Part one

Ben was taking a nice leisurely stroll through the woods behind his family's house. The brown eyed eigth grader often enjoyed these walks after swim practice. He had just dryed his black hair. Although there was one strange thing about tonight.

There was no birdsong or the frogs that usually kept him up at night. His dog barked up ahead the little white shih tzu was usually reffered to as "special" by Ben's parents.

His bark sounded like a human screech so it was easy to tell if it was Ben's dog. There was a slight wind but that didn't mean a storm was coming. It wasn't until a purple light glowed from the sky that he realized something was actually going on.

A small rock landed in front of him. Ben's dog who's name was Max ran up and gave the meteor a sniff, barked, and ran off to hide behind Ben.

He leaned down and soothed the frightened dog. "It's okay boy" he cooed. He took a few tentative step towards the rock and picked it up. He dropped it after a few seconds because it sizzled and burned his hands.

"HEY. Owch" he yelled causing Max to yap a few more times. He inspected his hands and saw strangely that there was no burn whatsoever.

"Eh weird" he said to himself. "Come on boy" he called to Max. The little shih tzu followed him. It seemed that on the way back his eyes had started to glow.

It was early the next morning and Ben was getting dressed he had already chosen and put on his pants but he was terrible at matching so it took him about seven minutes to choose the correct shirt.

The odd part was when he went to put on his socks he noticed that they had a hole where his big toe could stick out on both feet.

Where did that come from thought Ben. He just shrugged it off he had an E.O.G today and he couldn't afford any distractions. Math wasn't his strong suit in any way. So he just put on his socks and shoes and hurried into the living room.

His little sister was there already almost asleep on the recliner chair. To be honest Ben usually did the exact same thing only on the other chair but today he didn't feel tired which was weird since Ben was not a morning person. His mother was in the kitchen cooking eggs.

He told his mother good morning and than after scarfing down some eggs. The family hopped in the car and went to school.

Part two

Ben was tapping his pencil against his chin thinking of the answer to the last question on the test it took about ten minutes of scribbling down math problems to figure out the answer.

He opened a book that he had brought from home his friend Dan had recommended it to him. His friend was an absolute dinosaur nerd, but Dan was very smart and a trustworthy loyal friend so Ben often took his book advice.

Ben's other best friend Jake was the polar opposite of Dan. Jake was terrible at schoolwork, and was often getting in trouble and cared way more about sports then schoolwork.

Jake and Ben were on the same swim team they had been friends for five years. Since Ben joined the swim team.

Although this once Ben wished he hadn't taken Dan's advice because the book wasn't an action adventure dinosaur thriller it was all about fossils and junk.

At enrichment period he and Dan got back to taking apart their robot. "So what was that rock you texted me about last night" asked Dan.

"Oh yeah I was taking my dog on a walk last night and then I touched this meteor and my hands were burning with no burn mark. And this morning there were two big holes in the big toe spots of my socks" told Ben.

"Are your dogs chewing your socks that Max probably would" said Dan. "Did you like the book. The destruction of the first spinosaurus skeleton always makes my blood boil".

"Sorry fossils just bore me" said Ben. But the picture of the giant prehistoric predator filled his mind.

"BEN! Are you alright" Dan's voice interupted. Spinosaurus left Ben's thoughts entirly.

"Yeah why?" Asked Ben.

"Your shirt was starting to stretch out in the back. You sure you're alright?" Dan asked again. Ben was starting to have doubts about being fine. Maybe i'll feel better after swim practice decided Ben.

Ben cut through the water as fast as his arms could carry him. He was just ahead of Jake and this time he was going to beat him.

Jake usually won the races between him and Ben, but this time he found himself going faster. Ben was gliding through the water when disaster struck.

His arm hit the lane line but instead of stinging his hand. It only bounced off his hand harmlessly. Ben didn't stop to think about it. In two minutes he won the race and practice was over.

"Dang man. How'd you do it" asked Jake. The two of them were on their way to the locker room. Dan usually came to practices even though he had no idea about swimming competitively.

