Shisa walks around Nirai Kanai,

She encounters a creature with his hair covering his entire body,

The creature is name Kijimuna,

And his home is the bayan tree,

Kijimuna leaves his home,

Follows Shisa,

To go from Nirai Kanai to Ruuguu.

When they get to Ruuguu,

Kijimuna jumps into the sea,

Catches a fish,

Eats one of the eyes,

And gives the fish to Shisa,

Shisa eats the rest of the fish,

And they both continue their journey.

Kijimuna and Shisa become friends with each other,

Kijimuna builds a camp fire set,

And summons out a laser,

To set up the flames,

Shisa lays down on the ground,

Kijimuna lays on Shisa's chest,

And uses his kanashibari power on her.

Kijimuna removes his power on Shisa,

She gets up and stands up,

Kijimuna gives Shisa a gift,

Inside the gift is a skunk,

Who releases a liquid,

Kijimuna and Shisa get into an argument,

But they both make up to improve their relationship.

Kijimuna picks up Shisa,

And carrys her,

He walks from Ruuguu to Nirai Kanai,

Shisa passes gas,

Kijimuna throws Shisa off of him,

He runs off to the ocean,

Where he gets eaten by an octopus.