As soon as George walked

Into the art classroom and

Sat down, the teacher had

Came in and said, "Today,

We shall do nude portraits."

That was before the door

Opened and allowed a

Beautiful blonde woman

In only a robe to step into

The room and take it off.

But when she turned her

Nude body around to face

The whole class, her eyes

Grew wide for she had

Spotted her fiancee George.

That made the poor girl

Grab the robe and run

Out of the room with

George chasing after

Her and calling, "Mary!"

The next day, George saw

Mary sitting by herself at

The local Burger King and

Asked, "Why did you let

Yourself do that thing?"

"I needed some money

To pay for the wedding

With.", she answered

With her head lowered

In shame with tears.

That made George give

Poor Mary a big hug and

Say, "I really am sorry,

Mary. I didn't mean to

Embarrass you like that."