A Student's Boring, Slightly Comedic and Exaggerated Autobiography

Author's Note: Hey guys, it's me… again? Anyhow, this is a slightly exaggerated autobiography detailing slightly comedic or interesting events on which I usually find on a daily basis. If you take your time to read this, know that you are following the naive life of a fifteen year old.

I am not a good writer (typist?) so please excuse my misuse of grammar usage, incorrect spelling (on which I have spell check, so I really shouldn't have an excuse), lack of formality (because I am such a disrespectful child to reader(s?), and whatever other things that I do. Keep in mind that these are based off my personal accounts, and all names are false/changed. I think these chapters will be short, quick and abrupt, but I hope you enjoy!(ish)

Chapter 0.0 - An Interesting (But Albeit, Short) Conversation with the Dean, Christmas Lights, and Bicycles.

We arrived precisely at 6:06 pm, after Thanksgiving Break, a long 9 day period of absolute boredom as you could say. Hurriedly moving out I take my bike, the seatbelt wedged in between somewhere, and giving me quite the three minute struggle. And *"You shaltn take the Lord's name in vain" , the bike was a hell lot heavier then I remember.

Oh well. My fault for bringing such a heavy *chicken bike. And here we are, in front of the glass gates of the abyss, dark and forbidding, with the most ferocious creatures and beasties reside. But well… home sweet home! My second home now anyhow, I open the glass door and enter with my bike…

So. I do not consider myself an athletic person, nor do I ever think I will ever become an athletic person, but being a little bit more stronger would be a little more handy, considering I have to bring the bike up three sets of stairs.

Which isn't so bad, considering that there are only 18 steps. But eighteen steps, for an under-weight teenager with a monster of a bike, me? Up there? With my *chickening bike? But well. My mom is waiting behind me, and the bike isn't going to carry itself, is it? Sighing, I reluctantly ready myself for my most athletic deed, and heave my bike up. Step by step. Up and up. Curse when the pedal catches on the underfoot of the steps. Give a quick greeting to the Dean. Up and up and up and lo and behold. I made it.

Considering if I really wanted to follow through my plan to carry my little (but not really) monster up and down the stairs on a daily basis, I already regret bringing my bike over. Sighing, I take my lanyard and open Room 314's door. I quickly turn on the lights and made a quick analysis. No mice (thank gosh, I already had a nightmare with that), one of the lights are flickering, and the other is just dead (giving me quite the impression of a haunted room), and no noticeable odors, yet. (See what I did there, "yet!"). I quickly run back down the stairs (after putting the monster of a bike somewhere safe) to go and retrieve my less worthy items.

Ah. Mother is already leaving. Which I am fine with, really I am. After all, our drive took around two hours and thirty minutes, and it was already 6:21 (frigging monster bikes). So I bid my mother good bye, gave a quick prayer just in case (love you mom!) and then assessed my situation. Guitar, check. Socks, check. Shoes, check. School iPad, check. Christmas decorations, check. Monster of a bike, check.

"Sweet" I thought to myself, "Now what…?" I'm bored. As usual. Sighing to myself, I suddenly have a bright idea. Instead of cleaning my room, or doing my English homework set for tomorrow, why not wander downstairs and coincidently enter the Dean's office.

Dean *Moray was sitting on his desk, staring absentmindedly at his laptop. A few chuckles here and there, while I just watched. I suppose Dean *Moray was used to it now, me coming into his office for no good reason. And I also suppose it was a little awkward for a little Asian to stare at him while he was doing something else, so he quickly excused himself back to his complex. So I'm bored. Again.

Oh well. It's not really that bad, and I'm kinda used to being bored. Not saying that I like being bored, but I can tolerate it for a bit. *Hilm later came along with his family, and I relieved my boredom for that of a short bit. But I was still bored. The Dean was back in his office, so I walked over again. This time, he had a cup with a small bottle of root beer on ice. Pouring half of the bottle in the ice, he then commenced to take a sip. As I was watching curiously, I asked this.

"Dean *Moray, is there a reason that you only poured half of the bottle in the cup, and left the other half on the bottle? You could have poured all of it in the cup instead?"

"Actually *####, I do have a reason. You see, if I pour only have of the bottle into the cup, I can still keep the fizz in the other bottle fresher, then if I poured all the bottle into the cup, it would dissipate overtime." Dean Moray replied.

"Oh….." Hmm. I never thought of it like that. What words of wisdom, don't you think? At least, I haven't heard of it till then…

"Hello, it's boredom again." I thought to myself. Still waiting on my roommate, *South, I impatiently text him.

Messenger - Using Message APP

When are u coming…?




When are you coming?



Once again, a reminder that I am basing this off real events in my life, and that I am not using their real names for privacy's sake. If you didn't understand what "*" meant, here is a quick summary.

*chicken - implying a curse word, which I can leave for you to guess!

*You shaltn take the Lord's name in vain - implying that I was using the Lord's name in vain -_-

*Moray, South, and Hilm are all FAKE names.

That's all folks. Hope it was okay, because I'm not satisfied with it but… yeah.