Model Behavior

Ned had pretty much commandeered the family room in the cellar for his model building enterprise. His mother didn't like the smell of the model paint and glue on the second floor where his bedroom was so Ned moved his hobby to the cellar where he set up a large work bench, bright lighting, and a massive display case for his final products. Airplanes hung from the overhead pipes.

His kid sister Yvonne complained about the family room intrusion when she had friends over but Ned tolerated her presence as long as she and her goofy friends didn't mess with his stuff.

Ned had evolved into a master model builder and he was proud of his craft, his attention to detail, and his ability to complete perfect projects most impressively. He was envied among his friends and even his hard to please father was complimentary about his model building work.

On this day, the rain forced the kids to stay inside for the duration. Ned and Yvonne's parents worked but the kids were old enough to be left alone and trusted not to do the wrong thing. Ned was in the cellar as usual working on his latest model when Yvonne and her friend Elly came down to hang out and goof off.

"What are you doing down here?" Ned grumbled. "You have the whole frigin' house to yourselves."

"We're bored," Yvonne complained.

"Just stay away from the table and my stuff," Ned warned.

Of course the girls couldn't resist acting silly – mostly to annoy Ned who wasn't in the mood to be bugged as he concentrated on the fine details of his model building. The two girls quickly became nuisances, of course, with their incessant jabbering and giggling but Ned was able to mostly ignore them.

"Be careful with that!" Ned chided when the two girls took to tossing around a pillow like it was a football.

"We know what we're doing," Yvonne said with confidence.

"Why don't you get lost before you cause an accident?" Ned requested.

"Chill out," Yvonne laughed. "We won't hurt your stupid precious models."

The girls couldn't resist one last pillow fling just to aggravate Ned. Unfortunately, Yvonne missed catching Elly's wayward throw and the heavy pillow landed smack in the middle of Ned's model- building table, knocking over his small paint bottles and spilling two models onto the floor where they crashed into several pieces.

"God Damn It!" an enraged Ned screamed. "Look what you did!"

"Sorry," Elly said, horrified by the damage caused and immediately feeling guilty for doing exactly what Ned warned them about and even the normally tough Yvonne looked at the smashed models with regret.

"You stupid jerks!" Ned screamed. "I'm going to kill you both!"

"It was an accident," Yvonne insisted in her lame attempt to apologize.

"We're really sorry," Elly added in an effort to console him but Ned was beside himself with anger, truly pissed off at his sister's irresponsibility and Elly's unnecessary involvement

"Just shut up and get lost," Ned seethed. "You're lucky Dad's not here or I'd have him give you a spanking."

"We're much too old for spankings," Yvonne said incredulously.

"You're much too stupid not to get one," Ned countered with annoyance.

"We really do feel bad for what happened," Elly timidly offered.

"It's been raining all day," Yvonne explained. "We're bored out of our minds and we got silly."

"You got careless and you deserve to be punished," Ned grumbled

Yvonne and Elly exchanged mischievous looks and then they whispered together for a few moments before starting to giggle.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing," Ned said bitterly as he picked up the smashed pieces. "Just get out of here before I really get mad."

"You could spank us if you wanted," Yvonne announced with a seemingly seductive grin on her face.

A/N: This is NOT a spanking story despite the dialogue that follows

Ned frowned and rolled his eyes. "Very funny," he said, returning his smashed models to the table and trying to clean up the spilled paint.

"Seriously," Yvonne insisted. "We deserve it."

Both girls were looking at him with smirks on their faces.

"Now you're just making fun of me," Ned complained.

"If you want to spank us, you have every right," Elly agreed.

"You should do it," Yvonne dared. "It won't make up for what we did but at least you'd get some satisfaction from our bad behavior."

"You said it yourself," Ned sighed dismissively. "You're too old for a spanking."

"I don't think we are," Elly said. "Fourteen isn't that old."

Ned gave them a long stare, surprising himself for actually entertaining the idea. "You'd tell on me and I'd get in trouble," he protested.

"We promise we'd never say a word," Yvonne said. "So, if you want to get your revenge, go ahead."

Ned's anger and annoyance had turned into intrigue and interest but he was convinced the girls were just messing with him. Deciding to call their bluff, he glanced around the cellar and saw the ping pong paddles on the table in the corner. He went and grabbed one and brought it back.

"How 'bout if I spank you with this?" He threatened, holding up the wooden paddle.

"That's better than Dad's belt," Yvonne replied.

