Elemental Warriors: Defenders of the solar system Vol 3:

Chapter 33: Star of the flying star beasts.

1. At the classroom, the kids are line up the Elemental Zodiac armor keys on the table from Aries to Pisces. As Lynn, Katie, Drew, and Flash draw the 12 constellations of the zodiac in two lines.

2. TJ said, "To think I have unlock the powers of the archer constellation in that key." As he pointed at the Sagittarius Elemental zodiac armor key. Ethan said to Katie as he pick up the Elemental zodiac armor key of Libra. "Hey Katie, do you think we can unlock our zodiac elemental power?" "I think we can if we believe in ourselves?" said Katie. As she pick the Leo elemental zodiac armor key. Then 2 keys started to glow from the friendship of Katie and Ethan.

3. Shelby, Drew, and Steve write about their zodiac constellation stars in internet & the zodiac elemental armor keys of Gemini, Aries, and Taurus begin to related to their courage and will to unlock their new powers. TJ writes a paper about the 12 zodiac constellations star system planets in them & said, "The Sagittarius system have 32 planets, Libra have 3, Taurus have 9, Leo have 13, Aries have 6, Gemini have 8, Virgo have 29, Cancer have 10, Aquarius have 12, Pisces have 13, Capricorn have 5, and Scorpio have 14 planets." As he done the paper with their planets in the constellations.

4. Then the elemental crystal distant 2 gigantic beasts from outside the school, so they walk out the classroom and run through the fire alarm exit doors to find 2 red magna raptor tiger on the field. The three kids begin to transform and said, "Elemental planet power, Power up!" as they change to their warrior' forms and said this together, "Elemental Warriors, Defenders of the planets!" as they attack the raptor tigers on the legs and use their blasters to blast the raptor heads & TJ put Sagittarius elemental zodiac armor key in his changer.

5. Angel, Drew, Shelby, and Steve run to a group of 12 students on the middle field part. As the key create an image of the Sagittarius constellation, the stars turn into armor for TJ to wear to battle and said, "The blazing archer, Earth Mars Sagittarius!" as he firing fire light powered up arrow at the raptor tigers.

6. The second beast was running at Ethan & Katie, when their Leo and Libra keys begin to glow bright like their zodiac brightest stars, then Ethan and Katie said this together, "Libra . . ." said Ethan. Katie said, "Leo . . ." "Elemental zodiac golden powers, golden armor up!" as 20 stars of both constellations of the lion ad scale went around them & turn into golden elemental armors on the two warriors, then Ethan and Katie said their new zodiac speeches, "The splashing scale, Mercury Neptune Libra!" said Ethan. Katie said, "The thunder lion, Venus Leo!" now both Ethan and Katie are wearing the elemental golden armor of Libra & Leo.

7. Then both of them run at the 2nd raptor tiger with maximum full speed, Katie use her full zodiac attack on the best and said, "Venus Leo mighty hyper lightning fang!" as she create a lightning beam shaped like a lion head ready to bite on the raptor tiger' s back. Ethan run under the beast & use his full zodiac power on its belly. "Mercury Neptune Libra ten hundred tsunami dragon rush!" said Ethan as he released lots of water dragons through its belly. Suddenly the Libra elemental zodiac key begin to shoot three little golden light balls and turn into weapons, a sword for TJ, a flying shield for Katie, and Ethan get a golden nun-chuck.

8. After safety helping the students to get inside the school, the 4 other warriors went out to join and begin to transform, "Elemental Planet rainbow power, Power up!" as the changers and moon elemental prism compact begin to create a four colored rainbow for the warriors to go through and change to warrior' forms in one second. Then their zodiac elemental keys begin to glow & they put those on the changers and compact and said, " Virgo . . ." said Angel. Drew said, "Taurus . . ." "Aries . . ." said Shelby. Steve said, "Gemini . . ." then said it together in unison. "Elemental zodiac golden power, Golden armor up!" as forty two stars of the maiden, bull, twin, and ram constellations went around the four heroes and change into golden elemental armors on their bodies & said their zodiac new speeches as they run to the raptor tigers.

9. "The stormy bull, Jupiter Taurus!" said Drew. Shelby said, "The boulder ram, Uranus Aries!" "The depth shade twins, Saturn Pluto Gemini!" said Steve. Angel said, "The Luna maiden, Moon Virgo!" as they join the other 3 in their battle, Katie were in a big pinch & Shelby, Drew, and Steve use their full zodiac power on the left side of the raptor tiger. Shelby said, "Uranus Aries rock starlight revolution breaker!" "Jupiter Taurus tornado cyclone horns!" said Drew. Steve said, "Saturn Pluto Gemini darkness galactic dimension void!" as the 3 zodiac attacks swirl around each other's through the body and destroyed the rest into thin air.

10. "Hey Katie, are you and Ethan okay?" said Shelby. Katie said, "Yeah we both okay, but who is helping TJ?" "Well Angel is going to help him." Said Drew. Ethan said, "No way for real?" "Yeah right and coming guys, let join them to beat that beast!" said Steve. The other said it together, "Right!" as the 5 of them join Angel to help their friend with the other raptor tiger. Angel said it, when she save TJ from the beast attack, "Take it, beast, Moon Virgo lunar light heaven dancing ring heart ace!" as she create heaven ring shaped like hearts & throw them into the raptor tiger legs to caused it to be weaken.

11. TJ got up on his feet and said to his friends, "Thank you guys & let finish this beast for good!" "Right!" as Ethan throw 2 more golden light balls from the Libra zodiac key to Drew and Shelby. For Drew a golden 4 pointed spear & for Shelby a 3 clawed pair of tonfas to pin the raptor tiger down.

12. As TJ jump fifty feet high in the sky & use his full zodiac attack, "Earth Mars Sagittarius burning atomic flame thunder bolt!" as he released burning lightning bolts from his right hand to destroyed the beast to ashes. Then the Ophiuchus constellation appear in the sky to shoot a golden beam from one of it star to Katie, as it turn into a key with a symbol of the snake- bearer constellation landed on her right hand. As the warrior untransformed to normal, Katie said this to Shelby.

13. "Hey this key want me to be it' owner & use it power?" "I guess that be the way that constellation said it." Said Shelby.

Now the Warriors have a new zodiac elemental key in their set for against their robotic galactic enemies.

Chapter 34: Good and Evil battle chaos

1. At TJ's backyard, Katie is testing out the Ophiuchus zodiac elemental key as she use the key in her changer & said, "Ophiuchus elemental zodiac golden power, golden power armor up!" as the 24 star of the snake bearer constellation turn into armor for Katie to wear and test a new powers. Katie begin to charge up begin stuck up yellow lightning & thunder bolts in her hands and said it with full power at on a wooden target board, "Venus Ophiuchus spark thunder shook viper!"

2. "Wow! That was so amazing! Said Katie as she untransformed to normal. Shelby & Angel went to target for some snacks in the their club tree house. Shelby grab 5 box & bags of Doritos, Lay BBQ, cheddar cheese, and chicken & waffle chips, and some Snickers, Starbursts, and Reese, Angel got a packs of Sprite, Orange sun kit, and coke soda & boxes of popcorns and gummy bears. When they got to the cash registers, Angel' elemental silver crystal begin to distant the enemies from outside the store.

