Why short stories?

'The Less Is More' is a collection of shortest but deepest stories. The reason why the author has written these shortest stories because she wanted to make people read and ponder on how deeply the things can be understood even though they are written with fewer words.

They bear quality and not quantity; at the end they will leave you with your own thought and experience, and will also help you connect with your incidents.

They don't precisely have a perfect end or conclusion but serves you with a perfect slice of life, and the best part 'you can fit your world in mere few lines.'

They help you to think and analyze stories from different angles. A short story is almost equal to a novel but here you can learn more from them than a novel.

A story never means a lengthy paragraph or a complete book. It's like a journey which is never in-depth explained rather it is an art; the art of crisping your ideas and thoughts.