"I've never seen you hold your breath that long" said Dan. He held his hand out for a fist bump which Ben returned.

Dan recoiled "Ahh what the heck have you been lifting" gasped Dan. He was shaking his hand painfully.

"Wait a minute" said Jake. He knocked on Ben's shoulder as if knocking on wood. "Why is your skin so hard" said Jake.

"What do you mean" said Ben. He knocked on his own chest. "What the".

"Wait let's test something come on" said Dan.

Part Three

After changing the three boys rode their bikes over to Dan's house. "So I want to test something. Ben when I was talking about Spinosaurus you started to slice open your shirt right. And when you were swimming and hit your hand you could somehow breath underwater and get tough armor like skin right" reasoned Dan.

"Uhh yeah I guess" said Ben.

"So I think if I play a movie with dinosaurs in it than it might trigger your power again, but Ben do me a favor keep your mind off of t rexes please" said Dan.

"Wait a minute you're saying Ben is some kind of dinosaur superhero" said Jake.

"Wait why dinosaurs" said Ben.

"Well the swimming thing really tipped me off for prehistoric creatures. The only fish ever to have the attributes of armor, and that speed that you beat Jake with was the dunkleoustous" said Dan.

"Okay so lets just turn on this movie and see what happens" said Ben. Dan pulled out one of his best dinosaur movies. Jurassic Attacks. It had to be one of Ben's favorites. It starred amazing actors like Nick Zadax, and Kate Romone.

The first scene was the part with the gene lab where the t rex escaped a gigantic test tube and tries to devour the scientists.

Next the stars had to navigate a herd of stampeding stegasaurs at that scene Dan insisted to save Ben's shirt that he take it off in case plates sprouted from Ben's back.

That started Jake on what if Ben grew a tail. Ben shut that up real fast. Nothing happened until the raptor scene where Nick Zadax had to face a pack of bloodthirsty utah raptors with nothing but a pistol.

Ben didn't know anything weird happened until Dan gave him a look that said "what the heck".

Ben looked down at his hands to see that they had become claws. "Uhh. Ben is that really you" said Jake tentatively.

"Yeah it's me. Am I really a raptor" asked Ben. Dan was walking circles around Ben.

"Yeah a yellow and red striped raptor definately" said Dan.

"Uh Ben do not change back you ripped your pants" said Jake. Ben looked around sure enough there were shredded cloths all over the floor.

"Don't plan on it. Glad I brought spares. Dan do you have any blankets" asked Ben.

"Coming up" Dan came back with a huge blanket and threw it over Ben who changed back human. By focusing on himself and hugging the blanket even tighter as he changed.

"Out" was all Ben said Wrapping the blanket around himself like a weird loincloth. His friends obliged leaving Ben to change.

Part Four

Ben and his friends were hanging out by the lake going to test out Ben's power. "Okay Ben. That wetsuit should stay on you even after you change into something huge" said Jake. "Trust me comic books don't lie".

Ben kind of believed him the wetsuit was so tight it felt like an extra layer of skin, way too tight. "Okay you see those kids over there turn into a large aquatic predator and scare them. When you come back stay half in and half out of the water just in case this doesn't work" ordered Dan.

Ben shrugged, Dan was the expert Ben hopped into the water and swam over to the deep side. Ben thought very hard on a megalodon, the giant shark and sure enough felt himself growing enormous gills, fins, and hundreds of sharp teeth.

He dived deep escaping sight. He watched the swimming children and slowly a red haze covered his eyes and the thrill of the hunt filled his giant body.

Ben mentally shook his head he was only scaring them not snacking. He thrust his flippers gaining momentum and almost bursting from the water. He brushed up against one of their legs. The kid giggled nervously.

"Haha very funny. Stop it Billy I know it's you" said the kid.

"Did what" countered Billy.

"Brushing up against my leg and trying to scare me" said the first kid. Ben giggled in his mind because outwardly sharks were mute.