3. "Hey Shelby, the crystal have found an enemies!" said Angel. Shelby said, "Ok let grab our stuff to the outside & kick some Black Hole butts." As they run to the doors and transform. "Uranus elemental planet power . . ." said Shelby. Angel said, "Moon elemental prism power . . ." "Power up!" as their devices begin to shoot out their elements & change to their warrior' forms and drop down the bags on the floor. As the 2 Warriors run to the beast.

4. Then TJ's elemental silver & golden crystal distant the enemies and TJ tell Ethan, Katie, and Drew to help Shelby and Angel. As they transform in 10 seconds & said, "Rainbow elemental planets power, Power up!" as the changers shoot a 4 colored rainbow and change them to their warrior' forms, then used their elemental wings to fly to Wal-Mart.

5. When they got Shelby & Angel uses their attacks on the beast' s crest. "Uranus rocky stone buster!" said Shelby. Angel said, "Moon lunar light full blast!" as the girls create 2 elemental beams of earth & moonlight and push those two at the beast' crest with full force. As the attack caused lots of damage on the bull snake leopard beast' crest that make it weaken for some hour.

6. Then TJ, Ethan, Katie, & Drew said, "Elemental stars cross breaker!" as the 4 warriors create a cross formation like the Crux constellation as their arm glowed & shoot a cross-shaped beam at the beast. When the glowed cross hit the crest, it went through the body & blow up in pieces. After the 7 warriors untransformed, TJ run up to Shelby and Angel & said, "Hey are you two are right?" "Yeah good."

7. Ethan said, "I think the creatures from the black hole doom destroyers are gotten us more stronger power moves." "I guess the Ophinuchus golden elemental key just want me to use it power to protect the solar system." As she pull out the golden elemental zodiac key of the snake bearer from her right pocket. TJ said it, "We going see let of different constellation elemental keys in the future." "Yeah." Said Shelby, Angel, Drew, and Steve as they look at the constellations at the night sky.

The Warriors wonder what type of constellations attacks that they can do in battle.

Chapter 35: Story of the Elements

1. At the Elemental Warriors' tree house base, the kids were putting new books in their bookshelf, when Shelby found a book with the title, History of the elements, as the book front & back cover are cover with different natural elements like fire, water, light, wind, earth, darkness, & moonlight on it.

2. She shows the book to the other and said, "He y guys check this book out, it tell the legend and history of the elements of nature." "Wow that is so weird to see." Said Katie. Ethan, Drew and Steve said it in unison, "Said what!" "Now that sound something cool like stars, let hear it." Said TJ.

3. As Shelby begin to read the 1st page & said, "A long, long time ago in an Earth have no humans or creatures to work on, then the powers of nature begun to make lot of movement and lots of lives for the beauty of the planet for years. There were lot of elements like fire, water, light, lightning, wind, earth, darkness, moonlight, and other more.

4. Then the elemental changers begin to glow to each other as a rainbow beam hit the floor and opened a secret door to the underground room. TJ & Angel went in the door first to take a look. While the other wait for them, Angel climb up to them and said, "Hey guys, we find something cool in here, come on!" as the kids went down one at a time to the underground room, we were amazing to the room look & design.

5. The kids went around the room to see different room for swimming, cooking, building, playing lot of games, training, and star glazing. TJ said, "Hey guys, this place is awesome!" "Yeah!" said Drew, Shelby, & Katie. Ethan said to Steve, "So what do you think about it dude?" "I think this place is cool." Said Steve. Angel said, "I think this place can be our own base, called the Elemental star base for to hang out & check out if those Black hole doom destroyers send their beasts at the peoples on Earth. Then Katie' changer started to get a call from Flash and Katie said, "Hello this is Katie Scherer." As she answer the call & show Flash in the screen and he said, "Hey Katie, me and the other Elemental Dwarf Warriors are in a big pinch in the open field with lots of Doom Destroyers troops around us & we need help!" "Don't worry Flash, we will be on our way!" said Katie. As they hear it from her changer.

6. The 7 Warriors run to the open field & transform in 3 seconds as the kids said, "Rainbow elemental planet powers, power up!" as the changers & angel's compact begin to unleashing the 7 elemental powers of the solar system's planets, dwarf planets and the moon & change them into their warrior' forms. When they got there, the Dwarf Warriors were at a corner & a gray- blackest giant dragon giraffe robot is going to grab them, but TJ, Ethan, and Katie kick the creature on it's left side as the robot started to fall down the ground.

7. Then 5 glowing light balls appear out of nowhere & flew to each of the Dwarf Warrior' right hands that change to 5 golden zodiac elemental keys. Lynn said, "Wow these maybe our new elemental zodiac key." "Yeah it is, now let do it!" said Frost. "Right!" as they use their new keys and said, "Cancer . . ." said Flash. Frost said, "Aquarius . . ." "Pisces . . ." said Lynn. Jack said, "Capricorn . . ." "Scorpio . . ." said Terry. As the keys begin to shoot out 69 stars of the crab, water bearer, fish, sea goat, & scorpion constellations to turn into golden armors for the dwarf warriors to use and said it together, "Zodiac golden elemental power, armor up!" Now the Dwarf Warriors said their new lines.

8. "The star sprinkle crab, Ceres Cancer!" said Flash. Frost said, "The blizzard water bearer, Pallas Aquarius!" "The harmony fishes, Vesta Pisces!" said Lynn. Jack said, "The kicking sea goat, Juno Capricorn!" "The poisonous scorpion, Eris Scorpio!" said Terry. As the 5 of them said their final calling, "Dwarf Elemental Warriors Zodiac golden armor mode!" as they their team poses in their own golden armors.

9. The Warriors were to see 5 more key of the same constellations that they had in their hands. The robot creature started to run at the them & Frost begin to use his new zodiac power & said, "Pallas Aquarius frozen aurora execution!" as he create a huge giant wave of ice & snow. Flash create pair of crab pinchers on both hands and said, "Ceres Cancer star strike pinchers!" as the 2 attacks hit the wires inside the creature, it begin shooting out spark & bolts around, then Lynn jump up and said, "Oh right, my turn. Vesta Pisces divine musical rose shower!" as she made roses out of music notes & fire at the robot beast' back. Jack jump up in the air and put his right arm in the air like a sword then he said, "Juno Capricorn metal wood Excalibur break!" "Eris Scorpio toxic scarlet atomic needle spear!" as Terry create a long silver needle on his left leg & hit it on the creature' back. As the 3 attacks hit, it begin to disappear part by part in 4 seconds in the field and the Dwarf Warriors untransformed back to normal.

10. As the Warriors did the same thing, Lynn run to them & said, "Hey do you guy see those mode and attack that we have unleashed on that we use on the beast!" "Yeah we saw it." Said the Warriors. Frost said, "That was the awesome thing, I ever did!" "Yeah that was so invincible." Said Jack. Flash walk to Terry & said, "Hey Terry, I got something for you." As he give him the Hydra elemental bronze armor key from his left pocket. Terry said, "I think I need to unleashed this key' power of the sea serpent & fight with its poison fangs.

11. TJ & the other walk back homes and think about their own constellation true full powers to use in battle.

The Warriors need to battle ready for their epic battle in the future.

Chapter 36: Omega blast cannon.

