My story begins in the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there's a city like no other, my school is South Philadelphia High School, one of these students is a girl who is a great detective solving mysteries, I am Poppy Blair, I live on Snyder Avenue with my father, my mom died in a car accident since I was little, In a fashionable apartment, there lives a famous supermodel, Marianne Leggett, considered as the best fashion model in the whole world, she likes wearing blue clothes, especially her blue jeans, my best friend is Amarantha Simmons, she is a big fan and this is Nadine, she loves teasing Marianne.

In the following morning, I was walking in the streets with my best friend Amarantha, We were going to school where we attend, until I found a doll's ripped arm.

"Somebody ripped a arm's doll." I said to Amarantha.

"Some spoiled brat has ripped it." Amarantha replied.

"Anyone needs to spank the brat as punishment." I said, as we keep going to school, the school has some students.

"Morning, Poppy!" said a young nerdy boy.

"Morning!" I greeted him.

As we were about to put our stuff in the lockers, a green-haired girl who is also a Marianne Leggett fan, appeared.

"Hello, Poppy!" the fan said.

"Hi." I said to her. "What are you carrying?"

"A Marianne Leggett poster, the best supermodel of all time!" said the fan.

"Marianne? Have you met her?" I said to the fan.

"Not really, but, I gotta be like her someday!" The fan replied.

However, Nadine appeared in front of me and Amarantha.

"Hello, Moppy." She said to me.

"It's Poppy, Nadine." I scolded her.

"What do you want, Nadine?" Amarantha asked her.

"Are you talking to those girls about your favorite model?" Nadine asked to the fan.

"Marianne started her modelling career since she was 17 years old, she was discovered by a modelling scout, she walked for Prada, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Etro andall those things, she booked her first cover on my magazine Velvet." The fan showed her, a Velvet Magazine with Marianne on the cover.

"I love teasing Marianne, Marianne is nuts!" Nadine said cruelly as I became confused, when she walks away, Amarantha and I watched her and the fan walking away.

"No, she is not nuts!" Amarantha furiously replied. "Don't tease her!"