"What the hell are you doing?" A tall, tanned teen with curly, dark hair named Michael asked upon seeing A short girl with long blonde hair crouch behind the store racks, peeking over the top of it.

The girl, Lexie, jumped, knocking over some cans, and almost knocking over the entire rack.

"Jesus! Don't do that! Especially when I'm tense already." Lexie yelled at him.

Michael picked up the can. "Fine, whatever. Just c'mon back, I don't need you knocking things over and creating more work for me." He rolled his eyes, but still found humor in the girls rage.

Michael's parents own the store, so Michael, Lexie, and another tall, brunette boy Raymond, free roam of the place, as long as they do not cause trouble for Michael's parents. Theres also a little living quarters in the back that has become the gang's little hang out.

Lexie followed Michael to the back. The room was actually a decent size. Wood paneled walls, a king sized bed from their past sleepovers, a couch at the end of it, Standing lamps in the corners, Beanbags, a mini fridge, and random posters and pictures of the store on it's opening day. There was also a closed off stairway that leads to the roof they they never ventured onto.

"Look who's here!" Michael said to someone in the room, Lexie peeked over his shoulder. Raymond was sitting on the couch, playing on his phone.

"Hey there, Lexie." Raymond murmured, glancing up from his phone for a second. Lexie sat down next to Raymond. she saw him typing furiously, not stopping in case of losing his train of thought. Lexie tried to look at the story he was probably writing, but he turned his phone away, not missing a beat to his tapping rhythm.

"So, are you gonna tell me why you were hiding behind the beans?" Michael asked, coming to sit next to Lexie, leaning his arm and body on her shoulder.

"Right. I think I was being followed...?" Lexie said, trying to recall the moments before entering the store.

"What do you mean you 'think'?" Michael questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"Like, I don't know. These guys seemed to be right on my ass basically. I was weaving through yards and other stores to get here. I didn't see them once I got into the store." Lexie explained her experience. She mentally fought with herself, trying to figure out if She was really being followed, or if she took the men the wrong way.

"You're over thinking it. You know you overreact a lot." Raymond chimed in, not looking away from his phone still.

"What the hell are you writing? Your biography?" Lexie snapped at Raymond. She reach over and try to grab his phone, but Raymond pulled his phone away from her and bit her hand.

"You bit me!" She recoiled her hand back and held it, shocked at being bitten.

"...That's hot." Michael said aloud. Lexie and Raymond looked over at Michael. Lexie gave a confused, judging look at Michael, while Raymond just looked annoyed at him.

"It's hot! The room is... I... I''m going to hang myself from the roof now." Michael walked over to the stairs and walked up them, but never actually opening the door to the roof.

Lexie looked back to Raymond "C'mon, tell me what you're writing, please?" She asked. She tried to lean closer to Raymond, so that she could at least get a glimpse of his work.

"I'm just documenting something, calm down!" Raymond shouted. He turned off his phone and put it in his pocket, Tired of dealing with her nosiness.

"What's your problem? You always tell me what you're writing and give me all the details!" Lexie complained. She did have a point though, Raymond was always writing, and always told her the details of his latest works.

"Well I don't want you knowing about this one!" Raymond snapped at her. He just wanted the subject to be over with.

"What's different about this one that you don't want me to know about?" Lexie pressed. To Lexie, Raymond had been acting weird that day in school, and he was being secretive all the sudden.

"Don't worry about it." Raymond got up from the couch and went over to the beanbag. He plopped down and pulled out his phone again, writing like his life depended on it.

"Is everything okay? You're acting weird. At school and here." Lexie asked, trying to get some answers from his. She took his previous spot on the couch, and leaned against the arm. Lexie eyed Raymond intensely, waiting for him to explain his behavior.

"Jesus Christ, I'm fine. Now stop bothering me. I need to finish this." Raymond yelled at. Michael came down the stairs.

"Hey, stop yelling, this place is still open, I can't have the customers listening to your guy' stupid banters." Michael looked out to the shopping area, which was dead.

"Blame her. She wouldn't stop pestering me." Raymond quipped.

"Fucking... Fine, obviously I'm not wanted here." Lexie got up and stormed out the front of the store.