Chapter 2: A Festival's Jewel

"You mean your sister's pendant?" Mike asked as he held the pendant Julie consisted of being her sister. "I'm no Murph." John butted in. "But I'm pretty sure that a half human- half Murph can't be the sister of a pendant. "This is very confusing." Mike said. "A half Murph and a pendant who's supposed to be her sister." He paused for a second. "What?" "Never mind the details." Julie said. "But may I have my sister back?" "No." John interrupted. "We found the pendant. Tell us why you have a pendant for a sister and we'll give her to you. Nothing personal, but we have big plans with this pendant, so I rather know why we should give it away just because someone said something ridiculous as it being your sister." "OK." Julie said. "I'll tell you about my sister and why she is a pendant."

My sister's also half human- half Murph. My father is a Murph who fell in love with my human mother. I can't say who she is, but she lives on your island. My sister Hannah is a very active and kind person, but also a bit of a dare-devil, who loves to pull pranks and breaking rules. She hid a Phurm in the king's throne room. "Sorry." Mike interrupted. "What's a Phurm" "A deadly creature. Like an ultimate mutant sea dog." Julie then continued: When the king went to his throne, the Phurm got out and started attacking him, destroying everything. Not only did she go too far, but she had dropped our matching pendants our mother gave to us in the throne room. She got captured by the king and got her soul sealed in her pendant. Right after, the current took her away. When singing, I could hear her voice. That's why I sing every night in these parts. I was able to hear Hannah's voice nearby; and now the two of you arrived with her. Julie then showed them her pendant. It was the same one.

"So your king is a sorcerer?" Mike asked. "No." Julie said. "His crown has the power to seal souls of our people. Nobody knows where the crown came from, not even the king knows. It's been passed down through our generation. Our king is a bit hasty when he gets mad; we hope he can come to his senses and bring her back." "I believe you." Mike said giving her the pendant. "We wish her the best of luck to bring her back." John added. "Thank you very much." Julie said as she took the pendant. "Hannah will be very happy too." "But why do I turn into a Murph when I wear it?" Mike asked. "Might be because her soul is trapped; making the wearer to turn." Julie tried to explain the best she could. "But wearing it for too long might not be good. You might turn into one of us forever or even worst. Hannah might take over your body and your soul might end up trapped." "Freaky." John said. "What now?" Mike asked. "Now that you found your sister, would we see you again?" "Eventually we will." Julie replied. "I will be coming down to the island soon, so we might run into each other." "When you go see your mother I'm guessing." Mike asked. "Yes." Julie continued. "Now as a more proper thank you I'll let you in on a secret. Come closer." Mike got closer to hear her secret. Instead of a secret, Julie thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. With that, she started turning back to a Murph and dove in the water.

"Don't get too close to her now." John said. "Don't forget she is still a Murph. Even if she's just halve." "Yeah, I know." Mike said. "I might as well get back with Ashley." "Wow." John got surprised. "After what had happened in the past? That sure is saying something." "Yeah, yeah…" Mike then lowered his voice. "She's kind and beautiful." "What happened?" John asked. "Nothing." Mike responded. "Just wondering how to explain the missing pendant to the others." "Damn. You're right." John realized. "It shouldn't be too hard to come up with something."

Two months had passed since Mike met Julie. A lot had happened during that time. Mike, John, Kyo, Ashley, Nicole, and Haruhi went to a Japanese themed festival; two towns over. They all wore Yukatas and enjoyed their time having lots of fun. The sun had set, colorful light illuminated the stands, and music filled the air. They all got into three groups by drawing straws. Kyo teamed up with Haruhi, John teamed up with Nicole, and lastly; Mike teamed up with Ashley. They all went their own way to see who would have more fun.

