Short Story: One Night Every Year

Summary: Children go missing on a day of happiness and good cheer, but what's causing this panic and fear?

Once a year every year, children go missing. When this happens, the child just vanishes. It's like the child never existed before: pictures, videos, anything that would allude to a child just vanishes. Parents and friends call the police, but they never find any evidence of said child. Sometimes, the parents are even taken away for things they've never done, but not for kidnapping. They are locked up for the insanity that befalls them, and the police aren't completely assholes for putting them in there. The police were concerned with the sanity that these people had - or didn't have.

Nobody knows what happens to the child, but nobody even knows there's a child. This "day of the missing child" is better known as Christmas Day. A day of cheer and good fortune has been changed to the day of confusion and fear. On Christmas, the parents would wake up to find nothing. All the child's presents, toys, everything would be gone, causing the parent to go into panic. Tonight, a child will go missing to the hands of something monstrous.

A clawed hand ran over the child's head. The beast's mouth opened, revealing two rows of sharpened fangs. Its hairy skin reflected the moonlight that shone through the window. Grey eyes stared into the child, sending shivers down the spine of the beholder. Fear caused the child's mouth to seal shut, nothing but quiet whimpers escape as he looked into the beast. With one quick shove, the thing shoved the child into a sack. Sealing the sack tightly, the monster crawled out the window and into the night.

More and more children fell to this monster before the clock struck twelve. When Christmas Day arrived, parents stood in horror and shock, some reeling and fainting in the light of what happened. The monster would arrive every year, taking only twenty-three children. Today, twenty-three disappeared, and every parent of those twenty-three had been disturbed beyond fixing.

A/N: Merry Christmas.