1. Raven was drawing a blueprint for a special weapon for the Warriors to use in battle. Austin said to Raven, "Hey Raven, what is that thing?" "Oh that is for a special blaster for the TJ & his friends to use in their battle." Said Raven. As he rolls up the blueprint & put it in his backpack.

2. When he went the base, TJ & his friends was making lot of things for theirs new headquarter. "Hey Raven, are you are going help us with the new look?" said Katie as she painted a new coat of rainbow paints & solar system object on the wall and ceilings. Raven said, "No thank, I am building a special weapon for you guys, but I need time to build this thing in your battle." "Cool!" said the 7 of them in unison.

3. TJ & Angel went to Big Lots with Steve for some stuff for their base. They got ten packs of paper, 105 crayons, markers, color pencils, chips, candy, & soda. After that the three of them went to Pizza Hut for some pizzas. Before they went in, a blue & green lightning strike hit hard on the ground and a water lizard with dragonfly's wing, scorpion' stringer, & triceratops' horns and it roared at them.

4. TJ, Steve, & Angel said it together, "Triple Rainbow elemental planet power, Power up!" as the compact and 2 changers begin to change them into the Elemental Warriors. TJ said, "Ok, let kick some dino butt!" "Yeah, time to punch up on a mix beast with wings." Said Angel. Steve said, "Boo yeah, bug lizard fly thingy!" as the 3 of them run at the monster & use their attacks. "Earth Mars fire inferno!" said TJ. Angel said, "Moon prism lunar light beam strike!" "Saturn Pluto shadow blast!" said Steve.

5. When the attacks hit the monster's back and side cause it to be weaken by the forces of fire, darkness, & moonlight elements. Then the Warriors pull out their sword and slash the beast in three parts and destroyed into ashes in the winds. The three of them untransformed back to normal & order 3 meat lover pizzas and 2 pack cinnamon stick to TJ's house.

6. The three kids ahead back to their base & Raven run up to them & said, "TJ, Angel, Steve! You guys, Ethan and the other went to Lake Forest to fight a beast & I done with the weapon and I called it, the Element mega shine cannon blaster." "Ok cool!" said the three of them in unison. As they give Raven the foods, then run to the other with the weapon. When they got there, they saw their friends fighting a red orange tiger cheetah beast with hedgehog' spike, Vulcan' wings, & bear' claws & strength. The beast sees them and run at them. TJ & the other 2 begin to transform into their Warrior' forms & attack the creature on the crest.

7. When they reach their friends, they help get up on their feet & TJ said, "Hey guys, Raven have made this baby for us to use, now put your elemental power keys in the blaster!" "Right!" as they pull out their elemental keys, as they glowed like rainbow light in space. "Elemental keys!" said all seven Warriors in unison. "Set!" as they put the keys in the keyholes on the blaster, when TJ put in his key, the weapon said, "Red fire full change!" as the Warriors take their place around the blaster & said, "Elemental star grand blast!" TJ push the trigger and the blaster said, "Fire planet inferno strike!" as the blaster release a powerful red burning fire beam heading toward the creature's crest & destroy while it spilt in two.

8. After that, the Warriors untransformed back to normal and ahead back to TJ's house. When they got inside to their base, Raven walk up to them & said, "Hey, how is the blaster?" "Well it take down a whole beast & spilt in half in one shot." Said TJ.

9. Shelby said, "That was weird to fight 2 beasts appear on a same day?" "Yeah that is something happened." Said Katie. "Agree." Said Ethan, Drew, and Steve in unison. TJ said, "Will is look like, we need to beat some of their beasts double time." "Yeah." Said Angel.

Now the Warriors will beat some minions or beasts in the battlefield on Earth.

Chapter 37: Slicer and Ganox plan of smart.

1. In the battle between the Warriors & the Doom generals in a open field of long grass in Lake Forest. As the Warriors beat the rest of the troops on the field. Slicer said, "Ahhhhh man, those Warriors beat our army again!" "Well something will happened soon?" said Ganox. When Ethan, Drew, Katie, and Shelby block their way and said in unison, "Elemental four stars strike!" as they fire 4 elemental beams at Slicer and Ganox.

2. The beam hit the generals, but they use their force field to block it with a big explosion that cause the 4 Warriors to untransform & their changers loose off their arms to the ground. Ganox find the changers and take them to his spaceship. TJ, Angel, and Steve went to them & help them to get up. Steve said, "Hey guys are you guys ok?" "Yeah." Said the four of them. TJ noticed something on their arms & said, "Hey guys, I think those two Destroyer fools took your changers to their base." "Man, how could that happens!" said Shelby. Ethan said, "I think that happen, when we use that attack on them.

3. When the generals got to their spaceship, Black Hole Villus said, "Well done, you two & we need to scan these changers devices and make the same thing on our ultimate great plan to destroying the Earth." "Master, I ready the duplicator to copy the four devices & use the copies on our ultra plan." Said Phoesky as she takes the copy changers to the lab. Dark Villus said, "Slicer, Ganox!" "Yes your black holiness?" said both of them. "I want you two take these real ones to Earth and lure the three Warriors to a trap to beat them." Said Dark Villus. Slicer & Ganox said it together, "Yes master!"

4. As the two generals went back to Earth with the real changers with some troops around them. At the school, Katie, Ethan, Drew, and Shelby are playing soccer with their classmate, TJ, Steve, and Angel went through the doors and main doors. They transform & fly to the location where Slicer and Ganox are waiting.

5. When they got there, Slicer & Ganox troops attack them and catch in three minutes. Ganox said, "It look like we going to hurt you into crush pieces." "Yeah I like to show it in life." Said Slicer." As the generals get ready to strike them, their weapons were knocking off by some blast shots, Ganox said, "Hey! Who blast off our weapons from our hands ?!" as three boys in yellowish gold and blue armors appear out of nowhere in front of them & they said, "Attacker of the stars, MHS force one!" said the first boy. The second boy said, "The defender of the star, MHS force 2!" "The thinker of the star, MHS force three," said the third boy. "We are the fighters of the Earth, we're the MHS protector forces!"

6. MHS force three said, "Elemental force blaster, lightning mode!" as he turn a button to the lightning selection and he blast lightning bolt bullet at slicer. Ganox run at MHS force two and he said, "Star armor shield!" as the shield create a star shield wall and block Ganox attack. "Now it my turn, Galaxy slash saber!" MHS force one run at Ganox & said, "Spiral galaxy break!" as he slash on Ganox' shoulder and grab the four changers, then he said to TJ, "Earth Mars now!" "Ok, dude on it!" said TJ as he push the two troops and use he attack on Slicer, "Earth Mars Fire Inferno!" then Steve and Angel got free and they kick & punch the troops.

7. TJ, Steve, and Angel use the Mega element rainbow blasters on the two of them. "Red . . . White full mega charge!" said the combine blasters. As the two Warriors push the triggers & fire a red fire and white moonlight beam on the arms & shoulders. Slicer said, "Ah, how could this happened on us on our plan of smart?!" "Ow, I guess we to retreat for now!" said Ganox. As the teleport back to their spaceship.

8. After that the HMS protector force walk up to the three Warriors and give them, the four Elemental Changers, TJ said, "Hey, who are you guys?" as the protector force removed their helmet to show their identifies & they are their classmate Raven, Austin, and Johnny. The Warriors gasp in surprised at them, and then TJ said, "How do you guys got these weapons and armor suits?" "Oh I made these babies for some problem with the fight." Said Raven. As the six kids run back to school & they find Ethan, Drew, Katie, and Shelby.

