Up on a clifftop overlooking Nihilocus, a lone figure sat with his legs dangling over the side of the precipice. A phone was in his hand, open on a particular contact's information. He was staring down at the phone, his eyes glazed over. His heart was still burning with anger at the injustice of how he had been treated by his father, but at the same time, he felt nervous about calling this particular person after two years of not seeing or hearing from them.

Finally, he pressed the call button and lifted the phone to his ear.

It was answered on the second ring by a very familiar female voice: "Hello?"

"You've forgotten about me already."

There was a pause. Then: "Travis Lucitor. You've got a new phone, clearly. Or at the very least a new number."

"Neither," Travis responded. "Clearly you've gotten a new phone and not put my contact number through, otherwise you would have seen the caller ID and answered with my name."

Another pause, during which Travis detected a short gasp. "I haven't forgotten about you. I DID get a new phone, because my old one got run over by my uncle's car. It didn't work at all, so I couldn't put my contacts through to my new phone and I didn't know your number off by heart. I still don't. Hence why I didn't recognise your number when you called."

A smile slowly spread over Travis's face. "It's good to hear your voice again, Olly."

"Yours too." Travis could hear the smile in her voice. "How's everything going? Can we meet up, or is your father still keeping a hold on you?"

"No, he's lifted his hand already," Travis replied, somewhat disgustedly. "And not just on me. I'm sure you've read in the mortal newspaper about what happened at town hall?"

"Yeah I did." Olly sounded surprised. "You were involved in that?"

"Yes. Father told me to torture that Addams girl, the mayor's daughter."

"A-And did you?" Olly asked.

"Of course. But after she went and got herself killed, he brought her back to life."

"I thought that wasn't allowed!"

"It's NOT," Travis snarled at the ground. "He should have left her! But because my idiot brother has feelings for her, Father brought her back."

"That's hardly fair," Olly complained.

"Exactly. He's gone soft. They ALL have." Travis shook his head and stared down at Nihilocus. "Even Mitchell and Nyssa. I had very high hopes for them, but it looks like they are listening to those idiot twins and our equally stupid father."


Travis sighed, closing his eyes. "I'm sorry. It just makes me SO mad that I got grounded indefinitely for having a girlfriend but the SECOND my brother says he has feelings for a girl, Father brings her back to life when she doesn't deserve it."

"That certainly sounds like favouritism," said Olly. "Do you want to meet up and talk about this face-to-face?"

The smile returned to Travis's face. "I'd love to. Are you free?"

"Right now?" Olly chuckled.

"I haven't seen your real face in two years, Olly; I've only looked at pictures of you. I'm desperate to see it for real again."

Olly chuckled again. "Absolutely. I'll bring some snacks."

"Good. I'll meet you by your house."

"Got it. See you soon, Travis."


Travis waited until Olly had hung up, before narrowing his eyes and putting down his phone as he spotted his little sister's transparent dream self wandering around. Nothing in Nihilocus could see anything outside of the place; it just looked like the place was completely white as far as the eye could see.

But Travis could see Taylor.

And he had a lot of anger and hatred that he needed to release.