The girl sat on the park bench with a lost look on her face. The sadness of her expression seeped into the predator's soul, it chased away his previous good mood. He almost decided to chose to kill her to avenge his highly sought out and rarely found joy. He dismissed the notion, he was above such petty choices. He needed to look deeper into a person's soul to judge whether or not a person's life was worth the slaughter. The hunter, Calvin, he was called, mainly killed killers ,or, anyone who committed truly heinous acts of violence. Calvin was no warrior of truth and justice, but, these were the people most of the world didn't care to investigate their disappearance. Or, their untimely demise. He figured someone somewhere would thank him if they knew he was responsible. There was no need to kill a sad little girl, when there was other scum lurking about.

The boy stared at her long enough to pull her out of her thoughts to notice him sitting across the pathway, in the protective shade of the large oak trees the park had planted everywhere here. The intensity of his gaze disturbed her to the point of making her want to go home, but, she knew she shouldn't go back there until the sun fully set. The dark shade of blue above the trees told the girl, Marlene, that this was sooner than she wished. Aged to a ripe and seasoned seventeen, she knew she was being childish. Only children were afraid of their parents. Maybe, not, but, she was still being a baby about the whole situation. She couldn't go to her friend Liam's house, either. He hardly seemed like her friend anymore. This being his last year of high school, the pressure was on him to get a scholarship for College. He was probably at the gym working out, or, in his driveway practicing with his dad.

So, She was stuck at the park, with her earbuds blasting in her ears, sitting across from a guy who looked to clean to be homeless. Who also had a staring problem. Who was more than likely a serial killer. Whose lips turned into a smirk when he caught her staring at him. Who was now waving at her. Who was rising from his seat on the bench.

Oh, no, She thought, in a panic.

She paused her music, her mind scrambling for something to say. She was desperate for anything. A friendly greeting, a sassy statement to blow him off. Anything but giving in to the urge to get up and walk away. She needed to stand up for herself for once. She needed to prove to herself she could hold her own with this perfect stranger, if she couldn't do that then how could she face her family? Marlene was tired of being a door mat.

", Hey there, lonely girl," The guy said.

", He-Hello...I-i'm not lonely, I prefer the solitude," She managed to say after staring back at him, like a mental patient.

Calvin could've laughed at her. He knew enough about solitude to know that no one enjoys solitude. Not really. It sometimes may be preferable to an even worse alternative, but, it was never someone's first choice. He didn't know why he was wasting his time, sitting next to her. Maybe, he was actually tired of his own solitude, the irony wouldn't be lost to him.

", So, you say," He replied to her.

The silence filled the air, it was not uncomfortable to him. Sometimes the best thing a person could do to assuage another's loneliness was to just be near. He was not usually one to seek out conversation, especially not with someone he didn't intend to 'take to dinner', but, he found himself drawn to her and her melancholy.

Marlene found herself relaxing once again when she found he wasn't pressing her for further conversation. She almost pushed the play button on her music, but, she found herself shamefully curious of something. The polite side of her begged her not to ask, but, she found herself losing that battle.

", Are-Are you blind?" She stumbled out, instantly feeling ashamed.

Insensitive bitch, She called herself internally.

Her shame dissolved to straight confusion when The Guy burst into sudden explosive laughter.

", Of all the questions that must be swirling about in your head, that's what you ask, Lonely Girl?" He asked, peering over his thick rimmed sunglasses at her, smirk still in place.

She pressed herself for a reply for a moment, trying to rush herself to say something clever. Alas, she lost this battle, too.

", Uh, um, well, it's practically night time, and you're wearing sunglasses," She meekly replied. ", Isn't it dark?"

He relaxed against the bench, stretching his arm across the back of it, almost touching Marlene. She forced herself not to move away from The Guy.

", Maybe I wanted to know what it was like to be blind. See how the other side lived," He said.

She scrunched up her face at his blatantly stupid answer.

", If you didn't want to tell me, you don't have to," She was annoyed by him now. ", Why are you even sitting over here? There was nobody on the bench you were at".

", Maybe I was lonely," He answered stoically.

He saw his answer visibly stun her. Her eyes widened and he noticed, with his far superior vision, that she had the iciest blue eyes. A stare like hers could possibly freeze a man in his tracks.

", What's your name?"

Her surprise faded sharply to apprehension. ", Why do you need my name?"

", I'd rather know who I was speaking to, when I think back to this conversation," He replied.

Her incredulous expression led him to believe he something odd. He was never a master of social queues.

", Remember this conversation when?" She asked.

", Whenever I'm feeling lonely," He replied.

He could see the implication on the girl's face. He almost laughed at the conclusions her mind jumped to. Then again, the world was a significantly sicker place than when he was her age.

", Not like that, I promise I'm a gentleman," He said.

", A gentleman?" She said with an eyebrow lifted.

He nodded. ", Yes, when the need arises."

", What does that mean?"

", It means you don't have anything to worry about."

", Maybe not from you," She said, shaking her head.

He figured he was now skipping breakfast altogether, the sun was all but gone. This pointless conversation was an amusing alternative to what he had planned for the day.

He extended his hand towards her. ", My name is Calvin."

She hesitantly took his hand in hers and he gave it a gentle shake.

", I'm Marlene," She said.

", What are you doing out here so late, Ms. Marlene?" He asked, genuinely curious for once.

She looked down at her feet, really regretting continuing this conversation. It was beginning to get exhausting for her to keep going with it. She silently envied The Guy-Calvin-for seeming so effortless in what she was having to work herself up to do.

", You look too unprepared to be running away from home," He baited.

", I'm not running away from anything, I just needed so space. Some time alone."

In the quiet, where I can hear myself think, She added in her mind

He felt his smirk grow wider. He had been right about his little loner. She was avoiding something, but, he hadn't decided if he cared enough to drag it out of her. Calvin knew he wouldn't stay in this town much longer, he never played in the same place for too long.

", You looked so sad from the other side, I couldn't help but feel as if there was a storm cloud right above our heads. Your depressing face was bringing the whole place down," He said, somewhat briskly. He didn't really care about her sadness, he supposed he was really just bored on top of his loneliness.

She had finally hit her limit, seeing stars out in the sky, she rose from the bench in an almost frenzied movement.

", It's really late, um, I have to leave now. H-Have a nice night, Calvin," She said, bravely fighting the urge to sprint away.

Behind the girl, Calvin's smirk grew so large it would appear to hurt his face.

Run, Little Lamb. You are not my prey tonight, He thought at her quickly retreating figure.