9. When they go to the gym, they give them back their changers & told about Raven, Johnny, and Austin to be a protector force team to help them. Shelby said, "Oh I so happy to have my changer back!" "And to know that three of our classmates are extra teammate to protect the Earth." Said Ethan. As they put their changers back on their arms. Katie and Drew said it in unison, "Thank you TJ, Angel, & Steve." "No problem, but it was the MHS protector force that got your four changers for you guys." Said Steve as he pointed at Raven, Austin, and Johnny. "Wow! They are the ones that got our Elemental Changers back, cool." Said all four.

Now the Elemental Warriors are must stronger with the MHS protector force on their side to protect the Solar system from danger.

Chapter 38: Sword fight of the Galaxy

1. Black hole Villus think to just how to test the power level of Warrior Earth Mars, and then he got an idea to do it. On planet Earth, TJ and Ethan were sword fight practicing in the backyard by TJ's house. TJ was using his Earth Mars Blazing sword and Rainbow slash sword against Ethan's Libra elemental swords as the swords hit each other's for 15 Minutes.

2. When they stop fighting in their practice for one hour & TJ said, "Hey Ethan is that cool to have 12 weapon that each have 2 modes?" "Well it was good & amazing things to do and you and the others can use them on battle." As the swords turn into light ball went back inside the red Changer & Libra golden elemental armor key. Then a big metal condor hawk massager bird coming from the sky.

3. "Whoa!" said both of them as they saw the metal big condor hawk in shock. The messenger device show a big screen that show the face of Black hole Villus, he said to TJ, "Dear Warrior Earth Mars, if you hear me, I want a sword fight for that shame you put on me! So if you ready to fight come to the Milky Way galaxy' Sagittarius arm, M24 the Sagittarius star cloud in 5 hours.

4. Ethan walk to TJ & said, "Hey TJ are you sure you want the other to help you?" "No I have to do it & I need the other to hold on the edges of the Orion arm to make sure that some Black hole troops that try to surprise attack on me, got it?" said TJ. Ethan said, "Ok good luck on your battle, TJ." As he transform into Warrior Earth Mars Pegasus & said this, "Pegasus wings open!" as he grow red fire Pegasus wings, squash down and fly in 200 feet from the Orion arm to the Sagittarius arm, M24, Sagittarius star cloud to face Black hole Villus alone.

5. When he got there, Black hole Villus said to him, "So you made it just in time, Earth Mars." "Sorry to keep you waiting, Metal brain, but I going to kick your iron butt out of the galaxy, Earth Mars Blaze sword, Silver crystal sword combine!" said TJ as he summon his swords and combine them together. Black Hole Villus said, "Ok, let do this, Earth Mars!" as he draw out his sword & charge at TJ.

6. As the swords begin to clash to each other and the sword fighters started to warp to different places in the Sagittarius Arm in hyper speed. In the edge of the Orion Arm, some Black Hole Doom troops are beaten by the other six Elemental Warriors

7. Ethan said, "TJ, I hope you got a plan to beat that guy." "I know he won't tell us about this, but we will did the same thing." Said Katie. Drew said, " Yeah! And I think we can do a sneak attack on Black Hole Villus, while he busy with TJ." "Good idea, we can surround him & attack in once a time at him." Said Shelby. As Steve took down 10 troops down, he said to Angel, "Hey Angel, let go to TJ and take down, the Black Hole leader in this mins." "I think that be a great idea to beat that tin can into a pile of scarp metal in this galaxy arm." Said Angel. At TJ & Black Hole Villus continue their fight to two or four hours. As they stop for a min, TJ said, " So are you done for a beat down BH Villus?" "Not yet, Earth Mars & I got a little surprise for you, minions attacks!" said Black Hole Villus, but his troops didn't come to attack TJ for some minutes. They wait for some mins, but the troops are not coming, Black Hole Villus said in rage, "Where are my troops?!" "Oh your troops, I know you was try to sneak attack me, so I got my friends to make that your troops can't make it" said TJ.

8. Black Hole Villus said, "What!" then six color beam of orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white went around BH Villus and hit him one by one in battle. TJ was waiting it and the color beam turn to the six Elemental Warriors & stand by TJ' side to finish of Black Hole Villus.

9. "I see now, so how about I take on you seven in one fight!" said Black Hole Villus. Then all the Warriors said, "Let do this buddy!" as they go at Black Hole Villus & attack from all sides, BH Villus push them back forceful away and released a giant magenta purple energy ball of doom at the Warriors.

10. TJ said to his team, "Warriors get out of the way!" as the Warriors fly far, TJ grab the giant energy ball & hold it for some mins. Black Hole Villus push it harder and said, "What Earth Mars die with your friends & Solar system!" "I will not let you destroy my Solar system until I beat you in the deep of the Universe!" as the Sagittarius Elemental Zodiac golden armor key left it key place and the Elemental Zodiac Golden armor of Sagittarius put itself on TJ' body, then create a force field around him and block the energy ball. BH Villus think he win, but he wrong, when the smoke clear up he see TJ in a golden elemental fire force field, he said, "What, how are you alive?!" "It look like the elemental golden zodiac armor of Sagittarius put itself on me to protect me & give a new weapon, Sagittarius Golden Elemental Wing dual swords!" as the wings of the Sagittarius armor, took off and change into swords.

11. The six Warriors was surprise to see that the Sagittarius Golden Zodiac Elemental armor can release weapons. TJ use his new weapons on Black Hole Villus and said, "Sagittarius Golden Flame blaze strike!" as the sword ignite in golden red fire and slice in BH Villus' armor and shield. As spark begin to show on Black Hole Villus & he said, " I will be back and bring my ultra mega plan to destroy your Solar system!" as he disappear to his ships. "I be ready to stop it." Said TJ, as he and his friends went back to Earth.

Now Warrior Earth Mars got a new weapon in his Sagittarius golden zodiac armor for him to use against evil & even for BH Villus' ultra mega plan of doom.

Chapter 39: Eris star constellation of hope.

1. On the school, Terry was in dome playing with Flash, Frost, Lynn, and Jack on a game of kick kick the ball as high & far, it can go, Flash went from first base to the 4th base. Frost & Lynn got their head hit each other and landing on the floor & on their butts, then Jack trip on his shoe and landing his belly on the floor.

2. Flash, Frost, Lynn, Jack, and the Knight Warriors look at Terry & confusing what he look at his Hydra Elemental bronze armor key. Rocky walk to he and said, "Hey Terry, What is wrong with you?" "Will I wonder now can I unlock my Hydra constellation power in battle?" Then Lynn said to him, "Well to do that you need to believe your & focus your abilities to the max." "Uh I think you maybe right, but I have to try it." Said Terry.

3. TJ, Ethan, and Katie were creating a special MHS team song video to show to the other students in school. "Ok McKinney High it time for team song of the high school team, McKinney Lions!" said TJ. As the three of them sing it together, "M-C-K-I-N-N-NE-Y H-I-G-H-L-I-O-N-S. McKinney High Lions, the king of the school, Hero of the state & fighter of U.S.A., we got a good history year after year, yeah!" as the three kids dance in the studio video room.

