Chapter 5: Three Day Wait alongside Love

As Mike walked out of John's home; Marian and Martha reminded him to keep their meeting a secret. "Of course." Mike replied. "I'm already keeping Julie's secret from everyone except John and my real girlfriend, Ashley. Two more is not a problem." The next day; Mike took an early walk to school. Taking a detour. Through this detour by the waters; he hears only the waves crashing to the sand and rocks by the shore. Nice and peaceful… Quiet… Relaxing… But; that was interrupted by a voice. A male voice calling out. "Mike." Mike then turned towards the waters and there he saw a male Murph standing. "So you are indeed Mike." The Murph said as another one came out from the waters. "And another Murph introduces himself." Mike mumbled. "And who might you be?" "The name's Phii. Friend of Julie." "Same here." Said the other Murph. "Call me Ralph." Mike started getting curious about the two of them. "It's nice to meet you." "Don't 'Nice to meet you' us." Ralph said getting angry. "If you marry Julie, then you're dead." "Wait." Mike got a bit worried. "What?" "You heard him." Phii repeat. "If you marry her; you're dead." "Wow, wow." Mike tried to calm them down. "We're not even in love. The marriage is only so the king doesn't punish her." "Not in love?" Ralph asked. "All she talks about is you, so don't come and bull shit me with you two are not in love." "I was about to propose to her when she quickly started talking about marrying you. Not in love? Ha!" Oh…" Mike put his guard down for just a second. One single second was enough for both Phii and Ralph to push Mike and pin him down. "Stop right there." A girl's voice was heard. "Julie?" The three of them said at once as they saw Julie coming out the water. Good thing the sun was still coming out. People still slept. Others don't take this route this early in the morning, so no witnesses to speak of what is happening.

"What the hell are the two of you doing?" Julie asked. Both Phii and Ralph let go of Mike. Mike got up and walked towards Julie. "We…" Ralph got interrupted by Julie. "I heard everything. Kill him if we got married and because you were too much of a coward to tell me how you felt earlier." "Julie." Ralph walked slowly towards her. "I loved you for as long as I've known you. Why don't we forget about this and…" He got interrupted again by Julie. "Forget? How can I forget? If you ever hurt Mike, then I will never marry you. I am mad at you yes, but we've been friends for far too long." Julie paused for about three seconds before she continued calmly. "Yes, I DO like Mike, but we've known each other for so little time. It's exciting that I'm getting married. Even if it's just to save our asses, it's still an awesome time. That's why I keep talking about it. Even if I was deeply in love with Mike, he already has a girlfriend. As a friend I can't take that away from them. I like you more than Mike anyway." "You do?" Ralph asked. "But…" She continued. "Watch over Mike. Make sure he's safe and don't hurt him or plan to hurt him in any way. If you do then there will be nothing between us. That's you punishment for making me mad. Don't worry it's only three days until the wedding." The two of them agreed. "Wait." Mike stepped in. "Three days, Already?" "Oh..." Julie faced Mike. "You will wear Hannah's pendant so you could come with us. In our city there is an oxygen contained building. That's where the wedding will take place." Before the sun comes any higher; Ralph, Phii, and Julie dove in the water and Mike continued his way to school.

"Three days?" Ashley asked surprised. "So soon?" "Yeah, I know." Mike said. "I will be attending it alone since there is only one pendent to go in there. "This is fast." John added. "About to marry the lovely Murph Julie, but still keep the beastly demon Ashley as you girl…" He stopped talking as Ashley's foot made contact with his stomach. "Will you be fine?" Ashley asked Mike. "Don't worry about me. I will be fine. After everything is over; I'll be back for you. "Will anyone ask me if I'm fine?" John asked from the floor. "You're still alive?" Ashley asked. "I'm surprised." Mike added. "Har, Har." John then slowly got up. "Just make sure to tell us everything about that place when you come back."

The next day after school John walks down the street and accidently bumps into a girl. "Oh, I'm sorry." John apologized before he realized the girl jumped on him with a tight hug. "John!" The girl yelled in happiness. "Wait." John yelled as he put her down. She was about two feet shorter than him. And obviously younger too. "Who are you?" "What?" She then put on a puppy face. "Don't you remember me?" John then started trying to remember. Those eyes… the way she hugged me… the way she talks… Putting the puzzles together, he remembered. "Sarah?" "Yes, you do remember." She looked at him. "My future husband. You did promised to marry me when we see each other again." "Yes, yes I did. Let's go home." The two of them went to John's home.