He raised his fin out of the water between the two bickering children. "Ahhh SHARK!" Squealed both of the children and swam for the shore quite quickly.

Ben reverted back to human luckily the wetsuit was still on him. "That was great Ben what do you want to do next" asked Jake. "How about Pic-a-nic baskets" joked Ben.

"We're seriously scaring hikers" said Jake skeptically.

"Yeah we know that this suit stays on if I turn into a legless fish. But what about a large mammal or even if I can turn into mammals in the first place". said Ben.

"Well it'll be cool if you can try a cave bear" said Dan.

"Alright I'll try it" said Ben. He focused on a huge dark brown bear. He knew it worked when he found his two friends had shrunk.

"Where did the suit go" asked Dan. Ben looked on himself it was gone. But it wasn't tattered on the ground either.

"Well we'll find out when I change back" said Ben it did sound strange to hear his voice coming out of a huge bear's mouth. Ben took off and stalked through the forest so this was what being a bear felt like he would have to practice these forms in the woods behind his house.

He sniffed a berry bush and contemplated eating them but didn't because they might not make a bear sick but it might affect him when he transformed back into himself.

He heard voices up ahead. "So you wanna go tubing" it was the voice of a teenage girl.

"What about snakes" said another girl.

"Well what about bears" joked the first girl.

What a coincidence thought Ben he jumped out behind the girls reared up on his hind legs and let out a thundrous roar. "You jinxed us Kelly" yelled The second girl.

"Sorry" apologized Kelly.

"Oh #$%". A grown man was on the scene he yelled a curse and pulled out his phone. "Girls i'm calling the park rangers get outta here" he yelled to the frightened high schoolers.

Ben ran out of there as fast as he could, and jumped into a bush and changed back to himself. The wetsuit stayed on.

"So how'd it go. That old man wet himself I heard the cuss from here" said Jake. He and Dan were waiting in the parking lot.

"Well that old man called the park rangers and I didn't feel like taking a bullet to the head" said Ben.

"Good idea that ranger's carrying a pretty big shotgun" observed Dan.

The old man was panickingly speaking to the ranger. "I'm telling you sir it was the biggest bear i've ever seen" said the old man.

Part Five

Ben sat in his classroom during the last week of school celebrations. They were watching the movie Carboniferous it was about a group of people in the carboniferous period.

The time of giant bugs at the moment the stars were being beset by an arthroplura a giant centipede that could nibble off an arm.

It wasn't until Ben was lying on the ground that he realized he'd transformed. Luckily Ben was prepared he was wearing the wet suit under his cloths.

He immediatly skittered under the table. He focused on himself but didn't find himself growing. He scurried under tables sneaking as best he could luckily the lights were turned off and the whole class was staring at the screen.

As long as I don't- thought Ben just as he brushed up against a girl's leg. She immediatly kicked the boy across from her in the shin.

Ben just kept scurrying hoping no one would notice his brown armored exoskeleton.

He scurried under Dan's desk "Psst" he called to his friend. Dan looked under his desk.

"Ben. Really right now" said Dan.

"You know I can't help it" countered Ben "I can't change back".

"Alright try to get out of the building and hide under a bush or something I'll meet you at three" said Dan.

He looked around and silently pushed open the door allowing Ben to escape. He skittered out the door and came face to face with Mrs. Cooper. He reared up coming face to face with the teacher and hissed in her face.

He figured a giant bug would be unbeleivable but he didn't want to push it with a talking bug with Ben's own voice.

"Yeeeeek" luckily Mrs. Cooper was terrified of bugs. He skittered down the hall to the gymnasium and sheltered under the bleachers. When the coaches went elsewhere he snuck outside to the football field than went out to the school parking lot and snuck under the rose bushes.

His exoskeleton kept out the thorns. It took what seemed like forever before Dan appeared. Jake was staying for football so he wasn't there. "Ben are you there" Dan said to the bush.

"Yeah" said Ben. "I'm not changing back in public wearing nothing but a tight wetsuit" said Ben.