4. Terry' Elemental Bracer begin to beep out for a enemies alert outside, Terry said to his teacher, "Hey sir I need to use the bathroom really bad!" "Sure Terry." Said his teacher. As Terry run outside & side & said this, "Eris Elemental Dwarf planet power, Power up!" as he transform into his warrior form & form saw a devil like lion Tasmanian devil creature on the school's roof. Terry said, "I am the radiant warrior, Dwarf Warrior Eris!" as the creature attack Terry, but he dodge it & use his attack, "Eris atom sonic star blast Blitzer!" as he create a star of atoms & push it like a laser beam in silver color at it' crest, then the Hydra Elemental bronze key started to glow bright silver & unlock his new bronze armor in battle, "Hydra Elemental Bronze armor, Armor up!" as the 15 stars of Hydra went around Terry and turn into armors for Terry to put on, "The Toxic sea-snake, Eris Hydra!" as he wear the elemental armor of Hydra. As Terry run around the beast in a silver star ring, around it & use his attack on that beast, "Eris Hydra toxic snake fangs strike!" as he released a huge silver energy to create a lot of hydra snake heads that are going to take on the beast whole body.

5. then the creature begin to disappear into dust & Terry change back to normal as he headed back to class. At lunchtime, the Warriors was listing to Terry' battle & his unlock the elemental bronze armor of Hydra constellation, as Terry show them a picture of him wear his bronze elemental armor. Lynn said, "Wow so, my saying work for you, Terry?" "Yes and I got my armor to fight alongside you guys!" said Terry. As the Warriors high- five & said, "Heroes of right, heroes of stars, Elemental Warriors shine forever!" Now all Warriors got their own elemental bronze armor in them for the ultra fight in their life.

Chapter 40: Power of the Elemental Weapons.

1. One day in Plano, Texas, The Elemental Warriors was fighting against the troops of Black Hole Destroyer Dooms in the Medical Center of Plano Hospital Park & playground. TJ and Angel did a double spin summersault kick in flame & moonlight as the troops got damage and destroy in 4 second.

2. Katie, Shelby, Drew Steve, and Ethan made a giant tornado of water, wind, light, earth, and darkness elements to snuck up the troops in the twister & throw them out then at their own army. TJ use his Rainbow Slash Sword to block some blast to protect the hospital from being hits. The Dwarf & Knight Warriors were helping the patients, doctors, nurses, & other worker like TJ' dad out the exit doors.

3. Then 12 color light ball of fire, water, light, wind, earth, darkness, moonlight, starlight, ice, sound, wood, metal, radiation appear out of the sky as 7 of them reach to TJ, Ethan, Katie, Drew, Shelby, Steve, & Angel's hands in their battle. Then Dwarf Warriors got the remaining 5 light balls as all light ball turn into powerful weapons.

4. TJ got a red sword with Earth symbol on it and a red blowgun with a symbol of planet Mars on it. Ethan said as he look at his weapon that look like a pair a nun chuck in blue with Mercury & Neptune symbol on it, "Huh, I think these two can combine together?" as he put the nun-chucks side by side and form a bow & create a trident arrow. "Wow oh!" as all 5 of them as they look at their new weapons, Drew got a light scythe with a dark green thunder bolt on the end, Steve have a black & purple glaive with a garnet orb sphere on the other end, Katie have own a pair of yellow and gray dagger with a Venus symbol on it, a pair of orange and brown tonfa with a symbol of Planet Uranus that given to Shelby, and Angel was given a white & silver bo staff with a moon symbol.

5. At where the Dwarf Warriors, Frost got a ice blue trident, a golden yellow sword for Flash, a pink chain whip for Lynn, a gray & forest green axe for Jack, and a silver spear with 4 spikes on the end. The Dwarf Warriors said, " Awesome!" as they go went the Warriors to fight with them on the troops. Ethan firing water shaped trident arrow at the enemies, while Katie use her yellow wreath whip to whip on the troops to the ground. The combine attack of the Shelby, Drew, and Steve' weapons caused 6 troops to turn into dust.

6. Lynn use her pink chain whip to whip eight troops in it, then Flash & Jack slice them with their new sword and axe on it. Finale TJ & Angel did a tag team combo, TJ combine his sword and blowgun together to make a powerful sword, then the Earth Mars Moon duel did a strong fire moonlight x sword slash move on the remain troops. As the x slash wave destroyed them in pieces.

7. After that, the Warriors take the patients back to the hospital, while the kids & teens patients, who want a handshake and autograph from TJ & the other Warriors that they leave back to McKinney, TX in the EW' secret base under the tree house, Raven look at the new weapons in the scanner. Raven said, "Hey guys, di you find a book to tell about these weapons from the sky." As the Warriors look for the book about the new strange weapons.

8. TJ find a book called " The Elemental Weapons of the planets." As he pick up a special rainbow shooting stars cover book from the look shelf. The take the book to Raven & read the first page of the book, as Lynn begin to read, " In the ancient times of the original Elemental Warriors, they use special & powerful weapons that each planets give them to use in battle after the fight was over, the weapons went back to the planets, dwarf planets, and the moon for the net generations of the Elemental Warriors to use in the future.

9. TJ said, " That is amazing to use in the battle field." "I be ready to be use mine to fight on those creeps." Said Angel. The other Warriors said in unison, " Yeah, let do this!" as they said in exciting.

Now the Warriors got new weapons to fight with in battle.

Chapter 41: The Sword of ultra harmony.

1. One day in school, Shelby, Drew, & Steve went to the gym to play mini golf with their friends. TJ said, "Hey guys, what you so long?" "Well we was coloring in a big chart on the 88 Constellations in class." Said Steve. As Shelby and Drew show TJ & the other, a big chart of the all the 88 Constellations with their symbols.

2. TJ hit the golf ball to the hole in one hit & he past the club to his P.E. panther, Jackie Ferguson to take two hits. Kylee Moran, Ethan Lee, and Jacob Windham were at the third hole. Katie said to Erica Endsley, "I total got the move!" "Girl, you are a flash hitter." Said Erica. Terrance, Austin, Johnny, Shelby, Steve, Drew, & Angel go to the middle gym for the biggest golf courses. While the other P.E. pals went to the harder courses, they started, to cheer to Junior, Michael, Tran Quan & Errolynn in hole 21, 22, & 20.

3. Angel hit the ball to the bridge golf course in hole 10. Emory Otto & Morgan Ford went to Hole 11 with Tais and Aurelia to get 3 points in it. Aurelia said, " Wow I just did it!" " I know you can do it." Said Morgan. Richard, Corry, & Connor watch as everyone play golf with their pals.

4. Then the changers begin to distant enemies out the building, TJ said it to Jackie, " I forget, me and my friends got something on the track, so we have to go get it." " Ok TJ." Said Jackie, as TJ, Ethan, Katie, Drew, Shelby, Steve, and Angel went to the back side of the dome to see the monster in hiding, then the kids transform & said it together, " Elemental Rainbow Planet powers, Power up!" as the Warriors done transformation, they said their lines to the monster, " Defenders of the Solar System, The Elemental Warriors!" when the beast saw them, charge at them. As the ground start to shake, The Warriors see a combine rabbit, frog, & giraffe beast out of the dome back side with it' giraffe long neck.