"You two would never let me smack you on your rears," Ned grunted.

"We deserve to be punished," Elly said with a mixture of timidity and slyness.

"But don't hurt us," Yvonne warned.

"Well, you do deserve some sort of punishment," Ned agreed, trying not to sound too excited. He figured he'd go along with their little charades until they chickened out. "Both of you go kneel on the couch with your backs to me."

Yvonne and Elly exchanged knowing looks before stepping to the couch and kneeling on the seat cushions, glancing at him over their shoulders. Ned took his place at the edge of the couch, clutching the ping pong paddle in his hand.

The three had hung out together for years, Yvonne and Elly best neighborhood friends so Elly was around a lot. Ned was a year older so he had more power, influence, position and say in most of their activities and adventures, but the three had spent plenty of time as a trio.

Ned never quite understood why the two girls were friends. Yvonne was loud, annoying and obnoxious while Elly was shy and usually quiet as a mouse, timid in her attitudes. Yvonne's hair was bushy and blonde, her face round and she was a good four inches taller and forty pounds heavier than the dark haired petite Elly who wore her hair short.

"Okay, drop your drawers," Ned ordered.

"What!?" Elly said with surprise.

"This has to be done bare-assed," Ned informed them. "That's part of the punishment."

"You want us to show you our asses?" Yvonne asked with amusement.

"Yep," her older brother said with authority.

"Isn't that perverted to see your own sister's fanny?" Elly asked.

"Spankings don't mean anything if they're not bare-assed," Ned told them, figuring this was the end of their prank. "Humiliation as much as pain," he explained.

"You just want to ogle us," Elly complained.

"Yep," Ned replied honestly. "Part of the price you pay for wrecking my stuff."

Ned waited patiently. He had seen his sister's ass before (but not for a few years and she was definitely a mature fourteen year old now) but of course it was Elly's backside he was most interested in catching a glimpse of. She was pretty and she had a nice rear end.

"Okay," Yvonne said gamely. "We're the ones who caused the trouble."

Ned was surprised by her response, certain both girls were going to chicken out and run upstairs.

Elly exchanged a surprised glance with Yvonne. "I didn't think we'd do it bare bottomed," she admitted nervously.

Yvonne shrugged and then they both unsnapped their shorts and shimmied them down their thighs. Yvonne took her underwear with hers, dropping both all the way to her knees on the cushion. She was wearing a tee shirt that stopped at her waistline so her ass was completely exposed for Ned to see.

It was a nice rear but it was his sister's rear and Ned really didn't care about it that much – although getting his sister into a vulnerable position was a rewarding pleasure of revenge. He smiled at Yvonne who was looking over her shoulder and she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Perv," she teased.

Elly still had her panties covering her fanny and her blouse had become untucked and pretty much covered her buns too.

"Elly," Ned said coaxingly. "I need to have access to your bareness."

She chewed on her lip for a moment and she threw Yvonne a pleading look of help but Yvonne wasn't about to intervene as she already had her ass revealed.

"You said you'd do it," Yvonne reminded her friend.

Elly sucked in her breath. "I can't believe any of this," she groaned.

"I can't believe you wrecked my models," Ned countered.

"Are you really going to make me do this?" Elly asked.

"It wasn't my idea," Ned reminded her, calling her bluff all the way to the end.

"I didn't think you'd actually make me," Elly whispered to Yvonne.

"It is kind of exciting," Yvonne grinned.

"In a perverted way," Ned noted.

"Are you really going to hold me to this?" Elly asked.

"It's y up to you," Ned said, forcing her to chicken out so he'd maintain the upper hand and power position.

Elly sighed and she began to pull her panties down but her blouse still covered most of her buns.

"Lift up your shirt," Yvonne instructed.

"No, that's okay," Ned said, realizing he was taking unfair advantage of the poor girl. "This has gone far enough."

"Screw that!" Yvonne complained. "I'm the one kneeling here with my bare ass hanging out! Why are you going to let her off the hook?"

"She shouldn't do it if she doesn't want to," Ned reasoned.

"You chicken shit!" Yvonne barked at her friend.

"You can cover yourself now, Yvonne," Ned said. "The joke's over."

"No, wait!" Elly said. "I'll do it."

"You will?" Yvonne asked with surprise.

"You will?" Ned asked with excitement.

"I don't want to be a chicken shit," Elly said with a sigh.

A/N - This is NOT a spanking story so you can go to Chapter 2 without worry - and hopefully with interest to see what Ned has in mind.