"I don't live far from here you know where that is you can sneak through the woods straight there" said Dan.

"Alright meet you there" said Ben from the bush. He scurried out from the bush and into the forest.

Part six

Ben was standing in the woods with Dan and Jake. "I think some useful forms to practice with would be sabercats and t rexes don't you" said Ben.

"I think titanoboa would be sneaky or maybe the marsupial lion or drop cat to climb trees. The megalania would be awesome" said Dan.

"Sorry guys don't know dinosaurs" said Jake.

"Okay big snake first than i'll try the saber and i'll finish off with mega whatever" agreed Ben.

Ben focused his mind on the titanboa extremely carefully. He found himself with his belly on the ground and a forked tounge flicking in and out of his mouth.

"Okay I brought some football tools on my ATV" said Jake, he ran off and brought back a tackling dummy.

"If you can squeeze this you can take out any bad guy" said Jake.

"You're really sticking with this superhero idea aren't you" said Dan.

"It could be cool if I could help people with this. You can study prehistory at the same time I'll help you out with it" said Ben as a snake.

"Fine so the squeeze force of a titanoboa will be neat" said Dan. Ben slithered towards the dummy trying to picture it as some prey item and trigger some snake instincts.

He wrapped his body around it and squeezed it flat. "So stealth will help with this one try and sneak up on me" said Dan. Ben made a villainous snake smile.

This'll be fun thought Ben, he slithered through the brush slithering and scaring a couple rabbits. The snake in him was furious at the scared prey. The human parts however far outweighed the boa.

He couldn't see as well as usual but he could see heat and sense cold. He could sense Dan ahead. He made a circle around Dan's feet and hissed. Dan jumped "alright you're good" said Dan.

Ben thought deeply about the sabercat and before he knew it he was eye to eye with Dan. Ben let out a roar of pure exhileration.

"So uh with those huge chompers how are you gonna bite stuff" said Jake who had walked through the woods.

"Is that tackling dummy still around" asked Dan.

"Got it" said Jake. Ben leaped forward and caught the dummy in his powerful jaws ripping it in two.

"Alright don't do that again you're terrifying" said Jake. Ben laughed. Something jumped in the woods and a delicious smell wafted into his nostrils.

The tiger side briefly took over. "DEER"! Ben shouted and took off after it.

Jake started after him but Dan stopped him. "I know we need to be good friends but I don't think we should try to stop a smilodon even if he is Ben" he reasoned.

Ben pounded after the deer. He was inches from it when the reasonable side of his brain regained control. He shot his legs down allowing the terrified deer to escape. He shook his head and trotted back to his friends.

"Sorry lost control for a sec" apologized Ben

"it's fine after that arthroplura episode we should know that sometimes you get-" started Dan.

"Dinobrain" interupted Jake "we should totally call it Dinobrain".

"I'm cool with that" agreed Ben. He decided to try the Megalania. He concentrated on giant lizards and his body changed shape to the megalania. Ben's thick tail thwacked a pine tree down.

"I never knew they were that big" gasped Dan.

"Dude bite something" pleaded Jake. Ben did want to test out this animal's bite force he chomped down on the felled tree. And broke it in two easily.

"That's enough it's getting late" said Dan. "Race you" said Ben. He transformed into the saber and tore ahead.

"Dang that's fast" said Jake

Part Seven

Ben was walking through the campgrounds of Hallmark, His hometown. His little sister was part of a softball team and his family was at a game in another town so he was spending the day at the campgrounds with his friends.

Ben and Jake were taking a walk through the hiking trail when they heard voices up ahead. "Give us your money chump".

The two friends looked at each other and snuck forward to see a gang of people assaulting a lone hiker. "Go get the cops" whispered Ben to Jake. he nodded

"what about you" he asked.

"I'm gonna be a superhero" said Ben. He picked a form he knew he could use, the sabercat. He looked over at Jake to see him running to a safe spot to call 911.