5. As the Warriors dodge it & counter attack the beast, but by hit them it's giraffe long neck on the face, they try to use their swords and blasters, but it didn't works at all. Then the seven Elemental Weapons begin to glow to each others, then the weapons flew from the Warriors hands & fly around the beast, as the beast got lots of hits from the weapons, the Warriors saw their Elemental Weapons combine each other to form a long sword & TJ said, "Wow that is total awesome cool!" as he hold the sword on it' handle.

6. When the monster begin to attack them, the gather together behind TJ & said it together, " Sword of Hope' Grand Elemental Star blitz rainbow slash!" as the long sword begin to shine in seven colors in the rainbow on the blade and unleashed it at the middle of the beast & spit it in halves.

7. After the Warriors untransformed and high five each others in exciting on their new combine mega super weapon, the Sword of ultra harmony, then they said in unison, "Elemental Warrior fight with bravery!"

Now the Black Hole Destroyer Dooms are going to be dust, now the Warrior got themselves a new weapon on their hands.

Chapter 42: Black Hole Villus' ultra darkness plan

1. In the Black Hole Destroyer Dooms' Battle ship, Black Hole Villus is finishing up his ultra mega evil project plan, when his three generals walk & said, "Yes Lord Black Hole Villus, what are your order?" "My loyal generals, gather a huge army of Doom troops and five powerful beasts & take over the huge country in the U.S.A on that pity planet Earth, then to down those little small color human thorns on our side!" said Black Hole Villus as a huge giant shadowing figure appear above him.

2. When the Warriors enter the base after school, Raven went to the Elemental base computer & check what happened. "Hey guys, it look like we got trouble in the Big apple!" as he show them an enemy mark on New York City. Katie said, "Wait, New York city, it far away from McKinney!" "Yeah, how on Earth could we get to there?" said Ethan. Raven said, "I am working on a portal for us to teleport us to everywhere in the whole planet & I build these babies, as he remove the blanket to reveal seven motorcycles in each own color and constellation beast for each Warriors.

3. "Like them, I call them, the Elemental Cycle racers!" said Raven. TJ said, "Nice, come guys, let go to New York city!" "Right!" said the others, as they transform & got on the new motorcycles. Raven activates the portal transport & sends them to New York City.

4. When They got there was lots of Destroyer Doom troops around the city and Steve said, "Hey guys, I got to take care of some of these dump troops" as he pull out his Rainbow Slash Sword & cut them in the middle on his Lupus Elemental cycle racer. While the other Warriors on the U.S.A. Shelby & Katie rode through the city and use the Element Sonic Blasters to blast off some troops, then the two girls jump up from their Lynx & Leo Minor Elemental Cycle racers & press the center buttons for double finishing move. Katie said, "Venus light thundering kick!" as her right leg glow & create lightning bolt in yellow. Shelby said it, as her left leg glow and create rocks and pebbles in orange & brown, "Uranus rocky quake kick!" as a double elemental explosion caused some troops to be destroyed.

5. Ethan and Drew' Phoenix & Aquila Elemental Cycle racer shoot out beams of wind and water elemental bullet on the troops on the city, then Drew punch down 12 of them on the ground, while Ethan use his Elemental weapon on the rest. Ethan fire some water shaped trident arrow on the resting troop & said, "Take these you robotic dump tin can!" "Nice one dude, now we going to kick it up of nature power!" said Drew. The five Warriors take three of the 5 Destroyer Doom' beast into dust.

6. TJ and Angel arrive at Albany, New York to Black Hole on a mechanical giant dragon, tiger with eagle wings, and lizard scales & cannon blasters on each side. "Ha, ha (x6) I will put you little color flies to the ground!" said Black Hole Villus, as his new beast use a sonic cannon blaster at Steve & fire a dark violet and gray beam on to cause him hit the ground hard and lost unconscious on the floor & TJ said, "Steve!" as he yell high. As the other Warriors went to Albany to help Steve.

7. As Ethan & Katie pick up Steve, Shelby said it to Black Hole Villus, "Hey, you going get what coming for you metal brain!" as she ride her cycle racer at Black Hole Villus & did a spin kick on him, but it didn't work. He grabs Shelby and throws her on the ground by Drew as he stops & picks her up. Drew said to Shelby, "Shelby, wake up come on girl, don't give up!" as Ethan and Katie run to him, B.H. Villus combine himself with the mechanical giant dragon to become a giant robotic mechanical. B.H. Villus get ready to fire at the four of them with one of the mechanical giant dragon' doom cannon blasters, TJ and Angel run to their friends & said it together, "Earth Mars Moon Elemental Silver crystal grand dome force shield!" as the two elemental crystals create a giant silver dome force shield around them to protect their friends.

8. Raven teleported them out of Albany, New York to their base, Raven walk to them as they untransformed, "Hey guys, I got pull out of the there to show you guys this." As Raven turn to show the Warriors that the Destroyer Dooms are going to take New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. TJ said, "Oh man, that is bad for those five states." "I send seven robotic Elemental fighting robots in your places to take care of the Destroyer Dooms." Said Raven.

9. Katie noticed a black cloudy void that showing on the screen & said, "Hey Raven, what is that things?" "Oh that, I find it, while ago and it look so dark & misty to it's appear." Said Raven. Shelby said, "Well can go to it and check it out?" "I think be good, but we need to get extra back up on those states & help the peoples." Said Drew. As Raven try to call for Austin, Johnny, Dwarf, and Knight Elemental Warriors for help, TJ & the other transformed, and then fly to the black cloudy misty void.

Now the Warriors are going to find something to use to stop Black Hole Villus' mechanical giant dragon from take over & destroying the five states of the U.S.A.

Chapter 43: The Rainbow star of hope.

1. At The base, Raven was on Face time with the Dwarf and Knight Elemental Warriors to tell for some help The Dwarf Warriors said in unison, "We are in!" "Same go for us!" said the Knight Warriors. Raven said, "I talked with Johnny and Austin & they said are in to help." As he put on his armor and getting ready for battle.

2. In the Warriors were flying to the black cloudy misty void & they feel a clam and strong elemental powers inside the void. TJ said, "Hey, do you guys just feel that power?" "I think that black void have something hiding inside of it." Said Angel, as they got closer to it. While on Earth, the people were run from the Destroyer Doom Troops, then as Panther Slicer were going to hurt a young girl & her little sister, a golden yellow starlight bullet hit his claws out of his hand and fell on the ground.1. "Hey Slicers do you got enough people to be scare of you already?" said someone voice. "What, who said that to me, Panther Slicer." Said Panther Slicer. As he look up on one of the tallest buildings in Albany, New York to see Dwarf Warriors Ceres on it.

3. That right Panther stupid, the Dwarf Elemental Warriors and back & ready to fight for the Solar System." Said Flash. As the other four Dwarf Warriors arrive behind Flash and said in unison, "Hello you sucker!" as Panther Slicer turn to the left to see the Knight Warriors & they said, "Don't forget about us!" as the ten Warriors jump up and punch him from all sides, he said to them, "I will crush you small fries into bits!" "You want a bet!" said all ten Elemental Warriors.

