Special Chapter: This chapter is Aricia's back story. This whole chapter is all about her getting to the present time. (Includes the story she told Jareb) Hope you enjoy it and thank you for following along. Enjoy.

Ch. 8


Since I was very small, I always wanted to see how the humans lived their lives, but each time my father and mother took me to meet a human it was for food. It's not that I didn't want human blood, it just I didn't want to kill them, so I only drunk a bit of blood at a time.

I love my father, he might be a bit cruel to others and a devil towards human, but to me; I'll always be his little princess. He kind of spoils me sometimes, except for the one thing I wanted. See how humans lived.

One day; our house got raided by a few vampire hunters. One of them saw me; a seven year-old girl and wasted no time to swing at me with his blade, but my mother got in the way. She protected me… She died to save me, but now it was my turn to get killed, but my father also came in the room. He jumped at the hunter and snapped his neck. He then quickly grabbed me and escaped. Normally; the vampire blood in us is filled with pride making all of us to fight back, but my father ignored that pride. All he wanted was my safety, but once outside; there were a few more hunters. Father tossed me aside before the hunters saw us and said to run south until I reached the next town over and wait for him. He went and fought the other hunters. Did he win? I don't know. Did I wait at the town? Never reached it. Someone caught me. He seemed a bit old. I bit him, but there was an awful taste. He laughed. "Drink too much of my blood and you'll die."

The man took me to a lab somewhere and I was injected with something. I then passed out.

When I came too; I was in the middle of a small village. It was a ghost town; the only think I could see was a couple of men with the lab coats, the same as the lab and a few dozen citizens. When I looked at myself; I saw blood on my hands and I tasted blood in my mouth. Did I do all of this? I wondered for a moment, but a bigger question filled my mind. How can I be fine? I was outside at bright daylight. Last time I was under the sun, I slowly started feeling hot. If us vampire stay under the sun for too long; our blood boils until it kills us, but here I was; laying on the ground getting a typical sunburn.

I got up and started walking off. I didn't know where I was. My home could have had been weeks away. Father… I hope you're okay. Please find me.

I've been on my own for many years. Whenever someone tried to pull me to the side to do stuff, I just overpowered them. I am a vampire after all, but my strength got cut down since I got injected with whatever those scientists put in me.

I was now fifteen. I had settled down in a town. Nobody would take me in to work the night shifts. I had friended an old lady that lived alone. Once I figured she was all alone; no family and no close friends; I decided to stay with her, but she didn't live for long. She had a heart attack and died. I took over her house, but with no money I couldn't get much. For food; all I needed was a loaf of bread a moth. I can live on human blood once a day until my next bread. So this is how human live? Kind of boring actually. One night I decided to take a walk when a man asked me for direction. The man quickly injected me with something. I felt weak. Was it the scientist again? Did they find me? It was actually worse. This man kook me to an abounded building. I was paralyzed, but was still able to move my head and talk. I tried yelling, but this place was too far away from the main road. Nobody could hear me.

Oh god no… he started taking off his clothes. Was he going to rape me? "Please don't…" I cried. I never been so scared in my life since the day I lost my home and family. "I'll do anything… just please don't."

He didn't seem to care as he stated taking off my own clothes. "NO! I'll do anything else, just don't."

All I could focus now was on his manhood getting closer to my exposed body. Even after all the time I tried to yell for help before this, now it seemed I was able to yell louder; This time of pain as I was being tared up in the insides by this rapist. The pain was like no other. My pride as a vampire was also stripped down by being fucked like this by a human. This man did more things to me that I knew it was possible. After fucking me the normal way, he went to my ass and then ate me out.

After he was done with me; he just left me there. I was crying on my own pool of tear sand blood. I still couldn't move. "Thanks for the meal." Was what he said as he left. I just wanted to die… I wanted to disappear from this world, I then passed out.

