"Ms. Melody, I know who stole Marianne's jeans, the only girl always mocks her all the time!" I said.

"Who is the only girl who mocks her?" Melody asked.

"Nadine!" Me and Amarantha said in unison.

I got out of my house along with Marianne, Melody and Amarantha, I showed the manager a string from the model's dress, as we finally made it to Nadine's house, we get inside the window and into her room, she has mockery posters of Marianne, one of these phrases is: "Marianne is nuts!"

"Oh, my! Nadine never was my fan." Marianne exclaimed.

"Nadine has posters, that was a clue." I said as Nadine showed up.

"Hey, girls!" said Nadine. "What are you looking for?"

"Have you seen Nadine's jeans? Marianne needs it!" I said.

"No, I didn't saw it!" Nadine scolded us.

"Where you have hidden?" Amarantha asked.

"I-I-I I burned it." Nadine lied, which shocks me, Melody, Marianne and Amarantha.

That girl is such a liar, a load of tripe, but, there's one thing that Nadine didn't told me where the jeans was put in her closet, I got five or six questions to say: How she put Marianne's jeans in her closet? How she did that? How she mocked her? How she teases her all the time? How she stole it from her? and How she is so cruel and snobby?

"This is what I found!" I exclaimed as I pointed to the jeans.

"Poppy! You found the jeans! But, how?" said Melody.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Nadine replied shamefully. "I thought I could humiliate-"

"This is a missing piece or the last clue." said Amarantha.

"There you go, Marianne, put them on." Melody gave Marianne, her jeans.

"Oh, OK." Marianne put the jeans on, Nadine is feeling humiliated at this as she watches us leaving her house.

That was my story, my friend Amarantha and I watched the Philly Fashion Week, which features some fashionable models, including Marianne, she appeared walking in catwalk, wearing her blue jeans, I am so good finding clues, as you know, I am a great girl detective of all time, I showed my dad a photo of Marianne, he looks impressed and he told me I gotta be a supermodel like her, Never steal a pair of pants belonging to a supermodel.

Case Closed.