Dorobō No Koa

Setting: The ever so peaceful, yet highly secured city of Hanover (city). One of the seven capital cities of the entire world. Inside these iron gates, a place filled with some of the worlds most expensive and interesting museums. Museums that hold the rarest of items, along with the priciest. Outside Hanover's main museum, a lone security guard stood at the bottom of the marble steps. Dusting off her grey skirt, fixing her uniform's hat and then adjusting the belt that held her baton, the lower back length blonde haired female scanned the area with her light teal eyes. A confident smile graced her facial features as she stood in front of the museum proudly.

"Today's the day! If this job goes as planned, I'll be promoted! No more security guard jobs! I'll be a real officer!" The female then began swooning to herself, imagining herself in an all black police officer's uniform, apprehending random criminals. "Just think. Me, Remi Satoh, a real live officer! Just like my father wanted. "Her joyous daydream turned into a softened smile as she stared out into nowhere. Suddenly, she was awakened with a snap of the fingers. Her eyes widened as her body jolted back into reality, only to find two more guards standing in front of the blonde. "Daydreaming again, Remi?" The taller, brunette of the two male guards asked rhetorically. He and the shorter, raven colored male began laughing as they walked past the blonde, causing her to seethe internally - taking in deep breaths to keep herself calm. "Ignore them Remi. Today is your last day with those idiots."

"Your last day it is!"
Remi spun around to put a face to the voice. She immediately answered with first a surprised visage, and then a salute to the male approaching her. He stood a near foot over her, his dark brown hair tied back into a small tail under his hat. He wore the same uniform that the two males before did; The only difference being the pin on his left pectoral that read "Head of Security."
"Mr. Kino, sir!" Remi shouted, holding her position.
"Relax, Remi. You're the only one who does that." He replied with a smile. That smile then faded as he addressed her once more. "But out of all days, I'm glad today you're as focused as always. Now listen as I go over what's about to happen."
She dropped her salute, her arms relaxing by her side as Kino began to explain.
"In no less than twenty minutes, three armored trucks are headed to this, Hanover's main museum. The first and last truck are empty. It's the middle truck that holds this month's precious artifact. The golden fox statue. It's no bigger than an infant, yet extremely valuable. I'm not going to go into its historic value or anything, just know that we need this statue inside that museum untouched. The streets leading here will be blocked off until this is over. Can you handle this, your last task before becoming what you've always dreamed of?"
She shook her head yes once. "Yes! I'm ready! It's just another routine artifact placement!"
"We're relying on you, Remi Satoh. Your father is relying on you. Don't let him down."
The two of them nodded to each other once more before Kino began walking off down the street to take his position. Remi finally fully relaxed as she turned back to the semi busy street. "…No pressure, right dad? Everyone compares me to you, the greatest lightning user* that the Force* has ever seen. They expect me to follow right behind you. So, here I go!"

The entire time the conversation took place, a lone figure was perched on top of the museum roof. He was crouched down out of site, and next to his white sneakers and black pants her wore, sat a certain type of device. This Black Market Item* was in the shape of a small rectangular box with only two buttons. "Record and Play."
The male pressed the play button with his purple fingerless gloves, and coming through loud and clear, was the head security guard Kino's voice, going over the plan he had just recently discussed with Remi.

Remi looked back towards the clock hanging from the outside of the museum. Her light teal irises rose in anxiousness. "Only five minutes until they should be here. I've done this hundreds of times. So why am I nervous?" She raised her hands to watch them shiver without a stint of cold on this spring morning. "Come on Remi! All you have to do is escort them inside! You do this all the time!" After attempting to motivate herself, Remi took in another deep breath. As she opened her eyes, she noticed a boy walking her way. He wore a dark red skull cap that was marked with a fire emblem on the front. He had on black pants and a yellow hoodie. Just like his skull cap, the yellow hoodie held the exact same fire emblem. His attire ended with a pair of white sneakers. Under his skull cap was black hair, just missing his orange-red eyes. His right hand, on his fingers (excluding his thumb), he dangled four soda cans, seemingly empty. Remi turned to the boy fully and then called out to him.

