Marlene almost slept through the whole night, if it weren't for the loud crashing sound she heard that jolted out of her sleep. She groaned loudly, rubbing her palm across her face in a weak attempt to wipe the sleep from her eyes.

Sadly, this was a common wake up call in the house of Jones. Marlene estimated it to be her parents stumbling around the house in the dark, looking for whatever nonsense they were looking for.

She rolled over in her bed so she could place her forgotten phone on the charger and flipped herself out of the bed. She figured she might as well start her day at whatever god forsaken hour it was.

She made a face at herself when she realized she never changed out of yesterdays clothes, she could be really lazy at times. It was time to sneak a shower in. Gathering fresh clothes, her school uniform, she carefully opened her door only wide enough for her to peek one eye out and see if anyone up was near the bathroom. Seeing no one, she stepped out of her room with the care of an assassin in his target's house.

The house they lived had belonged to Mrs. Nicole Jones's godfather before he had died. Marlene never knew him, he had died not too long before Jake was born, but, she knew he must've really been close to her mom to have left her this house. It wasn't particularly big, or in good condition, but it was a four bedroom that had been the stability that kept their messed up family together. Without the house, Marlene wasn't sure where they would all be. There was a hefty possibility that if they didn't have the house, the Jones children would probably be scattered to the wind by child services, with none of them knowing where their siblings were.

She tried to shove the negative thoughts aside so she could shower in peace, but she never could fully push them out when they came for her.

She had been in the shower for a while longer when she heard a pounding on the door.

", Marley? Hurry up, I gotta shower for work," She heard.

It was Jake, up early as usual. It was later than she thought, but still technically early.

", I'll be out in a minute," She called to him.

", Alright," She heard as she rinsed the rest of the soap out of her hair.

She dried and dressed in a hurry to be in the safety of her room again. She loved her family, but, she was a victim to her social anxiety even at home.

Marlene opened the bathroom door, releasing all of the steam her shower had produced. Her brother was leaning against the wall across from the door, work clothes and men's' 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo in his arms. She grinned at the tired expression on his face, he looked like he was still asleep.

", Do you want me to make some coffee?" She asked, in her soft voice.

Most working men had their coffee machines already set for the morning, but, Jake didn't always like to drink it. He had always said it would give him the jitters.

Jake looked at her with his tired eyes, still puffy from sleep. Marlene guessed he'd had a hard day yesterday.

", Would you? I'm still so fucking tired. That damn couch popped a spring, it was stabbing me all fucking night," He answered, wiping his free hand over his face.

", Yeah," She said, gently smiling at him. He did a lot for the Jones's, the least she could do was make him some coffee.

He patted the top of her head fondly, smiling at her as he moved into the bathroom.

Marley grabbed her phone, hoodie, and messenger bag from her room before she went into the kitchen to start Jake's coffee and breakfast of cheese grits and toast. She and Jake were usually who ended up cooking, since their parents were usually asleep or uninspired to do it. The younger kids were still too young to be trusted with the gas stove, they used to twist and turn the knobs without lighting the burners. In a house full of smokers, they decided it was better to take the knobs off if they weren't using the stove. Of course, they were far younger then, but, they still did it to discourage anyone from "experimenting".

She finished up her cooking and set it on the counter for her brother and she checked the time. Five-thirty am. She had time before her other siblings woke up, she picked up her things and rushed out the door into the still dark morning,

Calvin's day, or night, was at a satisfying end. The drug addicted prostitute was as sumptuous as he had thought she would be. As it turned out, she was a mother of four, until about six months ago, when she gave her youngest, a baby that had barely made it to three months before Janet, that was the hooker's name, found that the child was a tad too loud. So, she popped a handful of Ambien and ignored the screaming baby until she was too far away to hear it. The rest of her children were in the care of her frail mother, who was too old to control them, so, they were about as wild as their mother was at that age. The police were searching for her, too. That he could work around.

He saw all of this in her soul, she could not hide it from him while he lured her into sitting with him in his dark corner of the bar. They shared a few drinks, and, before Janet knew it, she was floating face down the Amite river. Her shoes were left on the side rail of the bridge she had 'jumped' off from. The puncture wounds on her neck were already healed before he made her jump. By the time she was found, her body would be broken and bloated from the dirty water. There would be no evidence of him, all indications leading to Ms. Janet no longer being able to cope with the guilt of essentially killing her baby.

With his thirst satiated, he found himself wandering back to the park. The thrill of the kill gone, he felt the loneliness creep back into his soul. The life of an immortal was often a lonely one, once your maker left you, you were given two options; Go through eternity alone, or, 'make' a friend.

Calvin's maker was a cynical old vampire, he created many 'children' in his time. He wanted an army at his will, but, Calvin was done being a soldier then. He had been a pawn in the wars of other men in life, always trying to work his way up the chain of command. So, imagine his reaction when he found himself once again at the bottom of the totem pole. He never liked competition, so, he killed most of his brothers and sisters. When his 'father' found out they had it out, Calvin obviously won in the end. For all of the old man's years, he was a poor fighter.

After his beginning, he had grown a distaste for others of his kind. Not that he had met so many of them afterward, an encounter with another immortal usually ended in silent agreements to abandon the feeding area for a time until it was cleared out for only one vampire. He had never had the urge to join a clan, or, to even create a companion. His loneliness had never hit him so hard as it did now. He was edging closer to two hundred years, perhaps it was time to find a partner in his eternal existance.