Ben let out a low growl and stalked forward. The gang let up on their victim and looked around. One of them yelled a curse and looked around.

The lone hiker took his chance and ran. The gang spotted Ben stalking towards them and backed away. "I'm not scared of a cat no matter how big. That's just a big mountain lion. You're supposed to fight'em off" said the gang leader.

He picked up a crowbar from the ground that he brought with him. He swung it at Ben. The rest of the gang picked up sticks and other tools and followed his lead.

I have to keep them here thought Ben. He took a step forward, roared, and swiped a paw at them.

He knocked the crowbar from the leader's hand. Another swung a branch at him he caught it in his mouth and threw the swinger to the ground.

Ben jumped and tackled another gang member to the ground and roared in his face. It was then that Ben heard a pop behind him and the wind whistled beside his ear.

He turned around to see a park ranger with two police officers holding up a pistol. Ben swung his head around again. A large red feathered dart was sticking out of a tree. Uh tranqs. they think this is just a random animal attack thought Ben.

He jumped off of the scared attacker before the ranger could reload. He ran into the forest and jumped into the nearest river and as fast as he could he changed back to himself.

The park ranger ran onto the shore. "Kid what are you doing. Didn't you here the roaring there is a dangerous animal here go back to the campsite and pack up. With that thing on the loose you shouldn't be out here. You can thank that other victim for tipping me off about the animal or I wouldn't have brought the big guns and scared that cat off. It was about to eat one of those crooks" said the Ranger.

"Yes sir" said Ben and walked off.

Part Eight

Ben was getting a stern lecture from his parents. "That animal could have killed you" scolded his father.

"Why were you swimming right beside of a dangerous animal and an attack" shouted his mother.

The news had gotten very good pictures of Ben roaring in the gang leader's face, and slamming that other one into the ground and spoke in grim tones when they mentioned the animal had escaped capture.

"Never do it again" commanded both of his parents at the same time. Ben's little sister Sally was smiling and snickering quietly she loved it when Ben got in trouble.

Max joined in the scolding by letting out a screech. Ben's father bopped the dumb dog on the nose "SHH" he demanded.

It wasn't long before both of Ben's parents said it was time to go to bed. But Ben just sat on his bed awake. He needed to test out a new form but it was far too late he needed something tanky like what if that dart hadn't missed he might be stuck in a zoo or animal jail or something like that.

Ben got out of bed, zipped on the wetsuit, and snuck outside. He flipped through a dinosaur book that he had borrowed from Dan.

It opened to the page that had the t rex on it. Finally thought Ben he focused entirely on the t rex.

He saw the house getting smaller. He let out a thunderous roar, and lumbered off into the neighborhood. The mind of a t rex was strong and it easily took over and left Ben with an unrepressible hunger and an urge to hunt.

Luckily the neighborhood pets were considered far too small to bother with by the t rex mind. Unluckily the city zoo was in scent distance and with that.

The delicious smells of elephant and rhino reached Ben's nose the only animals for miles that were thought of as sizable for the t rex. Ben lumbered off hungrily.

Ben roared and snapped at the elephant herd. A huge bull charged him and knocked him down. Ben tore off a tusk before the bull got away.

The entire herd stomped beside the leader and poked Ben with tusks on all sides. "HEY"! A voice yelled behind him a loud pop and a pain in Ben's flank snapped his attention behind him.

A zookeeper was pointing a rifle at Ben. Ben let out a thundrous roar before the tranquilizer dulled the t rex mind and Ben had full control over himself again. Never thought i'd be happy to get a shot thought Ben.

He lumbered out of the zoo and back home he had to admit that the t rex was fast. Ben reverted to his true form before running into the house and almost lying down when he noticed the dart in his hip.

He barely had time to cover himself up and pull out the dart before he went to sleep. I need to get these forms in check thought Ben before sleep took over.

Part Nine

"Seriously. You attacked the zoo". Dan was ballistic. It was the day after the t rex disaster. Ben woke up at about four AM.