John and Nicole's target was the haunted house. "If you get scared, don't hesitate to cling into me." John said. "If you get too scared, I'll carry you out." Nicole countered. As they went in, they saw some mirrors, but one of them didn't have their reflections. Instead; there was a man who looked like his face was run over by a lawn mower ten minutes ago. He popped out making both John and Nicole scream their longs out. "This should be interesting." Kyo said as him and Haruhi entered a food eating contest. Haruhi had a sample of the food they have to eat. "This is nothing." She said. "Oh, so you can do better?" Kyo asked. "Better?" She continued. "This is child's play." Haruhi then challenged every cook and even the host, who's a professional. Kyo joined the contest, knowing he'll get to eat a lot for just a low price. He was about to enjoy himself more than Haruhi will enjoy beating everyone up there. Mike and Ashley had just entered a mirror maze. Racing to see who can find the exit first. "Are you lost yet?" Mike yelled out." "What do you mean?" Ashley added. "It's obvious that you got no idea where to go." She then saw Mike through the reflection of about thirty mirrors. "I can see you." She yelled out. "I can see you too." Mike was right behind her. "I found the exit, just came to make sure you can see me getting out first." He started running with Ashley behind him. He then ran straight to a glass wall with the exit behind it. Ashley took the moment and made a few turn reaching the exit first. After a few laughs here and there, they headed to some rides.

Coming out of the haunted house was John and Nicole. Both pale as sheets. Not only as if they saw a ghost, but as if they themselves turned into the ghosts. "That was scary." Nicole said still a bit spooked. "I didn't get scared." John said. "WAZZUP!" Kyo yelled out from behind making John scream and almost piss his pants. "Why do you have so much food?" Nicole asked Kyo as he held boxes of food. "Thanks to me." Nicole said coming from the side. "I won a cooking contest." "It used to be a food eating contest, but she arrived and it got turned into a cooking contest." Kyo explained eating some food. "I lost the eating contest, but I got to take all of this with me." "I was allowed to keep all the food I made." Haruhi pointed at a cart filled with food boxes. "That was fun." Ashley said walking in closer. "Forget who had more fun." Mike said. "We got to have a food eating contest." Mike looked at all the food. "Who made all of this?" "The one and only." Haruhi stepped in. "Well, ninety percent of them at least." After a meal break, they gave away all the remaining boxes of food and then all headed to a spot away from the crowd and waited for the fireworks to start. Once the fireworks started Nicole said the first thing: "Today, was a wonderful night." "Every year." Kyo added. "It gets better and better." "New things to see." John said. "New things to do." Haruhi added. "I enjoyed my time with you." Ashley said laying her head on Mike's shoulder. "I enjoyed my time with you too." He replied holding her hand. "I never stopped thinking about you." Ashley continued as they all watched the colorful sky filled with the blast of the fireworks. "Same here." Mike added while feeling relaxed.

After the fireworks, the six of them continued with the festival until it all ended at two in the morning. Mike first took Ashley home and Kyo went his separate way with Nicole who lives in the same direction. Haruhi entered her home and John walked around with Mike who lives close by. "So you two are back together now?" John asked. "I guess so." Mike answered. "Even after you blew up her father's car?" "Yes." Mike said. "That car worth a fortune." John added. "I know." Mike continued. "That's not the reason we broke up. We got into a little fight that's all." "A little fight that woke up the whole neighborhood." John also continued. "There were over two thousand fireworks in that poor car." As they walked down the road, they see a woman in about her thirty's. Maybe thirty-four? Next to her; a girl around their age. "Julie?" Mike asked in a surprised voice. "It has been a long time; Mike, John." Julie said. She was in her human form, so nobody would suspect her of being a Murph. "Mom." She turned to the woman. "This is here is Mike. The one I'm destined to marry." "Marry?" Mike asked even more surprised and confused. "Marry who? Why? When? How? Where? Wait… What?" I just somehow got back with Ashley and now I'm supposedly about to get marry with a half Murph? Mike's mind was now overloading with thoughts. "Complicated life?" John asked Mike with a smile.