Running. I'm running faster than I ever have before. I don't know why I'm running, or what I'm running from, but for some reason I can't stop running.

I look back. Four. Four dogs with their teeth bared, running after me at full speed, each one looking like they could tear me apart in mere seconds. I make a sharp turn unsuccessfully, and I slam my hind legs on a wall. I yelp in pain, but I still don't stop running. They're getting closer.

The four dogs snarl, and one of them is licking their chops menacingly. I run faster than I ever have before, but my body can't take it. They're gonna catch me… they're… gonna...-

I wake up, paws sweaty, ears drooped, whimpering slightly. Just another bad dream, I thought. But this was the fourth one this week! What is going on?

I don't dare go back to sleep, even though the sky is black, and my humans are asleep. I decide to go downstairs, where the humans make human food. I sniff around for scraps of food, but I find nothing. The humans like to put the food in high areas where I can't reach it, and inside a giant metal box that is very cold. I tug at the handle of the metal food-box, but it doesn't budge. I don't know how, but they dog-proof those things.

I almost give up when I remember that sometimes the humans like to put food on the table where they all eat together. I hop up on a chair, hoping to use the extra height to get up on the table, but when I prepare to hop up on the table, I begin to stumble. Uh-oh, I think, as I fall to the floor and yelp loudly. If that didn't wake up my humans, the wooden chair hitting the wooden floor certainly did.

One of the big humans wake up and come down the stairs, looking startled, and I have no time to hide… the human starts yelling at me in his human language, and all I can do is whimper and pretend to understand him.

Going to sleep after that was difficult.

When I open my eyes, it's not black outside, but it's bright. I walk down the stairs, and one of the humans greet me with their human language, the only thing I can recognize is the word "Wesley", which is the name my humans gave me.

I give a small reassuring yap to let the humans know I wasn't too startled by the whole being yelled at thing. When I smell the air, it's obvious one of the humans are making food. But when I try to get into the food room, there is a plastic fence thing in my way. I can easily jump over it, given my height, but last time I did that, my humans got mad at me. So I hop on the soft chair that can fit two humans on it, and lick my chops hungrily.

I look at the box of light the humans like to stare at, and on it is other tiny humans talking to each other. I always wondered how they got in there. After a really long time, the human who was cooking calls the other humans over to the table I tried to get on last black-sky. I go under the table and lay my body down with my ears drooped – like I usually do when they sit together and eat like this – and as usual, the tiny female human sneaks some food under the table for me. Today, she gave me some crunchy pieces of wheat shaped like 'O's, a smoked stick of meat, and my favorite: a piece of a fluffy disc covered with a sweet sticky goo.

After the humans are done eating, they go and do the normal things they usually do. The big male human puts on a fancy looking fur and drives away in a metal cage that humans use to get around places, and the big female human starts cleaning the eating room and the food room.

The two small humans – boy and girl – are chasing each other outside, and the tiny female human is laying on my back, patting my head, while I lay down.

The tiny human likes to mess with me a lot, but it gets kind of annoying at times. I can't leave, because whenever I do, the tiny human starts to cry and scream, and the only I can calm her down is by coming back, so I just lay there and wait for it to be over.

After another long period of time, the big female human takes the tiny human and goes upstairs. I paw at the door, and the small male human lets me out so I can do my business, and then I go upstairs to take a nap.

I circle around my bed three times to find a comfy spot, and then I lay down and close my eyes until I slowly drift asleep…

All four of them have formed a semicircle around me, and I'm backed behind a wall. There is no escape. Do I fight? Or do I accept my fate and let them devour me? No! I can't give up! I think to myself. If I'm going down, then I'll make sure I'm going down swinging!

As the dogs get closer, I spin around and kick one of the dogs in the muzzle with my hind legs. Then I leap high into the air as he recoils and I book it toward I don't even know where. One dog is helping the dog I kicked recover, while the other two are still chasing me. I don't have time left; when suddenly–

I wake up, startled, and I see the small male human shaking me awake. He is holding the leash, indicating that it's time to go outside for a walk. I gladly accept, because I need to take my mind off that dream.

As I walk down the street with all the humans except the big male one, I keep thinking about that dream. "What was that all about?" I thought. I guess the humans could sense my tension, because they let my leash become a little looser.

At this time, some other humans come out, wanting to walk their dogs. But it took a really long before we saw any other humans on the sidewalk, until some familiar looking humans stopped us, and my humans started talking to those humans. I didn't want to be there, so I just kept whimpering until they released my leash and they let me roam free. Of course I know not to go far, I've learned my lesson for doing that. I go forward a little bit, still thinking.

Why are these dreams happening? Is it a sign of something to come? What if it happens-

Before I can continue these thoughts, I was greeted by some other dogs. "Wesley! Wesley!" They shout.

I recognize three of them. There's Tammie, who is a hyperactive spotted Cattle Dog. There's also Issac, who is a black Boxer Dog that is short tempered, but has a soft spot for me and his other friends. And Jam, a very sensitive Beagle that doesn't like being picked on, and will cry about almost anything.

"Wesley! Wesley! Wesley! Come meet our new friend!" Tammie barks at me loudly. I see him, and he's looks a lot more like a wolf than a dog. I think he is a Husky Dog. His blue eyes stare into mine.

"He's really nice, I think you two will also be friends." Jam yips to me. I can't break my gaze with him, it's like I've seen him before…

"Y-Yeah. He seems like a cool person." He keep staring at me for about five seconds, and then he just looks at Tammie and says, "He's a Labrador, am I correct?" with a deeper voice than I expected.

"Yup! You two are the same height, too! It's like you two were made to be friends!" Tammie says excitedly.

We're sizing each other up as if we were about to fight. I keep trying to remember where I've seen him from, and just as I remember, I'm being tackled by him.

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