Luckily he had disposed of the dart before his mother had found it which was lucky because if she found it she would freak out assuming that Ben was doing drugs or something equally terrible.

It was than that Jake rode up on his bike. "Saw the news. Sorry you took that shot man that had to hurt" said Jake after he parked his bike.

"Well at least that lets us know how irresponsible we've been five sightings of 'strange animals' in one week" said Dan he finger quoted strange animals.

"Yeah. Three boys attacked by a large shark in local lake, A pair of hikers assaulted by a huge bear on the same day. A teacher spots a giant bug in local school. Gang attacked by vicious wild cat. And to top it all off Hallmark city zoo attacked by a giant lizard" said Ben in an immitation of the news reporter Hugh Jillson.

"Okay so why were you at the zoo in the first place" questioned Dan.

"Well I wanted to test out a new form last night and I chose the t rex I changed into it but I couldn't control myself and I was starving. So I was thinking just like a hungry t rex. But when that zookeeper shot me that got me back in control" said Ben.

"So you've got a doomsday option" said Jake.

"A what" asked Ben.

"All great superheros have a doomsday option you know an extremely powerful ability that's so dangerous it can only be used when you really need to" said Jake.

"Well at least we know how Ben can regain control if he gets Dinobrain" said Dan.

"Okay I'm not taking a dart everytime I get Dinobrain there's got to be another way" said Ben.

"Well we don't exactly know another one. But Ben you need to work on your stealth" said Dan.

"Alright right here right now name the form and I'll be it all day without being seen" said Ben.

"Okay how about Megalania at the campgrounds" said Dan.

"Alright let's go" agreed Ben.

The three friends were in the campground parking lot. "Maybe I picked the wrong place these wardens seem pretty on edge"

worried Dan. "Naw just more challenge so state the rules" said Ben.

"Okay no running into the forest stay where the people are but out of sight. And no reverting back until sunset" said Dan.

"I can't believe our parents let us come after all these animal attacks" said Jake.

Ben's parents had let Ben come as long as he promised to stay out of the lake and the hiking trails. Ben did feel a little guilty about breaking that rule but this was more important.

Ben slipped underwater and focused on the giant lizard. His body changed into the huge gowana. Ben slipped his head out of the water for air and hissed. There were some swimmers nearby so Ben dived down to the other side of the lake where he hauled himself out of the water.

He decided to go lizard and just lie in the sun. He passed a few hours that way but in lizard form they felt like mere moments. During the last hour of the day a group of children thinking he was a log hopped on his back.

That was rather annoying but Ben fought the urge to gobble them down like a megalania really would. He endured the annoyance and indignity until the children finally left and Ben retreated into the lake.

He met up with his friends in a few minutes of stroking. "I can't beleive you actually did it" said Dan suprised.

"Yeah well I did". Said Ben.

"Alright see ya" said Jake and the three friends than rode their bikes to their seperate homes.

Part Ten

Ben was sitting with his family watching the news. There was a man with the local news that was different, a paleontologist that was interested in the recent sightings.

"These animals are not mutants or freaks they are survivors of ancient races. The shark could be of the ancient species Megalodon. And the pictures you got of the elephant hunter sure looked alot like a tyrannosaurus rex. So i'm sending a reserch team with me as leader to gather data. I do not wish to remove these animals from their natural habitat but I do want a few live specimens to study in captivity so if any citizen spots any prehistoric creatures give me a call and you will be rewarded more so if the animal is already captured" said the man.

"And there you have it the scoop from Dennis Gray famous paleontologist so if there is a dinosaur in your backyard you could get paid" said Hugh Jillson. Great so now i've got a price on my head thought Ben.

Part Eleven

Ben was walking downtown beside the museum so far he had managed to control his power in public but once he had woken up as a sabercat that was fairly alarming. Once in the museum he had felt himself growing horns on his head, he choked them down quickly before anyone noticed.

He was walking beside the building full of relics now when an alarm went off inside. "Someones robbing the museum" said Dan.

"Cover me" said Ben.

