SupaGirlz is a story inspired by Sailor Jane's Fiona Five (which was itself inspired by my Love Letter Lovelies). So we've come full circle. While I feel that the premise is borrowed from Fiona Five, but the overall story itself is COMPLETELY different, I thought I'd acknowledge the influences here and now and give Sailor Jane a shout out.

SupaGirlz takes place in Tongyeong, South Korea. It's a real coastal town, but is fictionalized in this story (much like Yumoto for Lover Letter Lovelies). Unlike my Japanese stories, I'm not tossing the reader into the deep-end of Korean culture, as I feel that Western readers might find it jarring. They've got Anime/Manga and such as a reference for the Japanese setting, but Korea is a different beast. SO in that regards I've kept it as tame as I could so the experience won't be so confusing to casual readers.

With that disclaimer being said, please enjoy.


by C. M. Lacey

Chapter One

Hyo-jung Lee

"Are you serious? You're telling us this now?"

Hyo-jung was barely listening to her friend, Yu-jin. The SupaGirlz were in panic-mode after learning the news. Indeed, this was a crisis for the group of girls. All five of them were out of sorts, even the bad-news barer. Each girl was dealing with panic in their own way, however Hyo-jung just felt frozen. Her mind couldn't think, she was too busy freaking out. While the others were debating, Hyo-jung just stood there, as if the world around her was unreal. Soo-yeon, the love of her life, was moving away, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

"B-But you didn't even tell me and I've been your best friend since all the way back to Primary School." Nari, the tall girl at the back of the club room, looked just as devastated as Hyo-jung felt. "You can't leave, Soo-yeon, you just can't!"

"There's always been five of us…" Yu-jin whispered, more to herself than to anyone else.

Hyo-jung blinked away the disbelief, her eyes finally emerging from the fog that had clouded her vision. They fell on the girl in question, Soo-yeon Kim. Aside from Nari, Soo-yeon was probably the most beautiful girl in Goseong Academy… or at least, that's how Hyo-jung saw her. She was slightly taller than the average High School girl, standing at 165.1 cm (or 5'5" ft), a curvy figure with a large chest, and long chestnut colored hair usually pulled back into a fashionable pony tail. Soo-yeon, much like her best friend Nari, was the epitome of beauty and grace.

And she was leaving them.

"Father got promoted and moved to Seoul. It all happened so quickly." Soo-yeon explained for the tenth time since all of this started. She hadn't been explaining herself very well as she was just as upset as those around her. "My family is going to join him once everything has been settled. I might be able to finish the school year, but… I don't have much of a choice. Lily, you have to believe me."

Lily was Nari's nickname, as it was her favorite flower, and off campus she tended to wear all white. In fact, Hyo-jung was almost positive that Soo-yeon was the one who started calling her that in the first place. At the moment, the busty best friend was visibly shaking, looking as white as the flowers she loved. If Hyo-jung wasn't heart broken herself, seeing Nari fold within herself like that would have been devastating.

"Wait a minute… so your Dad is already in Seoul, which means you already knew about this." Choa was the first to figure that out. So far, the short haired blonde had kept quiet, as among the four of them, she liked Soo-yeon the least. "You kept this quiet, didn't you? For how long?"

"Weeks." Soo-yeon admitted. "I couldn't bare to think about it, but I can't keep it quiet forever."

"So you're breaking this on us only now?" Yu-jin's voice was slightly higher, her protective mode activated. She always admired Nari more than the others. Hell, she even grew her hair out as long as she could to imitate her idol. So with Nari on the verge of breaking down, suddenly Yu-jin's anger was flaring up. "You didn't give us time to prepare. Never mind my feelings, what about The SupaGirlz?" Yu-jin fumed. "It's always been just the five of us... even after all this time. Do you expect us to just find someone else and move on? How selfish can you be?"

The way Yu-jin talked, she made it sound like The SupaGirlz were some sort of K-Pop idol group. The simple fact was they weren't. In reality, as far as Hyo-jung knew, only Choa had any vocal talent. The SupaGirlz was just a nickname that was given to them as a somewhat joke. Many viewed Nari, Soo-yeon, and Choa as some of the most prettiest freshmen on campus, but the name dated back even further than High School. The group of five had gotten the nickname because they were usually always together. Like Nari had just stated, the girls had been together since Junior High, but only recently had most of them developed into the bombshells that the school saw them as. Both Hyo-jung and Yu-jin weren't that bad to look at either, so their appearance became a somewhat unintentional theme.