"Hey! Kid!" She yelled as he was now at the corner of the bottom step of the museum. "These streets are blocked off. Please get off of them and quickly!"
The boy didn't move. Instead he grinned towards Remi as he leaned back against the railing of the steps that lead to the entrance. Remi curled her lip in disgust. "A troublemaker huh? I don't have time for this! You're not ruining my last day." Remi began stomping towards the boy. At the same time, she could see them turning onto her street. The armored trucks were right on time. She slowed into a stop as she watched the trucks near her location.
"Remi! Is everything okay over there!" Kino yelled from the distance, standing next to the two males from before. "Get rid of that kid!"
Remi turned back to the kid who was leaning on the railing, and as if everything slowed down, it all clicked for her. The boy in front of her grinned. "It's the middle one right? Just like your boss said?"
Her eyes widened in shock. The one city that rarely receives them, on the one day she didn't need any challenges. Though he didn't look the part, Remi was staring down..
A thief.

At the same time, outside of the iron gates that kept whoever from leaving or entering without permission, two guards held their post, staring off into the nothing that was the continent. There wasn't a single landmark in plain sight. As far as the horizon reached, all that was seen was a desert like terrain. Hanover was an oasis of a city, in a water deprived world.

"Man, this is depressing. Easy pay, but depressing. We sit out here for hours a day, just for someone to come later once our shift is done." The male to the left's complaints rung through the other's ears. He then joined in with his own opinion. "Yeah well, what are you gonna do? Staring at this barren, depressing wasteland is better than being unemployed. You wanted to be an officer right? Well, we have to start at the bottom, and guarding the doors to the world's most peaceful city is a good start if you ask me."
The one to the left nodded. "Well, when you put it that way…"
"Sh!" The one to the right made a hushing sound as he tried to focus his hearing. "Do you hear that?"
"Hear what?" The left guard asked. He looked around, but as the seconds passed, he too began to not only hear the sound of something of size coming, but he could also feel the faint vibrations that slowly became stronger with each passing tick. "What is that noise? I don't see anything?"

He sat inside, a grin etched upon his face as he pulled down a switch next to him. Out the window he could see the two guards standing in front of the iron gates that lead into Hanover. The black haired, blue eyed male readjusted himself in his seat, as if bracing himself for impact. Still, on the outside, even though the noise could be heard, there was nothing in sight. The guards were beyond confused to what was happening.
"We should contact the force!" The guard to the left yelled.
"R-right!" The other guard yelled as he fumbled with the walkie in his hands due to the now powerful tremors. As he was able to finally hold the device steady, it appeared. The raven haired male pressed a button, revealing what he was sitting in; the same thing causing all the tremors. Feet away and closing in on the iron gates, was a well sized train like vehicle with a giant steel drill at the front. The two guards looked on in shock and awe, barely diving out of the way as the now visible train rammed into, and through the giant iron doors. The powerful drill demolished the doors in one go, spinning them and then spitting them out and off to the side.

"We have a breach! I repeat! An unauthorized entry has been made! All citizens please clear the streets. All units, report to section zero, zero, one."
The announcement filled the city, and immediately, patrol cars filled the roads, racing towards the scene of the crime. Not fast enough however, as the steel miniature locomotive came barreling down the road, running over a couple of police cars in the process.
"How does a train function without being on tracks!" A random officer yelled.
"It was obviously built by the Black Market!" Another yelled as they gave chase to the locomotive. It's destination? The museum.

At that very moment, the boy that was now confronted by Remi continued to grin as she came back to her serious demeanor.
"So who are you with, thief!?" She asked in a demanding tone. "You look small time, so you could be with any organization."
"Small time?" The boy replied, feeling offended. He continued to hold his cocky grin however, and ignored her insult. With his free hand, he raised the brim of his hoodie, revealing a tattoo that started from his lower abs, and curled up to his left pectoral. It was a tattoo of a fox. Remi's eyes widened again. "The Kitsune..!" (Foxes)
He released the brim of his hoodie, covering up the tattoo once more. He then pulled off one of the soda cans from his fingers. "The Kitsune!" He said in a mocking tone. "We've come for the fox statue. Oh, and whatever valuables my brother comes out with inside the museum."
"Your brother?"
The answer to Remi's question was soon to come as he flipped the soda can over his shoulder. The can rolled towards the door, and seconds later, a explosion erupted from it, knocking the door off the hinges as well as most of the wall. Out of the smoke was the boy from the roof. Now visible, he had white hair and purple eyes. His black hoodie finished his attire, along with his black and purple headband that kept his hair from covering his eyes. Hanging from his neck, was a wooden necklace painted purple with a cliche looking ghost hanging as a pendant. Without waiting, he dashed down the street and into an alley. Kino and the two guards quickly gave pursuit. "Remi! Deal with him! We got the runner!" Kino yelled out.
"R-Right!" Remi replied. She then turned back to the boy, and pulled out her baton from her belt. Suddenly, two bright yellow rings formed on her arms. They then began running down to her fingertips repeatedly, signifying that she was battle ready, prepared to use her element (lightning) to stop the thief in front of her. A confident grin came across her face as her baton began to spark furiously. The boy raised a brow, still grinning smugly as he has yet to take a stance of his own. "A lightning user huh? Nice. Too bad you're on the wrong team."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Remi questioned, but instead of getting an answer, the boy chucked another supposedly empty soda can into the street, seconds before the armored trucks began to pass. Remi caught glimpse of the gasoline that was leaking out of the can. "Gas! But no match!? Of course! He's a fire user! The trucks!"
Too late. Another loud boom and the second truck went airborne, landing on its ceiling after flipping multiple times. The driver was knocked out completely, and as if the stars were aligned in the thief's favor, the back doors to the truck swung open, revealing the only crate inside. "Heh, this is where I get off!" The boy yelled. He then threw the remaining two cans, both towards Remi. Quick reflexes allowed her to leap away from the first one, but witty placement caused her to roll right next to the second one. She managed to scramble to her feet and attempt to run away, the action that saved her life as the explosion threw her off her feet. She then tumbled into the ground, finally landing on her right side as she watched with blurry eyes, the male force open the crate and take the gold fox statue.

