Ellison woke up in extreme pain. He had multiple cuts all along his body. it seems like they spent time bleeding him as he rocked in and out of consciousness. He had to get out. He had to escape. Ellison tried his bounds and found out the ones tied to his hands were loose. He furiously worked them until his hands were free then he untied the ones on his feet. In a matter of minutes, he was free but had no idea where he was out. It seemed they moved him to a more secure location. He was in a room with a one-way mirror. He tried the handle to the door and found it locked.

He decided to wait until someone came and then he would surprise them with the metal chair he was once bound to. Visions of what they had in store for him played through his weary mind. He waited until he heard the door latch open. A skinny vamp with a plate of food entered and that's when Ellison stroked. He heaved the metal chair at the vamp knocking him to the floor and then with a quick boot to the face knocked him unconscious. The vamp lay in a heap, his natty dreads sprawled along the tile floor. He then made his escape. He was damned if he was going to let them continue to cut and bleed him until he died. He slinked along the corridor with the knocked-out vamp's keys until he found the main exit. Then he made a break for it.

He found a motorcycle with a pair of keys in it already and started the chopper up, as he did several vamps came out blasting, rounds pinged near him as he blasted his way out of the parking lot. The screeching tires from a hard turn on to the streets piercing the night.