Extra Notes:

For those who are reading this story as I post reminder; I am still writing it a few chapters ahead as I post. I'll try to post a chapter every week or every other week. If I complete multiple chapters before the next post; I might post multiple.

Ps. Story is not medieval, nor modern. More like in between closer to modern. Think mid 1800's.

Where people uses guns but technology is still rising.




Gun shots echoed across the forest as I shot the filthy vampire trying to run away.

"I told you everything you needed to know" the vampire pleaded. "You said you'll let me go."

"Are you fucking retarded?" I yelled back. "I'm a Vampire Hunter. Why the fuck would I let you live?"

I shot a couple more times as he dodges them, but I managed to shoot one of his legs dropping him to the ground. As I got closer, I put away my rifle and pulled out my silver dagger. I admit, this blood sack of shit was fast, but thanks to the Elixir drank back in my early days as a hunter I was able to run as fast as a vampire too keep up, but man… this blood sack of shit made me run TOO much. I'm exhausted.

"WAIT"! The vampire yelled, but I just stabbed him on his chest and just watched him die on a pool of its own blood. I really hate vampires.

"How many that makes this month?" A voice was heard from behind. I looked back and replied. "Five for me and eight for you." The man came closer laughing. "At this pace, you'll be paying for our drinks every time we go out drinking."

My names is Jareb and the man in front of me is my master; Harne. We are both Vampire Hunters. There are maybe a couple hundreds of us. Not much compare to the population of Vampires, but we ARE better.

"Come on, let's just burn the body and go. I found a good bar back at the town." Harne told me. I did just that. I took out a small bottle with gasoline and a match. I poured the gasoline all over the body then lighted the match. Let there be fire.

Back on track. Why are we better than Vampires? Well, easy. We use guns while they only use their fangs, claws and some swords. We can run the same speed, we're both (in average) equally strong, and our eye sights are amazing in the dark.

I am 24 years old. I became the youngest Vampire Hunter when I was only 12 and killed my first vampire when I was 15. Harne took me in one night. The night that turned my life upside-down. The whole reason I became a Vampire Hunter is to find and kill a certain vampire. His face carved into my mind and the information I just got from that burning blood sack of shit told me a nice clue on finding him.

Once we reached the bar both me and Harne got a large mug of beer (that I paid for) and started drinking it. "You know Jareb, you got to practice with your sword a bit more. It helps when the Vampires are closer in range." Here we go again. Harne always insists in me getting better with a sword, but I like my guns more. "I practice almost every day." I told him. "Train? You call that training? My son, you can't call that training. All you're doing is swinging that thing around like a baby with a stick." "Then how am I going to know how to train if you don't tell me?"

Harne stood up and gulped the remaining of his beer and asked me to follow him, so I did. We went across the bar and he sat on a table where a woman sat. She wore the same black leather jacket both of wore.

"You're late." The woman said in an annoyed tone. "Late my ass, we're actually an hour early." Harne said while I sat on a chair next to him. "So, who's the chick?" I asked, but Harne answered with the obvious part. "Vampire Hunter." "No shit" I barked. All of us Vampire Hunters wear the same kind of Black Leather Jacket with a Silver Seal on the chest with our logo. A silver Bullet with a dagger piercing it. Reason why? Well, not because of a dress code, but because we want those who knows about the existence of vampires to know who we are. That includes the blood suckers themselves. They can smell our hunter blood anyway, so might as well let them know who we are. To complete the outfit we wear black pants and a black Dorfman Pacific Hat (just like the one from Vampire Hunter D). "What I mean is who is she? Why are we meeting with her?"

"She will train you for the next two weeks." Harne said. The chick stretched her hand towards me. "My name is Shakkiri and I specialize in Swords. Well, Rapier Swords to be exact." I shook her hands are introduced myself. "My name's Jareb and I specialize in whooping ass." "We start tomorrow night south from here." She said right away then looked at Harne as she stood. "You better be right about this boy." "Oh, I am… I think." Harne smiled watching her walk away.

"Is she a friend?" I asked. "Something like that." Harne replied then looked straight into my eyes and continued talking in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear. "I met her on the last few towns we visited. We happened to be having the same routes, so last week I asked her to train you and maybe even travel together." "Why travel together?" I asked, but knew once I saw the smirk on his face. "Get yourself some pussy boy." "You know I don't have time for that." I replied, but now thinking about his reason.

"OK, so maybe not that." Harne said thinking about Shakkiri. "She's too serious sometimes, but the training is a must. We'll be traveling to the next town in three days. She's coming with us."

After we headed back to the Inn we went to our own rooms and called it a night.

I woke up and looked out the window and saw that it was still dark out. Looking at the silver rosary hanging by the window I stood up and walked towards it. Looking out at the darkness; the forest just beyond a couple making out by the road. Wait… I looked closer and saw that is wasn't a couple. Someone was being bit. A vampire. I quickly grabbed my rifle and left the room, knocked as a hard as I can on Harne's door and rand out. Once outside I saw the body of the victim, but no vampire. Fuck! It left.

Once Harne came out next to me he asked. "Where did he go?" "She." I corrected. "You saw her face?" He asked, but I quickly answered. "No, but I was able to tell she has a nice body. "aughhhh" We quickly looked at the body and saw it moving. "The bastard turned into a ghoul" Harne said as he took out his dagger about to stab the corps. "What happened?" The guy moaned again. That made Harne stop. "He's not a ghoul?" I asked wondering why the guy is waking up instead of turning.

This is the first time a person gets bit and is still alive. Usually they just drain to death, other times they turn to ghouls, but this one is just waking up. What the fuck is going on?