The years is 1998

He can feel himself pulling further and further away, why can't he connect with people anymore. He doesn't want to see his friends or even visit his parents. Staring into the nothingness in front of him he could feel his emotion burning in his throat. What happened to me? What have I become? He was never the same since his father died, died when he was just thirty six years old and he was only seven.

How can I overcome this fears I am drowning in my own thoughts and emotions, a restlessness is creeping up inside me with only one goal to destroy the only shred of human left inside me.

He took out his cigarettes and lit one up, inhaling the dense smoke into his lungs, he looked down as his feet were dangling from the roof of his apartment building. The people down there look so small, are we really this small ants in this enormous universe?

There must be something better out here than this grey life.

He pulled himself away from the ledge of the building and stretched his legs, they were beginning to fall asleep. He made his way to the door that leads back to the hallway of the building, dirty paint falling from the wall and mold everywhere. Is this really my life, as he entered his apartment he glanced at himself in the mirror, a well build man short black hair and green eyes with a sinister look, he rolled his eyes and walked away.

John sat at his kitchen table in this waste of an apartment he could still remember the day his mother told him his father had died from the brain tumor. He could still smell the overpowering cent of the medicine his father used. She stood at the end of the bed with her head bowed down as tears were rolling down her cheeks, "John will you come here for a second?"

"On my way mom," John replied as he entered the room from the hallway where he was trying to spy on his mom.

"John, Daddy won't be with us any longer, you know he was very sick, - she tried to be strong for John – well Daddy went to heaven but he will still be in our hearts."

He looked at his mother as she leaned in to hold him but he struggled himself loose and ran into the hallway. If I could just turn back time, I would have let her hold me and I would hold her back.

It's too late now his father is gone for about sixteen years now and his mother for one year. His all alone in this world no more family and no more friends. Well there is still one person but he can't really be classified as a friend more like an acquaintance, old Mr. Ronald McCarthy. The old man lived across of his apartment for as long as he can remember, not a friendly guy mostly keeps to himself and barely speaks to John, but his grand daughter is quit nice looking she's a student at UCI University here in Cape Town. She lives with her grand father to save money and finish her studies to become a medical doctor.

I can still smell her sweet perfume every morning she leaves for University, she's nice sometimes she brings over some extra food for him to eat.

He was startled by a loud nock on the door, "Mr. John Connor, are you home? This is Andrew Martin I am an attorney from Martin and Hammond."

"I'll be right there," John replied as he crushed his cigarette in the ash try and made his way to the door.

"Good day Mr. Connor, sorry for bothering you this early, how are you?"

"I am fine thanks, what can I do for you attorney man?"

"Well as I motioned earlier I am from Martin and Hammond."

"Yes, yes I know you were the guys that handled my father's estate after his death, please cut to the chase I am busy.

"Sorry Mr. Connor, you father left you something, in his will he told us to keep this little box until you turn twenty five. Your birthday was yesterday, but I wasn't able to get a hold of you. That's why I decided to come and deliver the package myself."

"a package? What is inside the package?"

"I don't know John, that's for you to find out, please sign here and here and I will be on my way," he pulled out a paper document and a pen so fast out of nowhere like a real professional.

John took the pen and glanced over the package, wonder what his father left him, could it be money? He sighed the document and escorted the attorney out of his apartment.

"Thanks for the package I think," John replied as he tried to put on the best smile he could.

"No thank you John, it was nice meeting you. I don't know hats inside that package but what I can tell you is your father went through a lot of trouble keeping it save and quit, so whatever is inside it should be really valuable," he said as he made his way down the hall.

For a few moments John stared as the attorney walked away, weird guy he thought to himself, wonder what happened to him he has a weird kind of limp, almost if his one leg is shorter than the other. He looks more like something that came from a war than an attorney.

As John entered his apartment again he walked to the living room where this mysterious package awaits him, no bigger than a shoe box. He picked up the package and gave it a few shakes, its quit heavy wonder what it could be…

John suddenly woke up with a large noise from the television where he fell asleep, he felt his head pounding, feels like a hangover. "Where's the remote," he mumbled to himself as he was still trying to wake up and make sense of what the hell happened.

"Breaking news one of the most dangerous criminals known as Ricky has escaped from the Bloomsdale prison around ten o'clock this morning. He is considered armed and dangerous please be on the look out for this man, and call your local police station if you have any leads." John's ears went deaf and his heart started pounding as the picture of the man was displayed on the television. That's the so called attorney from Martin and Hammond, it felt like the earth was about to swallow him as he began to feel dizzy and nauseous, that guy was inside my house!

John suddenly remembered the package the small package Ricky the most dangerous criminal brought inside his house, and why use his father as a excuse to drop a package could it be a bomb or something?