Written for and dedicated to my special friend, Brady The Just.

My life changed when I met you,

For good never for worse.

Through words containing brilliance,

Tales of adventure,

It began.

Through words we share


Cheer each other on,

Survive emotional turbulence,

And come out strong.

I have seen you and talked to you in flesh but

When this is not possible,

Words suffice enough

To tell of your character,

Uniqueness in itself.

I felt uncertain when we first began to talk,

Unsure of my ground,

But at your reassurance,

I opened my shell;

Found steady earth.

Now I look forward

To tidbits of your life,

Shared in a few powerful sentences and

Returned by mine.

And though I have seen you and

Talked to you in flesh,

When our eyes cannot meet,

Words suffice enough.

Friendship is not broken by time,


Or space.

Now that I have met you

And spoken face to face,

I feel as though I have known you

All my life.

I know this may be different from what you

Commonly enjoy

But when my mind turned to you,

These words flowed from my pen;

Words meant for you.

And so I wish and hope the

Words you see before you

Will bring joy to your heart

On your special day.

Happy birthday.