"Right on time too!" He exclaimed as he leaped into the air. He then landed, not on the ground, but the locomotive that came barreling down the street. He opened the hatch, and then hopped in, now sitting behind the driver - the blue eyed, black haired male that charged in earlier.
"What's up bro!?" He exclaimed as he fastened himself into his seat. "I got what we came for!"
"Great job, Rylo."
The fire user now known as Rylo gave a cheesy smile that he quickly erased. "Hey, don't forget Sidney, Reve."
Reve, the driver of the locomotive, sucked his teeth, a disrespected feeling coming over him. "Why would I forget my own brother?"
"….Because you have before.."
"One time!"

Kino and two other guards came to a dead end, surrounding Sidney, the male that came out of the museum and ran. The two guards stood to the right and left as Kino held down the middle, inching towards the thief with each step. "Just come quietly." Kino stated to Sidney. Instead of doing so, he grinned as he dropped the bag on the ground. He then rolled up the sleeves to his black hoodie, revealing purple rings, just like Remi's except a different color. "Purple? What element user is that?" The guard to the left asked.
"I..I don't know.. I never seen that before?"
The two guards turned to Kino. He refused to take his eyes off the thief, cautiously sliding into a readied stance. "He's a user of one of the rare elements. Don't let your guard down! Not even for a second!"
"Aw man!" Sidney stood back up, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "I was hoping you wouldn't know. It would of been more fun that way."
"Shut up and don't move!" Kino yelled back as he rolled up a single sleeve of his own, revealing green (leaf) rings on his arm. Sidney ignored both the rings and his demand. "It doesn't matter anyways. My ride is here."
"Huh?" Before the two guards could follow up with their dumbfounded looks, the off road locomotive rammed straight through the left wall of the alley. Sidney quickly hopped on as Kino and the guards dove out the way, sliding away from the train right before it tore down the opposing wall on its escape route.

"Hey guys!" Sidney yelled as he hopped into his seat.
"Hey." Rylo and Reve both answered in unison. Reve then turned to face Sidney. "Did you grab the newspaper like I said?"
"Right here!" He exclaimed as he dug through and then pulled out the newspaper from his bag. He then handed it to Reve, who immediately began reading, recklessly driving as he did so.

"Uhn…" She stirred awake. Her blurry vision finally returned to normal as she held her head, slowly standing up. It was once she came to realization of what happened that she began to tear up, her eyes now misty from holding back her sadness. "I was so close. A failed job means I have to start over.. I was just one day away from becoming an officer. Another year of security? I don't think I can… Those damn thieves!" She yelled out in frustration, punching the closest wall repeatedly until she left a crater the size of her fist against it. A few tears then began to fall as she stared at the ground. "I can't do this again.. I…" Before she finished her statement, she heard more rumbling. "No way…"
As she looked over, there it was. It was the train from earlier, heading for the front exit and being chased in the process.
Her eyes widened at first, followed by a determined visage as she crouched just slightly. "A second chance! I can at least retrieve the statue from those guys! Maybe then it won't be a failed mission!"
As she crouched, from the bottom of her skirt, her bright yellow rings appeared and started to "pulsate" just like before, trailing all the way down to her feet.
"Focus and….."
A few seconds later, as if it was building up energy, Remi took off in a near blur, leaving a trail of sparks behind her as she sprinted down the street, quickly passing the police cars in pursuit. Steadily, she began to catch up with the locomotive that had just made its way out of the city.