4. TJ & Angel try in blast to the center of the void, but it didn't work and Angel said, "TJ, our attack are not working on!" "Yeah, hey guys, we need help to open out in the center of the void." Said TJ to say it to his friends. Steve, Drew, Katie, Ethan, and Shelby combine their blasters & swords to form the Elemental Cannon Blasters, then said it in unison, "Right, you got it!" as they ready their weapons with TJ and Angel. When void sudden open it' hole to the center for them, TJ said, "Ready . . . aim . . ." Then all of them said it together, "Fire!" as the Warriors fire the seven beam like a rainbow into the center of the void and it begin to change in an elemental color reaction from inside out, as the void begin change from black to rainbow colors with the power & elements of all 17 Elemental Warriors on it.

5. Then the void turn elemental rainbows star that never seen before & Shelby said, "Wow, that is beautiful." "Yeah it is." Said Ethan. The Warriors look at the star, when they hear a voice that said, "Thank you Elemental Warriors." "Whoa, hey who said that?" said Katie in surprised scared. Drew said, "Well, it was not me or either them." As he point to the other Warriors. "I am the one, who said it, the star itself." Said the strange voice, as The Warriors look at the star & stocked to see that is true. Steve said, "Ah man, that thing is talking to us!" as he pointing at the star.

6. The mystery Elemental Rainbow Star tell it destroy, "I am the Elemental Rainbow Star of Hope and I created the other Elemental Rainbow stars from purity of the 12 elements of planet Earth: fire, water, light, wind, earth, darkness, moonlight, starlight, ice, sound, wood, metal, & radiation in them in them and give you & your friends, the powers to save the hope of the whole Solar System from danger of the Destroy Dooms." As the star show Warriors a flash back of the begin of the Elemental Rainbow Stars.

7. TJ said, "Mom, that was crazy & why are cover in dark black void matter on you?" "Well, the dark spirit of destruction use his power on me from stopping him to destroy a galaxy & I travel a long way from that galaxy for you to free me and helping you to saving the Earth & the Solar System." Said the Rainbow star of hope.

8. Angel said, "Ok, we need the power to our home planet & friends, families, and in the Solar System!" "I will give you, these powers for you seven to use against the enemies on the dark void of a black hole." as the Elemental Warrior got new power from the Elemental Rainbow star of hope' seven rainbow light beam on their bodies, then headed to Earth in high speed. The Elemental Rainbow stars of hope said it to them as they leaving, "Good luck, young Defenders of the Solar System' planets.

Now the Warriors got anew fighting chance to take the Destroyer Dooms down into pile of scrap & free the five states on North America.

Chapter 44: The Armors of the Elemental Harmony.

1. Back on planet Earth, the Dwarf and Knight Elemental Warriors are still fighting & helping the people to safety. Black Hole Villus was going to charge at them. And said, "Now you ten are going to be flat with your planet. As he begin to run at them, when he got to them, seven colorful rainbow light beams hit Black Hole Villus & push him on the ground.

2. He got up and said, "Who have dare attack me?!" as the 7 lights revealed to show themselves to Black Hole Villus. The 7 lights turn into the seven Warriors & said, "Sorry, Black Hole Villus, but we got a new update to take on your army!" as the Warriors got the armors on them. Ethan & Katie unleashed a huge strong beams of water and light elemental powers at the troops on the left and on the right, Shelby & Drew slashed at the troops with elemental earth and wind energy in their Rainbow slash swords. Then Steve & Angel did some Elemental spin twisters on the troops on the north and south ways in darkness & moonlight elemental styles.

3. When fly through the city, the people of New York, cheer for them and TJ said to the Dwarf & Knight Warriors this, "Flash, Lynn, and Frost, you go to Pennsylvania, Jack, Terry, you two go to Ohio, Lumina, Sapphy, and Gusty, you guys go to West Virginia, and for Rocky & Shady, you two can go save Kentucky." "You got it, TJ." Said the other ten Warriors as they fly to the other 4 states to save their people from the Destroyer Doom troops army.

4. Panther Slicer said, as he saw Ethan & Katie, "What how could are here . . . never mind I going to destroyed you two into a green paddle!" "Yeah, but not us, you tin can brain!" as they did a powerful water & light elemental energy x cross slash on slicer' crest that cause him to break and explosion into pieces. Slicer said his final dying word, "Cause you Ele . . . men . . . tal . . . War . . . iors!" as he shut down for good. Rhino Ganox saw the explosion & sais, "Slicer, no! Oh you Warriors are going to pay!" as he run at Drew and Shelby. Then the two of them use their blasters on them & said it together, "Wind Earth hurricane quake double blast!" as they fire a double beams attack of earth and wind elemental energy on Ganox & destroy him in million pieces.

5. What, oh Warrior Moon, you are going to be dust with this planet, ahhhhh!" said Phoesky. As Angel run at her, Steve use his darkness power to hold Phoesky, while Angel use her silver elemental crystal in bo staff on Phoesky and she said, "Moon Crystal moonlight bo shine slash!" as she unleashed a silver whitish light slash wave on Phoesky & destroy her, when she spit in halves on an explosion. Black Hole Villus said, "How you little flies destroy my army & generals?!" "Oh, that because we have help a star and it give us some new powers & upgrades." Said TJ.

6. Then on the other 4 states, the Dwarf Warriors are in their golden elemental zodiac armor modes in Ohio and Pennsylvania, while the Knight Warriors taking down some troops on Kentucky & West Virginia as lots of Destroyer Doom troops were destroy and crash into pieces.

7. When TJ got Black Hole Villus in the rope of his plan, a dark black shadow cloud appear out nowhere in the sky & said, "I am the spirit of destruction, I am not let you Warrior brats stop me and my plan!" as he went inside of Black Hole Villus & he said, "I going to take over your body!" "What, you can't I uh . . . AHHHHH!" said Black Hole Villus in plan and absorbing the destroy generals & troops to make himself bigger, stronger, and powerful.

8. After that the spirit create a body of the Destroyer Doom' army, troops, generals, and Black Hole Villus together in one giant body, then the spirit of destruction said, "I called myself, Mega Doom Virustron!" as he show his powers to TJ & the other Warriors. Mega Doom Virustron begins to combine the five Doom Destroyer beast into a cannon blaster & prepare it to fire.

9. The Destroyer Beast Cannon fire a blast of energy to the east where Katie is, it hit her to cause Katie to fell on the ground and lost conscious. Shelby run down to her and said, "Katie . . . Katie are you okay!?" "Uh . . . I am good, but I can't move much." As she tired to get up. As the villain point his cannon blaster at Ethan, Drew, & Steve on the other side & fire at them, while the three Warriors form a force field of water, wind, and darkness elements. Ethan said, "Uh man, how long can hold it?!" "I don't know, but the force field is cracking open!" said Drew. Steve said, "Uh you think this going to be a big bang!" as the blast destroy the force field & the 3 boys, were knock out cold on the floor and in a big hole.

10. TJ saw them & said, "No you guys! Ethan! Drew! Steve! Katie!" as he see Katie on the ground and holding up by Shelby. Then Mega Doom Virustron point his sword at the sky & blast a beam toward it to cause the bright blue skies to change into dark blackish gray with dark magenta pink & violet lightning bolts in them. As the cloud of evil darkness cover the whole U.S.A country on Earth.

Now it up to TJ, Angel, Shelby, and the other Warriors to save the whole Solar System from the ultimate evil in the Universe.

Final Chapter 45: The Elemental Powers to the new future.

