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"Hey Rockie... watch me pull a rabbit outta this hat." Bull was big. He was hard on the outside but soft inside. He and Rabbit had become "buds" shortly after meeting. The oddness of their friendship was second only to the depth of it. It wasn't the stupid handshakes they concocted or the bazaar celebration dances they choreographed that displayed this. It was more the communication between them. Simply, they understood one another.

"Hey you guys. Come on. We're getting a call from Aaron." Rockie smiled as Bull pulled the knit cap from Rabbit's head and a mass of amber curls expanded to their full potential. "You got the phro, bro." Bull handed the cap back to Rabbit who immediately covered the curls. "Man, I don't know why you hide that. If I had a natural that pretty the babes would be all over me. That's somethin' to be proud of, not hide under no cap." Rabbit rolled his eyes, "Tell that to my high school football team. They voted me homecoming queen."

"Shh, you guys. I'm putting Aaron on speaker now. Hey Aaron, what's the news?" Rockie motioned them to silence. "Found her..." "And?" Rabbit leaned toward the phone raising his bushy eyebrows high above their normal plain in a questioning manner. "He can't see you." Rockie whispered, while shaking her head. "They almost had me." Aaron whispered with a tired breath, "Who?" The other two furrowed their brows at Rabbit. "Oh, sorry."

"I'm losing...Times grows short for me. There were too many of them." "You okay?" Rabbit interjected again but without the lightness. "Yes... Thank you. I took out most of them but those who remained bested me. She showed up just in time." He paused as if he was distracted. "I believe the storm took the last few." "She?" Both Rockie and Bull chimed in with Rabbit this time. "Asteria..."

"Oh! So we have four of the five ready?" Excitement was in Rockie's voice. "I do not know. Our meeting did not go well. Have you located-." His question ended as Rabbit interrupted. "Yes Sir, we surely did and she's right outside our backdoor. In a little town that's about two-hundred miles south of us." Aaron"Rockie, it may be for the best if you pay the initial visit." By how things sound with Asteria, Rockie agreed. "That, then, is what I shall do, Sir." Rockie answered, "Do you need assistance there?"

"No, I will just stay abreast of the weather and if I feel that it is not right to contact her again, I will call. I think she is intelligent enough that our first meeting won't inhibit her curiosity, even though it was most definitely strange for someone unaware of... the situation..." Aaron faded off, "We're waiting. The three have questions that I don't think we should answer yet. Not until they're all together." Rockie scanned the computer screen, "We've got to schedule a meeting date and find a place where they'll be safe but comfortable," She took a breath, "and we'll have ample control to convince them... without them being controlled."

"I'm talking to two of them and they're in contact with one another. They haven't yet caught on to the dates of their births." Rabbit shook his head. "Cleo is pretty computer literate and found Maia. I have to keep interrupting their calls so their conversations don't get too involved."

"Good. I will explain what I need to and expedite Asteria's introduction but we cannot force any of them. It must be their decision. Hopefully we can convince them all."

"Stay in the storm, man." Rabbit did a lone fist bomb by the phone.

"You, too." The call ended with the three silent and deep in their own thoughts.

It would be two-hundred miles. The thought of the drive didn't appeal to her at all but as always she was prepared. The birth record... more accurately, the copy of the birth record was done and on board. She had worked very hard when preparing it, fading the ink and yellowing the paper. These girls were only twenty-six and like most people believed the false aging of the documents as if documents are supposed to be musty and discolored to be real.

That was a very good thing in this situation. It had allowed her to merely smudge the dates without having to totally erase them. Mercie and Cleo had each pointed out the dates but with slight-of-hand and mention of her own meetings with the other sisters, she pushed the issue into the shadows. Hopefully, they would remain there until the time was right.

A pale, dark haired man strolling at the corner caught her attention. Rockie looked farther up the street to the next intersection. Of course, there was a car waiting to pull out. In it, were of course, two pale, dark haired men. Even though hers was the only car within view she knew they would so casually wait until she passed then turn behind her.

He made a lot of them. He made them strong. He made them mean but he didn't bother to make them smart. She could either lose them in traffic or... Rockie unzipped the very large makeup bag in the passenger seat. There sat Thor, as the boys had named him, in all his glory.

She had designed Thor herself, fashioning him after the little mallet her Memaw had used to tenderize Ampey's meat. Her Ampey had only sported three teeth, two front teeth on top and a middle tooth on the bottom, directly centered. She smiled at the memory. It soon left her as, predictably, the car did turn behind her while another was picking up the stroller in the rearview mirror.

"Well Thor, it's me and you, Babe."