"That's a bit harsh, Yu-jin." Choa broke in again, feeling that smallest among them was being overly harsh on Soo-yeon.

"I'm sorry Choa, but this is unforgivable. Lily can't deal with this and… what are we going to do with her grades? Soo-yeon always was the one who helped her out with her homework. This seriously is not a good time to leave! With exams coming up-"

"Just stop it, okay." Choa was glancing from Yu-jin to Nari, who looked even more dejected on being reminded about her poor school work. Not only was she losing her best friend, but now her grades were in jeopardy.

When everyone looked at her, Nari gave a small sigh, which sounded like a stifled moan. On cue, everyone waited, knowing that finally the de-facto leader of the The SupaGirlz was going to say something. It wasn't that the group had a command structure, but there was an unspoken rule that Nari was the center of attention. There could be a debate on which girl was the prettier between Soo-yeon and Nari, but Nari definitely was more popular in the school, which translated into her feelings and opinions mattering a great deal to the rest of them.

"So that's it. There's no way you can back out of this, Soo-yeon?" Nari spoke in a high voice pretending to be strong. Hyo-jung could tell that this was more or less an act at this point. When Nari was herself, she spoke a smooth sounding voice that was like silk. "This is like your… resignation, isn't it?"

"I-In a way…" Soo-yeon spoke in a small voice. She too was barely keeping it together. "I'm still your friend, Lily, but… I can't stay part of The SupaGirlz if I move away from Tongyeong."

"I see." Nari spoke in a tone which was hard to read. Hyo-jung always had trouble reading Nari at times like these, but it was clear that this felt like the end of the world for her. She was struggling to keep her composure though, to her credit. She was saving her tears for later. "I wish you the best of luck in Seoul."

"Lily, don't be so formal…" Choa raised her eyebrows, but Yu-jin interrupted them.

"Ugh! Well if that's all, then I guess this is goodbye."

"I still have some time…" Soo-yeon spoke but her voice died at the end. "We don't have to say goodbye like this. Girls, I'm really sorry about everything, it's just that-"

It seemed that both Yu-jin and Nari were ignoring Soo-yeon now, both for their own reasons. Yu-jin clearly was fuming over the events, allowing her anger to keep grief away, while Nari was trying not to cry. They didn't say anything rude, but Hyo-jung noticed that Nari couldn't look at her best friend anymore. Meanwhile Yu-jin, ever the faithful suck up that she was, flat out turned her whole skinny body away from Soo-yeon. Choa seemed at a loss on how to feel, so gave a small wave, her short bleached blonde hair bouncing slightly from the movement.

Soo-yeon's lower lip quivered, but to her credit she didn't cry. Apparently this announcement did not go as she planned and blew up in her face in the worst possible way. So, before she broke down completely, she turned around and stepped out of the club room that the SupaGirlz used for meetings after school.

Hyo-jung waited for a second, before turning around and leaving the room as well. No one tried to stop her, as everyone knew that this news would effect her just as bad as Nari. Before she left, Choa gave another small wave and look of sympathy. No doubt the two of them would discuss this at length over a bowl of Ice Cream. As for now, Hyo-jung chased after Soo-yeon.

She didn't have to go far, as the girl was waiting outside for her. Her eyes were watery, but she still hadn't allowed herself to cry. Her fists were clinched by her side, trying to keep her composure, but never the less, her bottom lip was still shaking.

"Soo-yeon-" Hyo-jung started, but stopped when Soo-yeon held up her hand.

"Please don't say you hate me. I couldn't take it if you did, not after seeing Lily break down like that."

"I don't hate you!" Hyo-jung shook her head, her shoulder length hair waving back and forth.

"You have every right to be mad, Hyolee." Soo-yeon tore her eyes away from Hyo-jung, using her nickname. Like with Nari, Soo-yeon was the one that gave it to her. "I sort of sprung this on you too. It's just… I didn't think I could take telling everyone goodbye twice. It's hard enough as it is. I thought if I did it just before I had to go, it wouldn't hurt so bad."

