The story of 'Dushyanta Ki Shakuntala', written by the author Pradeep Kumar Sharma, is an Indian mythological love story of a great King Dushyanta from Puru dynasty and beautiful Shakuntala, the daughter of a nymph named Menka. This story is extracted from the great Epic 'MAHABHARATHA.'

Once, sage Vishwamitra was engaged in severe penance. Lord Indra got scared of losing his crown of heaven due to Vishwamitra's penance, so he sends the heavenly damsel on the earth to seduce him (Vishwamitra) from the path of penance. Sage Vishwamitra was infatuated with her and the result of lord Indra's conspiracy was the birth of Shakuntala.

After giving birth to a baby girl, damsel Menka had to leave her newly born daughter alone on the earth and went back to heaven. The baby was brought up by a sage Kanva and given the name Shakuntala. When Shakuntala grew young, she possessed matchless beauty. Once king Dushyanta came across Shakuntala and couldn't refrain himself from falling in love with her. The king married her and returned back to his kingdom alone with the promise of second visit. But it was in the destiny of this couple to get separated. Shakuntala went in to king's oblivion. And this way, Shakuntala had to suffer from the pangs of separation for the long time. Finally, destiny reunited them.

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