When John and Sarah arrived to his home, John introduced her to his parents. (Carmen and Josh) They then went to John's room. "Keep the door open." Carmen said. John and Sarah spoke for half an hour. Catching up on the years they've missed. "So you're starting in our school tomorrow as a freshman?" "Yes. I can't wait for you to show me around." "Yes, but about us…" He got interrupted. "Yes, about us. Ever since you told me we'll get married, I've pushed myself so hard just for you." "I can show you around." John continued. "I'll even introduce you to my friend here, but this 'us'. This can't be a thing. I'm seventeen and you're thirteen. When I turn eighteen; it will become illegal for us to be together, let alone marriage." He paused for a second. "You have to find someone else or your heart will be destroyed in the long run." "NO!" Sarah raised her voice for that one word before saying more. "Even if I have to wait four more years, then I'll wait for you." "Can your heart wait that much longer?" John asked. Sarah stood in silence for about ten seconds or so. "I…" She did not know what to say about that. "I'll make you a promise on top of the previous one." John continued. "In four years; if the two of us are still single, then I'll marry you as soon as you're eighteen, but you still have to have an open heart to other people out there." Sarah agreed not thinking too much about it. "Deal…" Sarah said. "If there's still a chance to marry you, then I'll take it." "Now, let me walk you home." John said. "I'm already home." Sarah added. "Our parents already talked on the phone about it." "Sarah." Carmen picked her head through the room's open door. "Got the guess room ready for you and the bath is ready if you want to be the first one in." "What?" John asked again with nothing else to say.

The following day; the last day before Mike's wedding. John walks to school alongside Sarah. On their way, they meet up with Kyo and Haruhi. "You two are always together aren't you?" "What do you mean?" Haruhi asked with a small blush. "But, more importantly." Kyo stepped in. "Is she a lost younger sister?" "Me?" Sarah asked. "I am John's future wife." ._. "Huh…" Kyo and Haruhi were shocked and confused, then they laugh a bit. "OK, who's the girl?" Kyo asked. "Just like she said." John said and continued as the two of them stood silent. "Unless one of us finds a partner before she turns eighteen. It's a deal we had for five years." "That is adorable." Haruhi smiled. "By the way; how old are you?" "I'm thirteen." Sarah answered. "So I'm guessing you skipped a grade?" Kyo asked. "Yup." Sarah responded. "She's too good for you." Kyo told John. "I agree." Haruhi added. The four of them continued talking as they continued to school.

They reached the school's gate where Mike and Ashley waited. "Hey guys." Mike greeted. "Who's the little girl?" "Little?" Sarah got a bit upset. "I know I'm small, but I am NOT a little girl." John then introduced Sarah to Mike and Ashley and vice versa. Right after; John took Sarah on a walk around the school to show her around. The others stood behind. Not much to say due to John's fiancé being a kid. "So unless John gets a girlfriend?" Nicole said as she walked from behind the school's gate. "Oh yeah…" Haruhi whispered loudly. "You said you like John didn't you?" "What?" Kyo butted in. "Is this a love confessing week or something?" "Today…" Nicole said with confidence. "Today; I will let John know how I feel."

There are forty minutes before the bell for home room. As John showed Sarah around; Mike, Ashley, Kyo, Haruhi, and Nicole formed a plan. After the plan, they all entered the school their own way. "Faze one: Separate the two of them. Not in a normal way; let's have some fun." Nicole had said in her plan. As John and Sarah walked down the hall; the Rugby Team (American Football) came their way in a rampage. Running like mad men. Taking down anyone in their way. Just like that; both John and Sarah ran for their lives. The team started getting closer and closer until they saw an opening: the stair case. They took a turn and ran downstairs. Unfortunately for them; the Hokey Team was running upwards with the same rampage as the Rugby Team. Forcing them to turn back up. Now, running away down the hall where they came from; John and Sarah being followed by a mad team of hokey players. "AHHHH!" The yell seemed like the team had doubled, so John took a quick look back as they ran to see that both the Hokey Team and the Rugby Team followed. "What kind of madman school is this?" Sarah asked. "Don't ask me." John Replied. "This is the first time such event takes place." They all run pass by a room when right after; a freshman boy comes out the classroom. "What is going on out here?" The boy asked as he saw the stampede making a left disappearing from sight. The hall they took goes in a big circle, but in just five seconds they came back with John and Sarah in the lead. Now the freshman became part of it. A new member to run away.