"But… you knew about this for weeks, Soo-yeon?" Hyo-jung started."That had to have hurt."


"You should have told me. I'm not like the others." Hyo-jung stressed in a strained voice. "The two of us are-"

"The two of us are done, Hyolee." Soo-yeon finished for her. "It's over."

A stabbing pain in her chest almost caused her to choke. "What?"

"D-Don't make me say it again."

So she was breaking up with her. Of course she was. It made sense on a strictly logical side of things, but to Hyo-jung, hearing Soo-yeon say that made the world stop spinning. It was everything she could do not to topple over. Soo-yeon couldn't be doing this to her. She just couldn't!


"Please… I can't say it again." Soo-yeon's voice shook.

This couldn't be happening, not after everything. The other night they had took each other's virginity. It was the most happiest she'd ever been. But now, in context of what had been going on in Soo-yeon's life leading up to that fateful night, the memory was tarnished. Did Soo-yeon push further than they had ever gone before knowing that it was the only chance they'd have? Now that she thought about it, it seemed that that's exactly what happened. She was saying goodbye that night, not that she loved her.

"Soo-yeon..." Hyo-jung's heart officially broke.

"We have to end it here, Hyolee… if not, it'll just be more painful down the line."

"You don't want this." Hyo-jung shook her head again. "I know you don't."

"Just stop."

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore!" Hyo-jung demanded.

Soo-yeon turned her head and finally met Hyo-jung's eyes, She opened her mouth to say the words, but they couldn't come out. They both knew she couldn't say that. Not after what they shared together. They had given each other more than just their bodies, but also their hearts. Instead Soo-yeon said something else.

"I'll be living in Seoul from now on. It'll be impossible for us to continue to see each other. It's just… it's just practical to end it now."

"Now you're sounding like Yu-jin. Since when did you care about being practical?"

"Since now." Soo-yeon stood her ground. "Long distance relationships never work out in the end."

"You say that as if you have a ton of experience." Hyo-jung murmured bitterly.

Soo-yeon finally walked over to her and reached forward. Hyo-jung fully expected to be pulled into an embrace, but it seemed the taller girl had second thoughts. She withdrew her arms and wrapped them around her own mid-section. Now she really did look like she could lose her composure at any moment. Hyo-jung felt a tear of her own fall down her cheek. Soo-yeon's eyes quickly darted away from the sight of it.

"I don't want to go, Hyolee, you have to believe me. I don't want to leave the girls… and I especially don't want to leave you. But this is unavoidable. It has to be this way. Y-You understand, right?"

Hyo-jung nodded her head, wanting to fall to the ground and bawl. It took everything inside of her not to do so. She didn't want Soo-yeon to feel anymore worse that she already felt. As it was, her body was shaking like a leaf, barely holding on. She almost was as white as Nari now.

"Y-You'll still keep in touch, won't you?"

"Of course I will." Soo-yeon quickly said. "It's just… once I leave it might be hard at first…. you know, to hear your voice."

Hyo-jung understood that. To be sure this break up would be hard if they kept talking to each other on the phone or through Skype. They'd never get over each other that way.

"Hey, don't give me that look." Soo-yeon must have read Hyo-jung's facial expressions. "You got school break to get over me. Then you can start fresh next year. You can find a cute little freshman girl and-"

"I don't think I'll ever get over you."

"Well try." Soo-yeon told her stiffly. "Please, for your own sake, try to move on."

Hyo-jung wanted to respond, but didn't know what to say, so she didn't. Soo-yeon nodded her head, stepped backwards, turned around, then slowly walked away. They both couldn't say goodbye, officially. That was just too much. Once again, Soo-yeon's trembling arms went to her sides, as her fingers went into a fist. She still was trying to hold it together and Hyo-jung knew that it was for her sake that Soo-yeon was trying so hard.

When she disappeared from the hallway, Hyo-jung's knees gave out. She fell to the ground, curled into a ball, and started sobbing right then and there. No doubt, across the hall out of view something similar was happening to Soo-yeon. It wasn't just a guess, Hyo-jung knew this for a fact as the sound of two sobbing girls echoed off the school walls. Even though she heard her ex-lover's cries, she knew she couldn't go to her.

