human race and died for it.

Whether you believe or not, he did love us.

Let us spread that message of hope to others.

Merry Christmas.