Chapter 23


"You two, stop," I begged as I watched Peter and Caleb challenge each other to who could eat the fastest. They were both making a mess. And my own food was in danger from it. Enzo just chuckled as he quietly cheered the other boys on. "Enzo," I pouted as I gave a slight push on his shoulder. "Rude."

He flashed his smile as he placed his chin in his hand -the hand that used to be encrusted in a cast. "Do you expect me to not want them to look like fools?" he joked. "At least when they're around you, I couldn't fathom having you be anything but embarrassed of them." my face was a bit flushed when he spoke. He always seemed to find a way to make me flustered.

Thankfully, Caleb and Peter's little competition didn't last for too long. So I didn't suffer through their antics the entire lunch period. Of course, the did have to bear with me berating them for quite some time. Yasmin seemed amused by it and actually joined in the berating -though she seemed more like teasing than actual scolding. At least Caleb felt unamused by his cousin's actions.

"Why do you two do that every time? How did I not notice before?" I scoffed once I sat with Peter during our Drama class. I might no longer be on bad terms with Peter, but I was not willing to watch such a display more so than I already had.

"Yes," was all Peter would say on the matter before turning his attention to the current script we were given. For the past few projects, we'd been partnered; something about stage chemistry. We didn't exactly see it ourselves, which we've both admitted, but we accepted what our instructor had said. With a roll of my eyes, I began to read over our scene - A hamlet scene, with us playing the roles of Claudius and Gertrude.

We spend the entire hour loosening up for tomorrow, so we could officially begin our actual rehearsal of the scene. It was a pretty easy day, thankfully, up until the very end of the day. "Yasmin!" I exclaimed as I skipped towards Yasmin -who's become a pretty good friend at this point. I had spent most of my time with her and Enzo. Though I'm sure if I counted, my time was given to mostly to Enzo.

Speaking of Enzo, it seemed he was already on the bleachers, waving over towards me with that supportive gaze of his. I, of course, waved back a bit too enthusiastically. "Has he asked you yet?" Yasmin questioned as she pulled me in towards the rest of the squad.

"About?" I allowed my body to be moved to where Yasmin wished me to go.

"Winter formal," She huffed, as if I was meant to know exactly what she was talking about.

"Oh!" I reacted and gave a nod. He had asked me almost immediately after he'd found out about it -during the break. He seemed excited over it, which made me excited. My face flushed as I thought of how he popped up in front of my home with a bouquet of flowers and was actually dressed in a suit. No sweater in sight. He looked absolutely amazing -and that was how I knew that he wasn't there for our usual tutoring session. "It was actually really sweet," my voice was an incredible stutter. I was just speechless over the whole event.

"Good," Yasmin said. "Shopping trip? We could pick out dresses together."

"You going with Caleb?" I teased with a wink.

Her face was the dictionary definition of disgust. "He has his own plans," she gagged and placed her palm in my face, playfully shunning me. I let out a laugh. "And I've got an actual date, thank you."

"So you're mixing it up," I chuckled and delivered a smirk. "Took you long enough."

"Just remember that I'm the captain here, Red," Yasmin spat back. "Do you want to be gone."

"You and I both know you're not going to do that," I rebuffed, completely un afraid of Yasmin's little threat.

"Hey, I wouldn't be so confident if I were you," she placed her hands on her hips before giving a quick instruction on our next routine -Our last game of the year was coming up this weekend, so we had a lot of work to do this week. Yasmin was dead set on making this thing perfect."You lost Ailey's support, remember?"

"True," hearing that hurt a bit, but it was true. Yasmin meant no real harm by it. And I at least didn't get much backlash from severing ties with Ailey like I thought I would. I'm sure Phoebe was affected more than I was -but I'm sure she was fine now. If I remember correctly, Ailey introduced her to some other people before creating her own new group. She seemed pretty peaceful over everything with the little amount that I've seen her. "But we both know you love me too much to let me go."

"Also true," we chuckled in between controlled breaths. "So next weekend sound good for our little shopping adventure?"

"Sounds great to me," I gave a nod, keeping focused on Enzo as he smiled towards me. He made things easier for me, at least on an emotional level. Focusing on him allowed me to keep away from my stage fright. "You can help me impress him."

"Impress him?" Yasmin cackled, nearly messing up her own routine in the process. I'd never seen her do that before. "You impress him literally by existing. Impressing him won't be hard in the slightest.

"My statement still stands," I huffed, though I was glad that I wasn't the only person who noticed how much he cared. I did have a slight fear that I might have been seeing too much into things, but at that moment the doubt was gone. I felt pretty bright then and I was in no hurry to change that.