After I woke up; I was finally able to move again. I was sore all over. I was so ashamed of myself, no I wasn't; I wanted revenge. I wanted this man dead. I wanted to kill him the most painful way as possible.

I managed to pull myself up and put on my clothes. I was almost all out of tears. I tried hopping to the top of the building, but it seemed my body was too exhausted to do such a simple job. I headed to the town and saw a girl walking through an alley. She seemed to be taking a shortcut. I went to her and bit her. I got just enough blood so I wouldn't kill her, but enough to make her pass out. I did the same to a few other people until I got some of my energy back, but my strength never came back. I was able to jump on building from the ground floor, smell different scent, but my hearing was that of a human's and my strength also was that of a human's.

I had to meet up with other vampires. I went back to the house I was before and stood there. Years later; I saw that man again talking to another man. The other guy called him James. He was a 5'8" tall guy who was almost bald. I remember that face like it was only yesterday. He wasn't bad looking, but FUCK… He could get laid by many women here if he wanted to, why would he need to rape me?

I couldn't face him yet. Just the sight of him made me feel week. Whatever he injected me probably mixed in with what those scientist injected me with. Am I turning to a human? Was that even possible?

Years had passed; the man rarely came to this town. I found out he lives on the next town down south. I am now nineteen years old. I have gained some of my true blood back. My hearing got better and I was now a bit stronger, but I don't think I was as strong as vampires my age should be.

I need some help in case thinks goes wrong. I headed to the bar one morning and saw a few people with weapons. Some might be for hire hitman, but none caught my eyes except for one. I came to his table and asked; "May I sit here?" "Sure" He said looking at me. He was staring too much, maybe it was my warned out cloak, or maybe he liked my green eyes? He better not be thinking of anything. I acknowledged his stare an smiled a shy smile. I needed to act a bit shy if I wanted some help.

We both got our food. His plate looked very filling. My plate barely had any food. I managed to get some money here and there, but I didn't eat much. Didn't need to; I'm a vampire after all.

"Excuse me." He asked me. "Is that all you're really eating?" I looked down on my plate looking a bit embarrassed. "I don't really eat much, so this is fine with me." "How old are you? This IS a bar after all." He asked, but I looked a bit confused then laughed. "Oh, don't worry. I just turned nineteen last week, so I'm old enough. Well, not to drink alcohol, but to be here its fine." He smiled and offered me a drink. At first I said that he didn't have to, but he insisted, so I agreed and asked for a cup of milk. He walked towards the counter. "Here you go." He gave me the cup as he sat down with his own drink. "Thank you very much." I smiled as she took a sip and started talking. "I'm not from around here, so can you show me around?" "I really would like to, but I'm not from around here either." He stated. "I will be around for a while though. In about a week I'll be going south." "Oh." I got a bright smile, that's perfect. "I'm going south too."

"Want to come with us?" He asked me. "It's only three of us travelling; it would be nice to have you around." I smiled and nodded my head. "By the way, what's your name?" He asked me. "Aricia." I answered. "What is YOUR name?" "Jareb." He told me. "By the way, where are you staying at?" With that question s I looked down a bit sad to sell that I'm homeless. I caught him staring at me again, so I acted to force a smile. "Don't worry. I did found a place to stay the nights." Our meal was cut short when another man came in and sat next to Jareb. "Hitting up little girls now?" The man laughed. "No I am not." Jareb said calmly. "And she's nineteen, so not a child." I sense Hunter Blood nearby, so I thought of an excuse to leave. I made a worried face and asked for the time. "It's nine twenty." The new guy answered. "I got to go." I said getting up quickly. "I'll see you around Jareb." With that, I left.

I returned to my home wondering where the hunter was. When the man came, I sense that the hunter wasn't too far away; getting closer, so I had to leave before he or she notices me.

At least I have someone to help me with my plan. He said he's traveling in a small group. That should be fine. For the time being, I need to practice on my abilities.

For sound; I need to concentrate on my hearing to pin-point the source.

