A thousand years ago, two continents met for the first time. At first there was peace. Trade companies earned more in a month than they had in past years and the world on both sides flourished with great wealth and new items that had never been seen before. Arcane arts expanded as more understanding of different techniques and uses were discovered. A new common language was created as the planets species integrated and learned. Elves, Humans, Shapeshifters, and Shadows all lived in peace. It wasn't until a new power rose that conflict erupted.

Orc's had been known violent creatures, with Goblins acting as worker bees and drones. They had never been a problem either, until some of them crossed the sea in secret and found a hidden city that housed a cruel empire. They slowly started to sow dissent into the minds of the peaceful races. Soon lies spread into rumors and the rumors spread like a wild fire. The leaders of the each race became guarded around those who had once been friends. And before long street fights occurred almost at regular intervals of the day and night. Neighbors turned on each other and the people became divided. Humans were the first to turn their backs on those who were not like them and claimed the western continent as their own, allowing the Shadows to still inhabit the lands of their ancestors, since they looked the most like humans.

The Shapeshifters were the next to turn their backs on the alliance and claimed the northern reaches of the eastern continent, leaving the elves the warmer areas of it. Only the Shadows and Elves stood together and still traded, until the Elvin king was assassinated and the shadows were accused of murdering him. Slowly the Hidden Imperium took over the Eastern continent, enslaving the shapeshifters and hunting the elves until they ruled the whole continent. And it didn't take them long to cross the Acaia Ocean to the Western Continent and hunt the Shadows. The Humans they integrated, since the Imperium was made up of Humans. Those who did not agree with their ideals were enslaved with the shapeshifters or imprisoned if their family allowed it.

The Orcs and Goblins were allowed to integrate with the Imperium, since they helped with the collapsing the other powers, but they were treated as laborers and second class citizens. It was enough for them, though. Progress stopped and nothing about the world changed for a almost half a century, until the latest Emperor's mistress gave birth to the bloodlines first baby girl, whose name was Estela. Her birth would be a catalyst that would start the world turning again and bring about change.