by C. M. Lacey

Chapter Twenty

Nari Park

Even with all the girl's love that paraded round her for must of her teenaged life, Nari never considered herself a lesbian. She never was opposed to the idea, and didn't condemn others for acting on their feelings, but she herself never thought of herself as a sexual creature. Sure, she loved looking beautiful. When she was a dumpy little misfit back in the day, it was something she had long for. So when her body decided to oblige and give her good looks, Nari was happy. But even with all the admirers she had gotten (for both girls and boys) she never seriously considered being in a relationship. There just wasn't anyone interesting enough for her to fall in love with.

Then Yuri came into her life. While she was beautiful, it wasn't as if she was the only pretty girl in school. Nari couldn't rightly say that she was only interested in Yuri because of her personality, but in the end that's what the major appeal was. Unlike even her friends, Yuri was the first person she met that didn't treat her as either a goddess or an idiot. For Nari, that was more important than how pretty someone was. Yuri made her feel normal...even smart.

Of course, Yuri's good qualities that everyone talked about was another level of attraction. Yes she was pretty, and yes she was probably the most sweetest person on the planet, but the small vulnerability that she barely showed was probably one of the most endearing things about her. For the first time in her life, Nari found herself wanting to help someone. Not in a superficial way, but on an emotional level. Yuri had done so much for her, and everything within Nari wanted to do the same.

It was these things that drew Nari's attraction to the japanese girl. For some time now, she knew this about herself. During those study sessions and long alone times, those feelings just grew more and more. It wasn't just one sided. Even though neither of them even hinted towards acknowledging their developing feelings, they both knew the other felt the same things. It was an unspoken rule that neither of them would act on it, but the long looks, the hand holding, and the playful kisses here and there got more and more frequent.

Last night changed all that.

Nari found herself awake early in the morning, staring down at the sleeping girl beside her. They had shared a bed the previous night, snuggling and kissing for hours. Neither of them discussed what this meant, nor did they need too. This was just where they were now. That beautiful girl sleeping blissfully next to her was now her lover. It somehow made Nari feel more whole than she ever felt before.

"Mmmm..." Yuri moaned and rolled over to her side and blinked heavily. She squinted at Nari looking down at her and smiled. "Morning..."

"Morning." Nari smiled at how grumpy Yuri's face looked on waking up. "You can keep sleeping, sweetie. No one else is here yet."

"I have to pee." Yuri announced, and sat up. Nari lovingly pet Yuri's hair down in the back, as it was standing up slightly.

Yuri allowed Nari's pampering for a moment, then made her way to the bathroom. Nari watched her go, feeling the most satisfied she had ever felt in her life. Last night and this morning had changed everything. She knew she couldn't go back to how things were before.

When Yuri returned, she looked more fresh in the face, as she probably washed it. She also was more awake. She climbed back in bed, and gave Nari a quick kiss. She tasted of toothpaste, which wasn't too shocking as Nari had freshened up herself when she woke up before. The two of them cuddled back down in bed, allowing themselves more quiet moments to soak in their new found relationship. This was how Nari liked it. She didn't want to over complicate things and talk about this and that like Yu-jin would have. She just wanted to be in the moment.

"Nari," Yuri was the first to speak after they shared a few more kisses. "what should we tell the others?"

Nari looked down on her. "I was just going to tell them the truth."

"I was thinking the same thing." Yuri smiled. Once again they were in the same boat. "I thought it might be funny, though, if we didn't just outright tell them and let them squirm a bit."

"What do you mean?" Nari could see that playful glint in Yuri's eyes. It was so cute.

"Well... we just act like how we normally would as a couple, but be vague on answers when asked. It'll definitely drive Choa crazy for sure."

"You're so evil." Nari giggled, but thought that sounded like a fun idea. "Once I kiss you, the jig is up."

"I guess." Yuri had to concede to that. "It'll still be funny watching them freak out, though."

"I know." Nari laughed a bit. "I guess I have to just hold it in until the joke isn't funny anymore."

Yuri still had that playful look in her eye. "You can get it out of your system now... if you want."

"You're so bad."