Hours later, Hyo-jung had found herself at home, cuddling into the arms of Choa like she knew she would be. Yu-jin and Nari were both too unstable to handle a broken girlfriend, so it fell on Choa to be the responsible one for once. They both shared tears over Soo-yeon's departure, but Choa was more effected by her friend's sadness over losing a SupaGirl. She just caressed Hyo-jung's hair as she held her close, both beyond words on what to say on the topic.

"How are Lily and Yu-jin taking it?" Hyo-jung asked after hours had passed, and she had regained her voice.

"They're pretty upset about it." Choa spoke softly, her voice sounding hoarse from the crying they had been doing. "Yu-jin is pretending she's angry, but it's just an act. You know her. She's just trying to get through it. But Lily… well… I have no clue what she's thinking."

"She's devastated. She couldn't say anything when Soo-yeon left the room." Hyo-jung recalled.

"It's hard to tell with her." Choa sighed.

Hyo-jung knew that Choa and Nari were not the closest among the group of friends. There always was tension between them as Nari, the loyal best friend, disliked Choa's treatment of Soo-yeon. It wasn't that Choa was mean or anything, but she wasn't in love with the girl as much as the others were. No one knew why, but that's how it was. Now, with Soo-yeon leaving, this little problem between Choa and Nari seemed to be resolved. They literally had no reason to fight anymore.

"She's heartbroken, Choa. You know as well as I do that she and Soo-yeon were childhood friends. This must have really cut deep."

"Maybe so, but I still think that both Yu-jin and Lily were a bit harsh." Choa reasoned. "I mean… refusing to even look at her or say goodbye properly. I mean, I might not have been Soo-yeon's biggest fan, but even I had the courtesy to do that."

Hyo-jung wasn't in the mood for one of Choa's rants, so she changed the subject. "What did they talk about when we left?"

"Mostly it was Yu-jin freaking out about next year." Choa's explained. "With Soo-yeon gone, Lily's in trouble grade-wise. She's going to have to hire a tutor unless we all chip in to help her out. I don't know if it's as big of a deal as Yu-jin is making it out to be but she's upset about it."

Hyo-jung felt her stomach turn at that. The idea of tutoring Nari wasn't a pleasant one. There were times in the past where Hyo-jung was in a position to teach Nari something, but the girl was difficult to get through to. She either didn't listen, or wouldn't ask questions if she didn't understand something. Soo-yeon was the only one who could get through to her. It seemed like she knew how to get Nari to focus because of some childhood bond. The rest of the SupaGirlz were not on the same level, unfortunately. Yu-jin came a close second, but she was far to demanding and a stickler for Nari.

"We'll figure something out." Hyo-jung said just to say something. She had no clue what they were going to do about Nari's grades, especially with end of term tests approaching. "She's just going to have to rely on us for the things Soo-yeon used to do for her from now on."

"Sounds good in theory, but I'm not sure if I want that responsibility." Choa didn't sound thrilled at the thought of babysitting Nari. "Anyway, Yu-jin is also hell bent on finding a replacement SupaGirl. I think she's just talking out her ass because she so angry, but she's not really letting it go."

If they were looking for another group member, this would also be a problem. The SupaGirlz all knew each other back in Junior High, some even in primary school. It was Nari's idea to choose Goseong Academy, a private school, in order to escape the mean kids that picked on them before they developed breasts. Their Junior High classmates all changed their tunes when puberty struck and transformed at least three of the SupaGirlz into beauties. It wasn't lost on them how looks changed how people viewed them, and that especially rubbed Nari the wrong way something harsh. She had always been teased for being stupid, so she hadn't forgotten this when suddenly she was being praised for her looks and popularity. That's why they decided on going to Goseong Academy. It was a good solution then, but for Yu-jin's fifth member idea, that meant that very few friends from their old school had accompanied them. Finding a girl that came close to duplicating Soo-yeon's credentials would be impossible.

"Well… no one can replace Soo-yeon." Hyo-jung reasoned sadly. "I think Yu-jin just needs to accept the fact that it'll only be the four of us from now on."

"I can live with that… but can everyone else?" Choa asked meekly. "Everyone's so upset…"

"I, for one, agree with you. We don't need anyone else." Hyo-jung sniffed. "We'll be fine on our own…"