For smell; I need to memorize different smells and "see" where it's coming from.

For vision; I need to do dodging practice and finding the smallest insect in a crowd.

The problem is strength… I just need to drink blood, but Because of the two mixtures given to me; it somehow made me lose my vampire strength.

I still wondered about something. I lived in a manor with my father, but I don't know if we were from a higher rank or not, so would I create vampires, ghouls, or nothing if I gave a human my blood. I also didn't want to try it. I still don't want to kill humans. If I'm not a pure blood; they would die. If I'm just a regular vampire, my blood would wrongly mix with their and give them blood poisoning. Plus, my blood now contained unknown content. Who knows what would happen now.

The day a came to back at that village, I know I killed all of those people, but I have no memories of it, so as long as I don't remember; I'm staying with my code. I won't kill to live as a vampire, unless I'm in between a rock and a hard place.

I kept at my training for a whole day. I then headed out to get some food.

To tell the truth, I haven't seen many other vampires in this tow, and when I do; it's not long after a traveling hunter takes them down. Others just leave me. Is like they don't know I'm a vampire too. We can smell each other and tell between Humans, Hunters, Vampires, and Ghouls; but when I pass by another vampire they just walk by. Sometimes they give me a confuse look or something, but that's all.

I spent more time than I wanted to out walking. On my way back I saw Jareb and his little group. Once Jareb saw me he left them and ran towards me. "Hey Aricia." "Welcome back." I smiled at him. "Where you guys come from?" "Just a day-long training section." I can tell he was forcing that answer, but people have their reasons to do stuff.

"I want to talk to you about something." I told him and lead him to the abandon building where I got deflowered by a savage demon.

Once there I sat down on a crate and pointed at another crate gesturing for him to sit down. He did so.

"So straight to business." Jareb started the conversation. "If you're going to travel with us, I'll need to know your reason for having us accompany you. My friend Harne might, just MIGHT want to know or he might just throw you aside." "Is he that bad a person?" I asked him, but he laughed. "Not at all. He's actually a pushover sometimes, but sometimes we get into dangerous positions and don't want anyone getting hurt. Especially someone as beautiful as you."

This human called me beautiful. I don't really see myself as beautiful anymore. Not since that day. "Trust me, I'm not beautiful at all." I told him, but he laughed again. "Are you kidding me? During all my travels I've met many females, but I never bother with them because I have my training to do." He paused for a moment before continuing looking straight into my eyes. "But since I've met you the other day; not only do I think of training, but I also think of you. You must not be human." A bit try-hard, but that last part caught me off guard. I got a bit nervous. Did he know about vampires? Did he know about me? I didn't know what to say, but Jareb continued speaking. "You must be an angel with such beauty."

Okay, so that's what he meant by not being human, but now there was another problem. I was actually getting interested in this guy. That could be a problem. To my people; he's just food. I started this, so I'll just get this over with and let him be.

"Thank you…" I said getting a bit shy, this time for real. "I haven't felt beautiful since a certain day. The reason I want to go south." I look serious now. Staring straight to his eyes. Wondering if I should tell him my story. If I do, I got to modify it; taking away all the vampire business.

The sun was starting to set. I was still struggling on what and how to say it.

"I'm in search for the killer of my mother." Jareb interrupted my thoughts. It seems he was trying to encourage me on telling him. "Burglars came to my home and killed my mother and then got away. The reason I train every day is so I can find and kill that son of a bitch."

Jareb seemed like the event of his mother's death was taking place in his mind. A past that hunts him.

Fuck it; I'll tell him the basic. "I got separated from my father years ago. I've been living on my own the whole time." I stopped for a moment, but before I continued; he asked me a simple question, but one I never really thought about.

"Are you lonely?" He asked. Now that he asked me, I started feeling empty; alone… Yes I missed my father and mother, but I never felt lonely, but now that he asked me like that, I felt like I wanted company. I wanted to have friends. Even when the old lady died, I didn't feel anything; I just took her home, but now I started thinking on the few laughs I had with the old lady, but now those moments were gone. Now that I think about it; I kind of miss her. I was alone in the world… I felt lonely.

