It was a hot and sunny day. People were having fun at the beach. Building sand castles, swimming at the ocean waters, tanning under the bright sun, and others playing volley ball. A man who's just finished serving the ball notices something on the water in a distance. "HEY!" He called out the "thing" he saw on the water looked more human as it got closer. People tend to float a lot this days, but not with their faces under water. He jumped into the water followed by many others. Once he got to the person, he turned the body over just to see that it was a corpse with no stomach or face. A woman not too far from them started to scream in pain. The man got to her and saw that something was attacking her lower body and pulled her in. The man dove right after her and struggled to get that "thing" away until it let go and swam away. "Everything will be OK now…" he stopped talking as she stopped screaming and saw that her entire lower half had been ripped out and was floating just ten feet away from them.

For the next fifty years; similar events had happen all over the word by ocean waters. The mysterious creatures were described as humanoid fish-like beings. The closest thing to them were the mythical beings known as Merfolks, but apparently; some can speak human language and called themselves "Murphs". What are these mysterious beings? What do they want?