As they sped across the wasteland, Reve turned on the rearview camera to see everyone behind him. "Hm? Oh, a lightning user? Pretty advanced for a security guard too."
"What, she's behind us?" Rylo asked. Reve nodded once. "Running. She's sprinted ahead of the cars and is catching up to us."
Reve then pressed a button on the control panel to the train, the words "auto pilot" appearing as he unfastened his belt along with Rylo and opened the ceiling hatch. Rylo hopped out first and edged down to the back of the locomotive. He then took a seat at the edge, grinning at Remi as she continued to slowly catch up to the high-speed vehicle. "Why are you trying so hard!?" Rylo asked, yelling to make sure that she could hear.
"It's people like you who make others lives difficult! If I let you escape here….you'll just continue to the next victim! I failed today's mission because of you! I was supposed to be promoted!"
Rylo shook his head once Remi finished her statement. "It doesn't matter how many times you're promoted in the Force. You'll never be free as long as you work for them!"
"Rylo are you recruiting at a time like this?' Reve asked. The raven haired male stood in an all black matching suit with a green tie and black suede shoes. He ran his hand through his hair before waiting for Rylo to finish.
"Join us instead! You got spunk! We could use your element as well!"
"Join thieves!? Never!" She shouted back towards Rylo, and as she did, she began to pant, slowing down as well. She was inches away from reaching the train until now, slowly fading away until…

He reached out and grabbed her hand, yanking her onto the train. As she fell on top of him, she looked at Rylo, blinking a few times in confusion as he smiled back towards her. "Now you have to join us!"
"I…I said-"
Before she could finish her own sentence, she turned her attention to Reve who climbed down to the bottom of the train. "Okay, now that we have our new member…."
"I'm not a member!" Remi yelled.
"….We can get these pigs off our backs!"
He raised his right leg, holding his knee up to his chest for a good half a minute.
"What's he doing?" Remi asked, watching Reve carefully. Rylo then answered. "He's an Earth user. This is where we make our clean escape."
Still lost, Remi watched as Reve stomped his foot into the ground. As he did, a giant fissure was formed, cracking open the ground, wide enough to make the gap impossible to clear. The cars quickly came to a screeching halt, leaving them helpless as the train took off over the horizon and away from trouble.

"You three won't get away with this!" Remi yelled.
"Four you mean."
Rylo added as he sat down on the roof of the train, Reve hopping back into the driver's seat.
"I told you, I'm not joining a bunch of thieves! I belong to the Force!"
"You said that just right." Rylo replied. "You belong to the force. You aren't your own person there."
She was sitting across from him, scowling. "Why me?"
Rylo smiled from ear to ear. "I don't know! You seem like the right person to join us!"
"I'm not joining. I don't know how many times I have to tell you. As soon as you turn your back I'm taking you all out."
"Oh?" Rylo grinned, and then spun around, his back now facing Remi. "Go ahead. If you attack me, it's because you were right. You belong to the force; forced to serve a world that doesn't know you from the next person. Or you could not attack me, and become a thief. A person who takes what belongs to those who look down on them. You could join the Kitsune, and become the greatest crew of thieves in history, because that's what we're after!"
"You just want to be famous?" She asked in a puzzled manner.
"Is that all you got from it? Maybe you shouldn't join us…"
"I'm not joining!"
"So then attack me." A long silence followed Rylo's request. Finally, Remi ducked her head into her knees, sniveling quietly. "You took everything I wanted from me. I'm the one who should be struck down. I have nothing left…"
Another pause. Then, Rylo stood up and walked over to Remi. As she raised her head to see the thief standing over her, she noticed him sticking his hand out for her, his orange-red irises glowing even in the mid day sun. "If we took everything from you, the best thing you can do is find something new. Our dad always told us, that if someone takes something from you, then ultimately, you weren't meant to have it. Now, Remi is it? Grab my hand, and join our crew. The force isn't for you.

She stared at his hand for a few seconds. She then raised her hand to dry her eyes, wiping the few tears that built up in the corners. Finally, her hand inched forward…then back to her lap as she looked away.


Black Market Item - Items, vehicles and weapons sold exclusively on the Black Market. Usually only available to thieves.

User - A person that holds the ability to use an element to fight.

Force - Referring to any position in the justice system.