With that, the two were entangled in each other's arms, kissing each other passionately. As was their trend from the previous night, their love wasn't expressed in sloppy mad passion. It always was so soft and tender, only aggressive when needing to be. Every time Yuri touched her, it was with the most delicate of pets. Even latching on to her breast, Yuri was so gentle it felt even sexier than out right groping. This slow and soft method was such a turn on that neither of them strayed away from it. Perhaps things might get hot and heavy later, but for now, this was making her body go wild.

"Hello?! Yuri? Are you awake yet?"

Nari and Yuri jumped from the sound of it and pulled away from each other. Downstairs, it seemed that Hyo-jung had arrived. Giggling at their startled reactions, Nari pushed Yuri. Yuri squeaked and pushed back.

"We're up here, Hyolee." Yuri called, still wrestling Nari a bit.

"Someone else is here?" Hyo-jung's voice was coming up the stairs.

"I came over last night." Nari announced herself. "I didn't want Yuri to be all alone."

A moment later Hyo-jung was peeking inside Nari's bedroom door. There had been some under the clothing touching going on the previous night, but in the morning the two of them were back in pajamas. While it was clear they had slept in the same bed, Yuri's playful mood didn't give away the romantic nature of their night together. Indeed, now she was trying to tickle Nari's sides.

"Stop!" Nari squeaked and laughed. "Calm down! Hyolee's here so stop messing around."

Hyo-jung had that smug knowing look on her face again. Nari had noticed that expression of late and had suspected that she was on to the crush she had been feeling. It wasn't as if Hyo-jung's suspicions where wrong, but just for looking so smug Nari was liking Yuri's deceptive plan more and more.

"Is she always this active first thing in the morning?" Hyo-jung asked Nari.

"I wouldn't know. Didn't you spend the night with her last time?"

"That was Yu-jin."

"Oh." Nari said, shoving Yuri away. "Well, she's hyper now."

"You're both talking about me like I'm not here." Yuri told them, then glanced at Hyo-jung. "Speaking of which, you're here early. Concerned about me?"

"Actually I was." Hyo-jung admitted with a little shyness. "I didn't know when everyone else would arrive and I thought you might be lonely."

"Aw!" Yuri looked touched.

She crawled out of bed and hugged Hyo-jung directly. The other girl hugged back, looking at Nari from over Yuri's shoulder in a stiff manner. It was like she was asking permission. Nari could have burst into laughter if she wasn't trying to keep it together for the joke.

"In all seriousness, I really am moved by the both of you thinking about me." Yuri pulled away from Hyo-jung and looked at them both. "I must have scared you before..."

"You did, but for our own good." Hyo-jung spoke for the both of them. "Sometimes it's hard for friends to ask for help, even when you're so close. Believe me, I know all about that."

Yuri touched the side of Hyo-jung's arm, smiling sweetly.

"Okay, enough of that. This is supposed to be a fun weekend, right?" Nari rolled off her bed and joined them. "Let's get some breakfast and wait for the others." She narrowed her eyes at them and pointed. "No more tears."

"Got'cha." Yuri nodded in a fake serious nod.

Nari left them to go find her swimsuit, though the real reason she left Yuri alone with Hyo-jung was to really drive in the mystery of the couple-situation. Besides, she didn't want to be that kind of girl who dominated her lover's life. She loved Yuri for who she was, and didn't want to change that. So perhaps it was good that she let Hyo-jung have Yuri for a few minutes. Besides, Yuri would be in her bed that night, so she could make up for lost time later.

Shortly after breakfast, the other couple of the SupaGirlz had arrived. From the bikini strings sticking out from their t-shirts, Nari could tell that they were already wearing swimsuits. When Yu-jin was the first to pull off her shorts and reveal the new swimsuit she was wearing, it really spoke volumes on just how much her self-esteem had risen since dating Choa. That new haircut didn't hurt her cute factor, even if she still was just as skinny as ever.

They all joined Yu-jin in dressing down and hitting the beach. For a time they all played together, then paired off into groups. As luck would have it, Yuri ended up chasing Choa down the beach, so Nari ended up with a more relaxed Yu-jin and an ever watching Hyo-jung.

"I have to say I'm really impressed on your new outlook on life, Yu-jin." Hyo-jung was the first to compliment the short haired girl once the moment was right.

