It had been hours of nonstop walking and the two princes, who were not used to walking that much, were getting tired and Nial was getting irritable.

"Are we close?" Nial whined while dragging his feet.

"Not even close," Cynclair said. "This forest is miles long. It will take a few days if not a few weeks to get there."

Neither of them liked that but they kept going anyway. At least they tried to. Every now and then they would have to stop either because they needed a break or Cynclair did. Each time Cynclair needed a break she would always drink something from a small bottle. Noah and Nial found this a little odd but they didn't think much of it since it was not bothering them in anyway.

After a few more hours of walking, the group decided to just stop and take a long breather while having some lunch. Noah and Nial ate some fruit and some meat they packed but Cynclair only ate fruit. She also shared some with Lion. They all also took a drink of the water they brought and relaxed a bit.

They were able to hear the birds chirping, the squirrels playing, some deer walking around and many other animals roaming the forest. It was amazing to Noah, who always had an interest in the animals he was only able to see in books. Nial also found it interesting but he was more interested in learning about them in books. The only thing the two of them hated was the fact that there were some critters that were constantly trying to steal their food. Cynclair however would always happily shared her food.

After they all finished eating and had a little rest they finally started their journey again but their peaceful walk did not last long. Noah remembered Cynclair said the forest would become more dangerous, the deeper they went and he began to get nervous. Nial, who was already suspicious about how there had been no danger yet, thought they would come across something soon. He just didn't know when, so he was a bit on edge.

Just then, the two of them hear a loud crack from behind them. They froze and looked back only to see nothing.

"You two alright?" Cynclair said noticing that the two of them instantly stopped.

"Did you hear something?" Noah asked looking all around for the source of the sound.

"Yes but there is no need to worry," she said. The two princes couldn't believe it was nothing but they continued anyway.

As they continued they did not hear the loud crack again but instead heard little rustles in the trees and bushes. They even had a few things fall on their heads from the trees because the creatures were playing around in them. It was mostly sticks so they didn't mind but it was annoying.

Just then they heard a loud thud and this time they did not want to take any chances and began running. They ran past Cynclair who called to them, saying it was alright but the two of them did not listen. Cynclair was forced to run after them because they could not afford to get separated in the forest.

After a while Noah and Nial finally stopped running. They pretty much had to since their sides were hurting from all the running and they were completely out of breath. They took deep breathes and got out some water to drink. After a while Cynclair came into view but she was running so slowly. She looked more exhausted than the princes. Noah felt bad for her and ran to give her some of his water. However, the minute he reached her she collapsed.

"Cynclair!" He yelled while trying to wake her up. "Nial! Something is wrong with Cynclair!"

Nial ran up and felt her head. She was sweating but it was not from a fever. She was also breathing so she was not dead. She had passed out and was gasping for breath.

"I think she just pushed herself too hard. After some rest she should be fine." Nial said in hopes that Noah would calm down.

"I hope so."

Just then something caught Noah's eye. A little light was coming towards them. Noah was a little worried since no one could run anymore and they did not know what that thing was. A few seconds later Lion hopped out of the bushes and went to Cynclair. It looked like the light was following Lion. A few seconds later Noah found out what the light was.

It was a little female fairy. It went straight to Cynclair and in an instant the fairy was covered in a blinding light. Seconds later that fairy grew and became human sized. She looked at Noah and then straight back at Cynclair. After a few minutes of examining Cynclair she made a loud whistle and more little lights appeared. Each one was a fairy who would soon also become the size of humans. They come and used their magic to levitate Cynclair and then they began to fly away, taking her with them.

"Where are you taking her?" Noah asked, shocked by what they were suddenly doing.

The guard fairy looked at him with suspicion. "We are taking her to get help. You humans may not care but she may need it."

"Take us with you. She is our guide and we need her," Noah said panicked.

"Not possible. Humans are not allowed in our city." The guard fairy said.

"But we need to be with her. She said so herself, that while in the forest, we must stay together." Noah said doing his best to get the guard to take them, too.

The guard fairy had to think about it. He even discussed the situation with another guard fairy. After what seemed to be forever the guard fairy finally answered. "Fine, but you must do what we say and do not complain."

"Deal!" With that the guard fairy led Noah and Nial to their home or at least that was where they hoped they were going.