A thousand years ago was an age when humans, witches, fairies and all magical beings lived together in peace. One day, however, a witch decided that witches should rule instead of humans and she began causing destruction everywhere. Many other witches and magical beings who also believed they should rule followed her. Meanwhile the other magical beings who were against the evil witch were chased out of the kingdoms because the humans feared their power and what they could potentially do. To make sure magical beings were chased out and stayed out there were patrols specifically looking for them. If a person was found to have magic they were to be forced out of the kingdom. If a magical being was already known and refused to leave, humans would talk to them, yell at them, and do everything in there power to make sure they leave. After a few days, most of the magical beings, if not all, were out of the kingdoms. Then after a few more days, the humans grew tired of what was going on and decided to fight back.

It took many days of training and planning, but they were finally ready. When they fought the evil witch, it turned out to be a lot harder than they expected. They were able to weaken her, but because of this she retreated to the center of all the kingdoms. There, she constructed a huge castle using her magic. To make sure no human tried to come to her, she created a giant forest. Using her magic, she made the trees rapidly grow. As the forest grew it got closer and closer to all the kingdoms. Finally, the changes to the land stopped right outside each of the kingdoms. The humans were stunned. They never expected her to be that powerful, but they were not discouraged. Now, they were more determined than ever to get rid of her. They wasted no time and charged through the forest to battle the evil witch.

Once inside, they were surprised to see not only did she create the forest, but inside, she also mutated and changed the flora and fauna of the land. They were bigger and more monstrous than ever. As they got deeper into the forest, they kept finding more and more of these dangerous creatures, but that was not all. Once they made it through the forest, they came across a huge area of land that was literally nothing but dirt. They thought they were finally safe, but they were wrong. In this area that they called the "dead zone", there was an army of dragons, fire and frost dragons alike. They were under the command of the evil witch, and they attacked the humans. It took a lot of force and power, but they were finally able to get through the dead zone and into the castle.

Inside, they battled dozens of magical beings and won. Then, when they finally made it to the top of the castle, the real battle began. They fought the evil witch and all her followers with all their might until they were finally able to beat her. Now that she was gone, the other magical beings fled and were never seen again. Even if the magical beings tried to return to the kingdoms, they were chased out. They were never allowed in again. After that incident, humans thought differently about magical beings.

Witches were now considered a danger to the human race and were never allowed again in the kingdoms. If one was ever found they would be forced to leave the kingdom if not worse. Humans that sided with witches would also suffer the same punishment. Fairies were not much better. Fairies were considered slaves, trophies, and statues symbols. They were not thought of has a living creature only as beings uses for power. Dragons on the other hand were still feared and humans fought against them but since the defeat of the witch they began to scatter until they were rarely seen again. This was especially true for frost dragons who seemed to have disappeared from the 4 kingdoms completely.

Although, after a thousand years, that would change thanks to the help of two princes, Noah and Nial, who lived in the Western Kingdom.