"I'm still feeling shy about how pretty everyone is compared to me, but... but Choa makes me feel beautiful. Did you see the way her eyes lit up when she saw my two-piece? If it's for her, I think I can do anything."

"She has it bad." Hyo-jung smirked, looking at Nari with a knowing smile. "You're so in love, it's kind of sickening."

"Don't tease her, Hyolee. I'm happy for her." Nari added. She, of all people, knew how insecure Yu-jin could be. Even if she was being brave at the moment, Nari didn't want to ruin the good mood she was in. "Besides, I think she's adorable."

Maybe Nari's good mood was a bit too obvious as both girls exchanged looks at that. However, she didn't care. Yu-jin was cuter now, and Nari felt on top of the world.

On cue, Choa ran over to them and jumped onto Hyo-jung's back. The girl squawked and nearly fell over, but steadied herself. As for Yuri, she collided into the pair of them which finally caused them all to topple down. Hyo-jung swore at them, but everyone else laughed. Even if she was at the bottom of the pile, Hyo-jung still had a smile on her face. Once Yu-jin and Nari untangled all the girls, the couple paired off, and Hyo-jung trailed off after them to complain about how Choa had jumped on her. Once they left, Yuri clung onto Nari's arm, squeezing it against the side of her breast.

"Miss me?"

"Always." Nari said, then slipped a quick kiss while the others weren't watching.

"Have they figured it out yet?"

"Maybe. We weren't talking about that." Nari told her, eyeing the back of Choa's head as they were still walking in front of them. "What about her?"

"She's clueless." Yuri smirked, breathing in hard. She was still out of breath from fooling around.

"You know what, I just realized something." Nari blinked. "We're all lesbians now."

"Oh. I guess so."

"It's all your fault, Yuri." Nari playfully bopped her girlfriend on the top of the head.

"I didn't do anything!" Yuri said defensively, then gave a fake guilty look. "Well... actually... I guess I did set up Choa and Yu-jin."

"See. It's all on you!"

"Sorry, but not sorry." Yuri giggled. "Besides, I'm not the only one who's to blame. Aren't you guilty as well?"

"No." Nari gave Yuri a confused look. "I didn't set anyone up."

"Yes you did. You kissed me last night, didn't you?"

"I...well...uh... well you wanted me too, so it doesn't count."

"Does so." Yuri poked her cheek.

"Oh that's it!"

Nari turned Yuri around, pulled her close and kissed her again. Yuri's playful mood dropped almost instantly, and after a second or so, her hands went around Nari's hips. It felt too good that her little joke became a real kiss. Forgetting everything, she poured her heart into it, allowing Yuri's love to wash over her like the tides at their feet.


Pulling away, Nari looked ahead of them. Watching them, Choa, Yu-jin, and Hyo-jung all had bemused looks on their faces. Hyo-jung's smug smile was back, but it didn't bother Nari so much this time. Yu-jin smiled sweetly, while Choa gave the new couple a thumbs up. Laughing, Nari turned away and buried her face on Yuri's shoulder. There was a series of cute exclamations from the group, finding her bashfulness charming.

"You're so cute together!" Choa told them once they had joined them properly.

"You aren't upset, are you?" Nari asked, knowing that Choa had a strong crush on Yuri in the past.

"No. I really mean it. I'm happy." Choa said, pulling Yu-jin closer.

"Well this is just perfect." Hyo-jung was the only one not praising them now. "How did I go from being the group's lesbian, to being the single girl?"

"Aw!" Yuri moaned and gave her a hug. "Don't be sad. We'll help you find a girlfriend, no problem."

Hyo-jung snickered at that, and shook her head, clearly not ready to move on from Soo-yeon just yet. "Maybe later, okay?"

"When you're ready..." Yuri spoke seriously, but suddenly jumped and squeaked. Choa had snuck behind her and snapped her bikini bottoms. "Hey!"

"That's what you get for copying me!" She took off at a run.

"Get back here!" Yuri dashed off after her.

Yu-jin rolled her eyes. "Why are our girlfriends so childish?"

"I don't know," Nari smiled, watching Yuri kick sand at a dashing Choa. "but I like it."

The End.