A tear started flowing from my left eye as I spoke. "Never really felt lonely… my entire life since I got separated… I never felt lonely… No; more like too much was going on to think about that." I looked at Jareb's eyes. "I guess I am lonely."

Jareb stood from his crate and came to me and hugged me. Normally I would have had kicked him away, but at this moment; this hug was filling the emptiness in my soul. What the actual fuck. I might actually fall in love with my lunch if he keeps this up. Jareb hugged me a bit tighter. It didn't hurt at all. Instead; it felt welcoming. I'm losing everything. My family, my pride, my virginity, and my vampire blood. This man right here was making it feel right. I ended up crying a bit, but not too much.

After that unnecessary cry I got back to business. "Sorry about that and thanks." I told him. "But that was just the beginning of my story." I was about to tell him. "You see that blood stain on the ground?" I pointed at the stain from years back and Jareb saw it. "This is the spot that I…" I couldn't look at him in the eyes, so his hands had to do. "This is the spot that I got raped." Jareb's eyes shot open, his hands formed a fist. He sure seemed angry. Actually, the word angry might be an understatement. He looked pissed. "That was a few years back. He lives on the next town down south. I plan on killing that cock sucking fucking bastard."

What did Jareb said after? I got no idea. He was cursing so much that I couldn't keep track. He then calmed down. "Okay, so if Harne wants an explanation; then I'll come up with something. This is not something for everyone to know, but I'll help you find this person.

I was happy, so I ended up telling him what I knew about the guy except for his name. Just what he looked like.

After all that, the two headed to the inn in town. There was the group that hung with Jareb, but there was something odd. This smell… It smelled kind of dangerous, but I didn't know what. It felt like there was a smell I have to worry about, but something was blocking the scent. I mostly kept looking at the big boob lady sitting with them, she seemed to be the source, but that had to wait. "So, you two seem pretty close." The older man teased. "Hopefully soon." Jared whispered, but made sure I heard. I actually seemed to blush at that. He was getting to me.

"Aricia wanted to join me… US to our trip down south." Jareb said. "She has business down there, so I told her that we could travel together."

"The more the merrier." The older guy said looking at me. "We leave at sunrise tomorrow."

I nodded. "I already told my friend I'm leaving town, so I'll be staying with Jareb tonight, so we don't have to waste time looking for each other."

Yes, we're sleeping together, but I don't plan on doing anything foolish.

After everyone went to their room and me to Jareb's; I started taking off my clothes, but kept enough. I saw him taking off his shirt. At that moment I remembered the time I got raped. Thoughts started popping in my head. Will Jareb try to have his way with me? I was getting a bit scared. If I can bit him, its set; I'll win, but he seemed like he can overpower me. I think Jareb saw the look on my face and stopped. "Sorry, after what you told me, a guy undressing might not be the best thing right now. He then made sure he was dressed. Thank you and sorry…

Jareb started pulling out a futon from the closet, but I stopped him. "I trust you to sleep with me." Where did that came from? Did I just say I want to sleep with him? Well, as long as he doesn't do anything. Jareb argued a bit saying that he'll take the floor, but my word was final. I ended up sleeping right next to me. Why did I want this? Was it because I was lonely? No, that's not it.

We didn't do anything after all, but he did say I have beautiful eyes as we stared at each other's eyes. I quickly turned the other way. I blushed a bit. I almost smiled in front of him. Not just a simple smile, not; it was a big grin. My fangs more than visible, but I managed to turn fast enough. "Thank you, but you got to stop." I told him sadly. "We'll be going our separate ways. If you keep saying stuff like that, I might fall for you." "Maybe that's what I want." Jared replied turning his back towards my own.

We just left it at that. Didn't say anything else. Sleep took over our bodies.