Rosa her 50 year old Costa Rican house keeper stood at the door of the study. In the study, stood Ruth Shylock wearing her religious shawl and Kippah on her head, her thick glasses sliding down her nose as she was reading from her prayer book. A devout reform Jewish woman she prayed daily. Rosa didn't understand what prayer she was saying as she prayed in hebrew. After 15 minutes she closed her prayer book removed her shawl, revealing her expensive two piece black pin stripe suit trouser suit. She folded up her prayer shawl and carefully placed them both in an oak cabinet drawer.

She stood at 5 foot 7 and was about 25 pounds over weight. She looked across at Rosa, though Rosa often wondered how she could see through her thick glasses. Rosa two years older than Shylock but but looked younger and was physically in a lot better shape than Ruth.

'Ms Shylock, breakfast is ready', says Rosa as she walked away. 'Thank you' says Ruth. Ruth had tried to befriend Rosa, but she never should any interest in doing so and despite Ruth's protestations, Rosa insisted in calling her Ms Shylock.

Ruth entered the dining room and sat at the end of a table covered in food, with a copy of the financial times waiting for her by her breakfast plate. Rosa enters and fills out a cup of coffee for her

'Any sign of Jessica getting up, Rosa, she came in at one this morning, stumbling, wouldn't tell me where she was and slammed her bedroom door on my face, kids these days'.

'It's certainly not easy Ms Shylock' she places the pot of coffee on the table and quickly leaves before Ruth could engage in conversation further.

Ruth begins to eat her breakfast and read the paper. Rosa comes in and refills Ruths cup, ' you don't have to, I can...' says Ruth but Rosa is gone as quickly as she came in.

Ruth gets up and gingerly walks up the stairs, knocks and enters Jessica's bedroom. Jessica had her pillow over her head as she slept 'WHAT!, I'm sleeping', she barks.

'That's no way to speak to your mother, again you have missed morning prayer with me and Rosa had made breakfast!'

'Well, no danger of you making it, now leave me alone, I have a headache' grunts Jessica as she turns on her side and tries to sleep.

'Jessica, get up, we've to be in the office in an hour we've a lot of meetings today and a long day ahead, I don't have time for this childish behaviour'. Ruth then went and grabbed the pillow off Jessica's head and opened the window blinds.

Jessica covered her eyes with her hand to fight off the sunlight

'I'll call in sick, you're the boss, tell the team I won't be in'.

Ruth could feel her patience running out 'When I was 18, I certainly wasn't out drinking, I was up early helping your grandparents in their store, there was no sick days, no hangovers and most importantly we prayed and ate together'.

Jessica left off an impatient sigh 'yeah well I'm not you, all my friends are doing summer jobs they enjoy, not working in a stuffy office, investments – boring, property – boring, credit –boring, boring boring boring boring boring boring'.

'How dare you insult me' shouts Ruth. She had built up a successful Financial Services and Property Management business. 'Its my business!, that got you many fine things i didn't have at your age. Boring, let me remind me, your own flesh and blood in the past were left with nothing, hounded out of jobs, cities and countries, plundered for all their possessions, and maybe some day, you might find yourself in a similar situation where you would be glad of my boring business.

'All right!' shouts Jessica, as she removes her duvet, 'at least let me get a shower!', as she brushes past Ruth slamming the shower door cursing loudly.

Ruth could feel her eyes begin to tear up, why had her daughter to be so rebellious, she after all only had her best interests.

She re-entered the dining room, and Rosa came in with a fresh pot of coffee and poured a fresh cup for Ruth 'sorry you have to hear us argue, you don't come to work to listen to that'.

'Thanks' says Rosa as she walks out.

After 15 minutes Jessica enters the dining area and sits at the opposite end of the table wearing a FCUK t-shirt and jeans. Rosa comes in, they say good morning to each other and she pours Jessica a cup of coffee. Jessica says thank you and takes a big sip.

Ruth looks up from her paper and puts it down and gives a sigh 'takes her glasses off her face and rubs her tired eyes'. Everything was unclear, she couldn't see without her glasses and just as well 'you cannot come into the office dressed like that, I spent money on suits for you and now you come dressed like that!.'

'Leave your glasses off and you won't see it' sarcastically replies Jessica.

Ruth puts her glasses back on and look at her attractive daughter, with flowing black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Ruth could not remember if she was ever as beautiful herself. 'I am the CEO and owner of R. Shylock Financial Services, Investments and Property Management services. There are not many 18 year old girls that are lucky enough to work closely with a senior executive like me, you don't know how lucky you are, yet you continuously strive to annoy me. You are getting real life working experience and some day you will thank me for it. All I ask is you dress professionally and this is how you chastise me.

'Fine, I'll change then, anything to shut you up', Jessica storms out of the dining room and runs up stairs cursing again'.

After a few moments she comes back into the dining room wearing a two piece grey suit and sits down to finish her breakfast, takes her smart phone into her hands, ignores her mother and starts browsing the internet and group chats.

'Thats better, states Ruth' giving a half smile. 'I feel like a stiff, dressed like this' moans Jessica.

'Well' states Ruth, 'You better get used to it!',

Jessica had stopped listening and was speed typing on her phone.

'Where were you last night' enquires Ruth 'the way you spoke to me was unacceptable'

'I was at Nerissa's house' as she continued to speed type.

'Can you please put down the phone and talk to me' pleads Ruth

'You have the paper to read, I'll be talking to you enough during the day' grunts Jessica continuing to type and giving off a wry smile while she typed.

'Who are you texting and please tell me where you and Nerissa got your alcohol last night, you know how I feel about alcohol in excess, I much rather you spent this time learning the business and it will stand for you in your next term in University'.

Jessica looks up from her phone 'business, business, business, business, business, it's all business with you isn't it business business business !, don't dress like that, it's not suitable for the business, no partying late because you're up early to work in the business, spend time meeting insufferable people and schmooze with them all because of business. Everyone in the office hates me, making me sit in your office with you, no one will have a proper conversation with me!'

Ruth looks at her watch on her arm 'eat up we'll soon have to go, someday the business will be yours, you should appreciate it, our people have built empires in the past and had them stolen from them, all because of who they were, there are people out there that would take great pride in destroying me and the business, the one person I trust that will not do that is you!'

Jessica wasn't listening, she was engrossed in her phone and smiling, while she speed typed.

'Your car is ready, Ms Shylock' as she quickly walks away.

Ruth stands up, she removes her kippah from her head and places it in her handbag. 'Come on Jessica, we have to go to the office now'.

Jessica lets out a tut , rolls her eyes up to the Heavens and walks out of the mansion behind Ruth and into a chauffeur driven limo.