"Do you think we went too far?" Kyo asked. "Nope…" Haruhi quickly replied as she gave both the Soccer Team and Basketball Team coupons for a free meal at her family's restaurant. Once they got the payment; the two teams ran like madmen to the school. Meanwhile inside the school; John, Sarah, and the freshman boy lost the two teams. They now cough their breaths. "Hey, John." The freshman called out. "What's going on?" "I would like to know that myself Rob." John answered. "AHHHHH!" They heard more yells. From down the hall came the Soccer Team and the Basketball Team. Once again; the three of them had to run for their lives as they saw people getting trampled. They seemed not as big as the last two teams, but they WERE faster. At the end of the hallway; John took a left while both Sarah and Rob took a right. Just as Nicole planned: "Faze two: Bring John to the third floor."

John was about to go down to the first floor when he heard yells of Vikings at war from downstairs. After two whole seconds John saw the horror. Both the Rugby and Hockey teams ran up while he could still hear the Soccer and Baseball teams down the hall. John quickly ran up to the third floor. There Nicole called out to him from one of the classrooms. John got it: Safe Room. Meanwhile at the second floor; Sarah and Rob stood at the hallway. "It got too quiet." Rob said as he looked around for the herd. "Ouch…" Sarah held her leg. "What happened?" Rob asked. "I hurt my leg while running. I Think I might have had sprain it." Sarah held her leg tighter to hold the pain in place. "The nurse's office is just down the hall." Rob said offering a hand. "I'll take you there." Outside: "OK guys!" Mike yelled as the Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball Teams yelled madly. "Your job here is done. Thank you." "YEAHHH!" The teams kept yelling in victory as they headed to breakfast. "How much longer?" Mike asked Ashley as she was shocking her phone. "Fifteen minutes."

"What did you just say?" John asked Nicole as she looked him in the eyes with her bright red face. "I love you." Nicole repeated herself. "At first it was just friendship love, but at the carnival; I figured out my true feeling for you." I wanted to tell you at the haunted house, but that didn't go well." John then put on a warm smile. "The haunted house? Yeah… It ruined my chance too." He then got close to Nicole until he held her. "I wanted to tell you something that night too." He looked her right in the eyes. "I love you. From day one." Meanwhile, at the nurse's office; Rob looked over Sarah as she lay on the bed. "Thank you." She said. "You are so welcome." Rob put on a big smile. "A beautiful princess that got hurt… I couldn't just leave you behind." "Beautiful me?" She asked. Nobody apart from family ever called me beautiful… Not even John. "You think I'm Beautiful?" "HA!" John laughed. "Of course not." Sarah didn't know if to feel anger or what. "I don't think you're beautiful." He then put on a delicate smile. "I KNOW you're beautiful." He held her hand. Why think something if you know is already true?"

"Hey!" Haruhi yelled out as she opened the classroom door walking in to John and Nicole kissing non-stop. "I see her plan worked." She said. So did Kyo as he stepped behind her. "What about Sarah?" "I heard she's with Rob." Ashley said as the two of them walked towards her and Mike. "Ah, so Rob is finally about to get himself a lady friend?" Kyo laughed. "What about you?" Haruhi asked him. "Me?" Kyo responded. "How about we go out?" Is he confessing? Mike and Ashley thought at the same time. "Well…" Haruhi replied. "We did used to go out before." "WHAT?!" Ashley was shocked. "When was this?" "Two years ago." Haruhi explained. "It only lasted a month. Stuff happened." "We decided to keep it between us." Kyo added. Five minutes before the bell rang John held hands with Nicole while Mike held hands with Ashley. "Should we give it another try?" Kyo asked grabbing Haruhi's hand. "For good time's sake." She replied. Rob walked Sarah to class passing by the six of them. Kyo noticed something. "My little brother Robert has grown up." He said as he saw Rob holding Sarah's hand. Sarah gave a quick look towards John. He smiled with a nod. Good job. "Wait…" Sarah looked at Rob and Kyle. "You two are brothers?" "Yeah." The two of them said at once. "Why you didn't tell me you were related to the peanut gallery?" "You never asked." The two of them synchronized again. After the bell; the eight of them went to their classes. A happy ending with four couples just created. One more day for the wedding. Nobody knew something big was underway as time passed.