1. On the battlefield, TJ, Angel, and Shelby are against the spirit of destruction, Mega Doom Virustron in Albany, New York to save the Earth & the Solar System. Angel and Shelby use their blasters to blast on his armors, but nothing scratch it & he said, "You think you can damage my armors, but I show some powerful strength." As he fire a mega powerful blast from his destroy beast cannon blaster at the 2 girls to cause to fall to the ground hard and knock them out cold.

2. TJ was alone to face this massive fearful, chaos danger, & evilly being. As all the video camera and peoples in the building, on roof tops, and all over the whole county of U.S.A, the people started watching the final battle of the United States' history, Mega Doom Virustron said, "So little Warrior of fire, do you have any last words?" "Yeah, I got something to say this, I going to destroy you & save the Solar system with my bare hands, metal face!" as he run fast at him with all his fire elemental planet power. TJ fire lots of bullets on Mega Doom Virustron's body, then he try to grab TJ, but TJ is to quick, then he change into Earth Mars Hyper form and said, "Earth Mars Fire Inferno!" as he released a hyper up version of his attack on his enemy. After that TJ turn into his Pegasus armor form & his new attack, "Earth Mars Pegasus Burning Flame Meteor Star Punch!" as he fire mega big strong meteor shaped fists on Mega Doom Virustron. Then TJ change to his Sagittarius form, to fire some arrows at him, when his enemy tries to blast him with his Destroyer beast cannon blaster, TJ put the Pegasus armor key in the Rainbow slash sword and the Sagittarius golden armor key in the Element sonic blaster as both weapons said, "Full Final Change!" as the weapons start to glow red & said it, "Earth Mars Enif Kaus Austunlis Grand Star Slash and Blast!" as he slash & blast a wave a fire wing and arrow at Mega Doom Virustron crest in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clear up, but nothing happen from that attack & he fire his Destroyer beast cannon blaster at TJ to cause him to fall on the ground and tries to get up, when he said, "Young one your battle is over, so goodbye." As e charge up his cannon blaster, TJ thought himself this, "I s this for me & my friend? Is this the end of the Elemental Warriors and the whole Solar system, and then Mega Doom Virustron got lots of hits by Raven, Austin, Johnny, Dwarf, and Knight Warriors.

3. Then TJ hear some one said, "Come on Earth Mars, you can do it!" "Yeah kick that creeps butt!" said other person. As he open his eyes & got up on his feet to see lots people from every directions to cheer him on to beat Mega Doom Virustron.

4. Then his silver and golden elemental begin to glow bright than ever before & TJ said, "Look like I got new power within me to show to the team!" as all Elemental Changers, Dressers, and Bracers started to glow like little lights in the night. That cause all the 6 other Warriors to wake up & Angel's Moon Elemental prism compact started to glow too, when the 6 of them run to the place, where TJ is standing, the sixteen Warriors said it together, "We send our powers to you, Warrior Earth Mars!" as the devices send elemental beams to TJ and his changer send a red beam to the sky, then all 17 beam went beam went inside of his 2 elemental crystals, TJ grab his compact & said full force, "Elemental Crystal Evolution!" as his silver elemental crystal shoot 8 beams of rainbow silver elemental crystal energy around him and turn into armor in rainbow silver of a rainbow & TJ said, "Warrior Earth Mars Silver Elemental crystal form!"

5. When TJ open his eyes in rainbow color version, Mega Doom Virustron was surprise to see TJ in a new looks & he said, "Huh, that is a good be a punch can make you hurt." As he throw a punch at TJ, then he block it by his arm and throw silvery rainbow punch on Doom Virustron' crest, as his fist move like light speed that cause his enemy to push back & damage his armor with much hits that crack in pieces. Mega Doom Virustron said in rage, "Oh, why you little brat!" as he change his silver rainbow armor into Sunburst golden armor, then TJ said, "Warrior Earth Mars Golden elemental crystal form!" as he shine like a golden yellow sun in the sky.

6. TJ grab his Earth Mars blaze sword & rainbow slash sword run at Mega Doom Virustron and slice both of his arms off to the ground. He launches a mega multi-arm at TJ by lots of arms that headed toward him. Then Angel' silver elemental crystal & she said, "Silver Elemental Crystal Evolution!" as her crystal did the same thing like TJ's to form silver crystal rainbow armor on her. Then Angel rip, slice, and dice up the arms into pieces in 2 sceonds.

7. Mega Doom Virustron is about to run at both Warriors, then TJ's crystals create a barrier to TJ and Angel, and TJ change in a combination of his silver & golden elemental crystal forms into one and he said, "Warrior Earth Mars Golden silver elemental crystal form!" as both Silver rainbow and Sunburst golden armor merge together as one suit. He fire a water elemental blast from his right hand & a light elemental kick from left leg on Virustron' body. TJ was shock and said, "Whoa, those are Ethan & Katie' elemental powers? (Gasp) I think got some of my friend's elemental powers inside of me." As he launch a wind elemental storm attack, then an earth elemental quake move and finally a darkness elemental shadow attack.

8. The attacks cause Mega Doom Virustron to be push up outer space, while Angel follow TJ to space. In outer space, TJ use a moonlight & starlight elemental combine attack on Virustron' back. Angel use silver whitish energy missiles that she created to fire at her enemy' crest.

9. Mega Doom Virustron create a darkness void dark matter chaos sword for a left arm and rush at TJ and Angel, then TJ pull out the sword of ultra Harmony from nowhere & he and Angel hold on the handle to swing the sword toward Mega Doom Virustron. As the swords hit each other forceful in outer space. While all the Americans believe in TJ & Angel from Earth, the whole planet Earth and rest of the Solar system's planets, dwarf planets, constellations, zodiac constellations, moons, and the sun send the two Warriors their powers inside the sword itself.

10. As the sword glow in all the Warrior's colors in a rainbow, Mega Doom Virustron said, "I won't be beaten by two little beings of this Solar system!" as he swing his sword at them. The dark sword was block by the Sword of ultra Harmony & spiting it in two, TJ and Angel said it in union, "As long the Elemental Warriors are here, good & justice will always beat evil and destruction in the Solar system!" as the Ultra Harmony Sword slice through the dark sword & Mega Doom Virustron to cause a big explosion in space, TJ and Angel's elemental crystals form a sphere shape force field around them and push by the explosion to Earth.

11. Back on Earth, the dark magenta pink & violet clouds disappear from the blue skies, then the other Warriors saw the rainbow crystal sphere crash landed 6 feet away from them, as the run to it. The sphere started to disappear, while TJ and Angel are out of it. Then lots of new reporters run toward them, so the Warriors put their headband in helmet mode. When the reporter said, "Excuse me, can you tell me, how are you people?" as TJ said it to the microphone for all peoples in America, "We are the Elemental Warriors, the Defenders of the Solar system!" as the Warriors use their elemental wings to fly to the sky and create a rainbow from behind.

12. In the next day, all the Warriors were at the school's field and TJ said, "Well guys, we beat our ancestors' enemies & save the Solar system, but we need to ready for the next evil from another world." "Rights!" said all 16 Warriors. As the kids high five each other for their victory.

Now the Warriors finally beat their enemies with courage, bravely, justice, love, good, and friendship to shine for a new bright future for the peoples of the Earth & the whole Solar System.

The End

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