Author's note: this is my first story and I am a bit dyslexic (thank god for spell check) so if I made any mistakes please tell me :) anyway, enjoy (I hope)

Hazel couldn't do anything but stare at chiela but recovered within a few moments,although she didn't stop staring, at least she found her voice again. "you want to do what? " she asked incredulously. She should have known all Chiela's plans bordered on insanity but not one of them had been this reckless. The young genius seemed to be deep in thought and did not hear her, she didn't even notice when Hazel started rummaging through her closet and pulled out a big piece of paper and markers. She gently tapped the brunette on her shoulder to pull her back to reality. Immediately catching on to Hazel's intentions she took one of the markers and began writing stuff down, in her neat cursive handwriting she titled the paper down with the king. With nothing else to do the blonde started wondering what it was that compelled her to take actions against Kuno, maybe he had done something personal against her that Hazel hadn't heard about yet. Or maybe she just couldn't take the injustice anymore, that would be more in line with Chiela's usual thinking.

She could feel Hazel's eyes on her back, giving her a reverent stare that made her somewhat uncomfortable. Chiela shifted slightly and tried to ignore it while she wrote down the plan. The intense stare disappeared and when she quickly looked behind her Hazel seemed to be staring into nothingness, lost in thought. A sigh of relief escaped her. Now she could fully concentrate on her own thoughts, only to be sidetracked by her own desire to no make her best friend understand that a bit smart and a bit good at deduction did not in fact make her a instant genius. Maybe it would have helped if Hazel had been smart but sadly she wasn't. Hazel was a bit stupid actually. Not that either Chiela or Hazel minded, she was fun to be with and her parents had enough money that she wouldn't have to work a day in her life. Chiela blinked. She had stopped writing in the middle of the sentence, finishing up as quickly as possible she wrote all her ideas down. It wasn't much, hardly enough, and that was enough to make her doubt herself. But someone needed to do something about Kuno before somebody died and enough people had already gotten hurt.

Hazel nearly jumped out of her skin when Chiela tapped her on the head. Immediately full of motivation to help she stood up so fast that she met the floor face first. Chiela held out her hand to help her up, mortified but grateful for to Chiela for not mocking her she accepted it. But once she saw the paper her smile dropped, she turned around almost instantly. With a somewhat panicked look she said "This is it? This is it? You are kidding, right? " Her tone becoming low, almost threatening. Chiela flinched. Hazel felt a bit guilty about that but didn't let the older girls reaction get to her. Instead she focused on the fact that Chiela was risking the wellbeing of both of them on this. Towering over her friend in a way that a fifthteen year old girl shouldn't be able to do she demanded "so is it? " Chiela opened her mouth but then shut it again, her eyes darting around the room seemingly looking around for a escape route. When she didn't seem to find any she sunk to the ground, crossing her legs and looking Hazel in the eye she straightened her back she said with visible confidence. "Yes, yes it is. And I know that it is going to work. "

In an attempt to stop her hands from shaking she folded them on her lap. Resisting the urge to avert her eyes she took a deep breath. "But you know Hazel, do we really need more? It's not like he is particularly bright. " she said. Hazel quirked an eyebrow at that. She opened her mouth to say something but Chiela cut her off. "He doesn't really do much besides blackmail people and it's not like he has anything on us or anyone we care about. " The truth was that the only thing they knew for sure about that was that they wouldn't know until they crossed him. She bit her lip momentarily forgetting what a huge tell that would said. "I knew it " Sounding a bit victorious . "You don't know what to do about it at all. " The victory in voice quickly making way for panic. She took a deep breath, a lot calmer she asked " But you still want to? " Chiela Nods enthusiastically, nearly smiling. " and you want me to help? " she asked narrowing her eyes. The smile disappears and she feels a lot more doubtful. "Uhm… If you want to, I guess. Do you? " Hazel lets out a sigh and sits down next to Chiela. "no, of course not. But I wouldn't be a good person or friend if I didn't. " Chiela practically launched herself at her friend, squeezing her in a tight hug. "Chell… Chell you're choking me. " Hazel said in a strangled voice. "Oops. " Chiela said, sounding not even remotely apologetic.

"so what's the plan?"