Around me, the phantom in the shadows danced, shifting ever so slightly with the darkness, stalking, waiting, and watching. Lingering in the depths of the shadows, I watched it, whatever it is. Its obscured form is translucent to my naked eyes, shifting within the darkness. As if it was reading my mind, it would return the moment I began to question my own sanity.

Is this all in my head? Have I been away from reality for so long that my mind can no longer recognize what is tangible and what is a figment of my imagination? How long has it been since I was placed here, my solitary prison, towering above the world on my dark perch, watching as the world continued on without me?

The years have come and gone, how many though, I do not know. Maybe fifty years? Maybe even more? It has been too many to count. My only companion in this eternal prison has been the never-ending shadows and what lurks within. Maybe the Fae should never be left alone.

This is my tower, my punishment and my own personal prison. Did I deserve it? Some part of me screamed yes. But I know that Dolan did this and I couldn't stop him. No, it was not my fault, I couldn't stop what happened; just like how I can't stop the screaming that echoed in my head, or the image of the little girl in red lying motionless on the floor

Shaking off my memories, I moved with the shadows into the corner of the room, dragging the weight of my endless moon-white hair with me, escaping from the sinking light pouring in from the window. Standing halfway to heaven, with no bars or glass, this desolate prison is meant to be my defeat; destroying whatever happiness and hope that could possibly remain, leaving only despair, sorrow and my own distorted memories to break my soul.

That was the joke I guess, a prison without chains. Well not the kind that one could see. And I hated Dolan for it, for everything. How can anyone survive much more of this fate? I can't. I will not submit to this fate any longer. Freedom is the only option, no matter what the cost.