Serenity was born a leader. It was in every fiber of her body to rebel authority and stand at the top. But in a world of tooth and claw can she figure out who she is meant to be? Lies and violence surround her life and they seem to come out just as her world changes. She was loved and cherished in her pack, the shining daughter of the Beta.

Jaxton was born to lead. Raised in the harshest of climates and hardened by tradition he will stop at nothing to be the greatest Alpha his pack has seen. His plan has a snag in it though. How do you handle a mate born to rebel you? Can he handle the storm that is Serenity, or will he drown to her nature?

***Exert from story***

"Who do you think you are?" I demanded, growling, baring my teeth at this man.

"You're mate, little one, and your future Alpha." He growled back baring his teeth. We stood chest to chest, to anyone else he would have been terrifying because he was my head only reached his elbow. He was full grown now, his muscles well defined and towering over any other normal person. But I was done with this feeling of being incompetent and him acting like I was a child.

"You will not be my Alpha! I will not have an Alpha!" I growled, his pale eyes narrowed, and he grabbed my arms tightly.

"Careful little mate, you may bite off more than you can chew." Those stupid butterflies exploded in my stomach with his hands on me. He pulled my left arm towards him more and yanked my sleeve up to my shoulder.

"This mark, means your mine. Forever apart of the north." His eyes were starting to dilate, the black of his pupils bleeding into his iris. His fur right under the surface. Something in me started to build, it was like an indescribable tension, a balloon with too much air, ready to burst. I was tired of his authority, I was tired of everyone's authority, I was not meant to be under his or anyone's thumb like a submissive doll. He tightened his grip on my arm pressing his thumb into the scar. A rumbling growl started low in my chest building, my whole body felt like it was shaking from the tension. My nails and gums started to burn as if flames were flickering at them. I was so angry, so frustrated. Jaxton continued staring in my eyes, his eyes black, his growl became softer, almost like a purr. But I was not going to calm down, not this time. I was not going to submit like a disobedient child. His touch began to feel like electricity and it felt like his body heat was soaking into my skin. I was panting with anger, but it seemed his smell was clouding my senses. I became confused. What was happening? And then it happened.