"That scientist is looking for dinosaurs" said Dan.

"I'll just have to get in and get out before anyone notices" said Ben. He ran into the building and changed into a utahraptor the first thing I really turned into thought Be as his toes turned to claws.

He let out a threatening screech, his feathered body felt the wind against his sides. He raced through the halls. To the geology hall to find a group of criminals trying to break the glass to get at the at the precious metals.

Ben let out a guttaral growl. "Oh #$%" cussed one of the crooks. Ben advanced and snapped at the criminals. They backed away.

Ben leaped forward and slashed open the sack that held the minerals. He screeched and snapped at the criminals. I can't really kill or hurt'em unless they go at me thought Ben.

He ran after the crooks they ran away with Ben on their tails. He chased them outside of the museum and gave a screech of triumph. That was before he saw the people surrounding him with loaded guns.

The paleontologist was there taking a close look at Ben. "A utahraptor amazing" said the scientist.

Ben took a flying leap and went straight over their heads and ran off. He flew he had to be going at least fifty miles per hour. He heard bikes revving behind him. Ben swerved avoiding flying nets and tasers. Ben ran over towards the woods and reverted human as fast as possible.

The pursuers were there in seconds. "Kid did you see a dinosaur" said the drivers.

"Yeah that way" said Ben pointing them false.

Part Twelve

Ben was sitting in the park with his friends. "That was close" said Dan.

"Yep" agreed Ben.

"You can outrun bikes" said Jake. So after that adventure yesterday he and Dan had started to think about secrecy. "So you need to start saving more people away from here to get that nut away from here"

said Jake. Dan's phone lit up. "How about a wrecked ship" said Dan. "Yeah up the river on another lake a ship just went down" he continued.

"I'll handle it you two stay here" said Ben. "Try and keep those scientists off me okay".

"Got your back" said Jake. Dan nodded. Ben decided to try something new.

He focused on a pterasaur and found himself growing wings and taking to the air.

Ten minutes of flapping and Ben arrived at the lake. He thought of the biggest swimming dinosaur he knew of, the spinosaurus.

He was falling in the next seconds with a giant splash. Ben cut through the water with his back fin.

The ship was sinking deeper with every second. At first Ben tried to support it with his spine but that didn't work. He lifted his head out of the water and looked eye to eye with a women.

She immediatly started to scream. Aw come on I'm trying to help thought Ben. He swam under the boat and swam upwards to lift up the boat and that actually worked.

It was than that a large catfish swam by Ben's nose and at the thought of fresh livng fish the Spinosaurus took over.

Part Thirteen

Ben abandoned the boat and sped after the fish. Ben snapped his jaws shut. the fish dodged.

He swiped his claws around the struggling fish just as Ben was about to swallow it he snapped back into control.

Stupid was all Ben could think before swimming backto aid the ship. He fit his head under it and pushed it back to the surface.

Once it reached the surface Ben had no idea what he would do he'd have to cross that bridge when he came to it. Ben fit his sail against the ship and pushed it towards the shoreline that actually worked and it wasn't long before the ship was shored.

Ben walked onto the beach. A large pop sounded and a rocket propelled grenade hit him square in the chest. He roared at the aggressor. Who was an american soldier. "TAKE IT DOWN"! The man shouted and machine guns fired out at Ben from all angles.

Ben roared again and retreated into the water. Navy ships were there. Seriously how dangerous do you think I am thought Ben.

It looked like he'd have to fight back. Ben cut through the water towards the nearest ship he lifted up his head and bit into it. He ripped off the torpedos and that was all. Ben didn't really want to hurt his own country.

Ben dived under the ships. He swam down the river as quickly as possible and reverted back to human.


Ben was walking back home after that whole battle at Harmony Lake. Yeah real harmoneous thought Ben.

His family was on the porch of his home waving. Ben smiled. Looks like i'm stuck being a superhero thought Ben as he walked home.

Hope you enjoyed this story. Ben might make his way to . Can anyone say Jurassic World.