Chapter 4

I couldn't help but let my eyes wander her porcelain skin, feeling short of breath as I watched her approached me, the water fell free in the bathroom, no Screen, no curtain. Her tiny feet pattering against the tiled floor.
Water still runs over my naked body; she reaches her hands out to run against me, her hair flattening to her skin, bringing herself in to embrace me, submerging herself under the waters spray.
I didn't do anything but look down at her, my heart skipping a beat, I could feel her warm breath, her soft skin.
Her head planted firmly between my breasts, she stroked against my chest like a cat against her owners leg, a soft, happy groan emitted from Svel.

Her hands moved, each finger sliding against my skin, I could feel it move over scars, over my hips "I-I can't believe you're here with me" she whispers as I felt the water pool between her chest and my stomach, just under my breast.
Svel kept her eyes closed as her other hand moved up, over my collarbone and gripped my shoulder.
She pulled me down, her lips connected with mine as her passion was clear to me, I parted my lips to protest but it was silenced by her lust, as she took over.
I may have easily been stronger than svel, but the little voice inside me said to not disobey the humans around me.
I was pushed against the wall as her small body rubbed against mine, the water creating a strangely dry friction.
Her slender fingers reached down and parted between my legs, two fingers slide across my womanhood as the pupils in my eyes widen, an unnatural feeling forced my hand as I gripped her neck firmly, I gritted my teeth as I stared into her pale blue eyes as her lips gasped for breath, I didn't break eye contact as I watched the life drain, her feet dangling beneath her as lifted her from the ground, and yet the last second as I watched her eyes slowly close, I let go, Svel fell to the ground, her head luckily out of the water. I stumbled backwards as I knocked over the dividing screen, hitting the ground as I backed up until I felt tiles against my back, my weight shifting as I slowly slid down the wall.
The bathroom was tidy before, but now it laid in a mess of a crime scene I had made, the dividing screen made of fine silk now soaked in water as a thin layer covered the floor. The tiled floor was black, and the walls a contrasting cream white.
I leaned against the wall, my head in my hands as svel lay unconscious in the showers floor, I could hear the water pounding her flesh, the splattering drilling my mind.
I thought Id killed Svel in cold blood, just as I had Eva.

9.21 pm
I could hear the security alarms ringing through the halls at 6 pm they rang out, I guess they finally found that I hadn't returned to my cell, it took them long enough. Perhaps they had reviewed security footage and found I had entered the private quarters.
Soon the room to Svel's door was busted in as armed guards filled the space, it only took a moment for the bathroom door to open.
I sat there, in my own shame I didn't move as they called for medical aid for the young nurse, lying unconscious.

Had I killed her?
Did I kill the one person who showed me kindness?
Is destruction all that was purposed for my miserable life?

I was pulled up and restrained, standing there with bindings around my wrists, and a collar on a chain around my neck, pulled back as a doctor quickly arrives on the scene.
I watched as they took Svel's vital signs, I was thankful that she hadn't died from what I had done.
Boris was on the scene not long after his daughter had been taken to the medical ward. His hand firm on my face as he slapped me with all the rage a father of his nature could have.

The solitude of my new cell and I would be well acquainted.

I sat on the ground of my cell, thinking about how quickly everything had happened, the image of Svel lying motionless on the ground haunted my mind.
Meals came by just as often as they usually would, I had my books to stay my mind, but I couldn't help but feel guilty.
A perfect killing machineā€¦ Feeling guilty.
Maybe I wasn't so perfect, but that would be the least of my concern.

January 5th 8.45 am
The PA system hissed on as an unfamiliar voice spoke through, young, and playful in its own right.
"Good morning Experiment five, we have not met, my name is Dr. Anton Yanovich, it's very nice to meet you. Today is my first day working here, but I'm sure we will be well acquainted you and I"
I could see a shadow cast on the one-way glass looking into my darkened cell, as I turned my chair to face it, sitting, and staring in my solitude, and straight at where the figure would be standing.

"Now, I have read your report and," there was a faint clicking noise through the PA "you seem to be a read troubled case, I must admit this is my first assignment and yet I already feel so much pressure, my career is in your hands, my dear!"
The glass flickered slightly as the glass became two way, a young Ukrainian man stood staring at me, and an older nurse standing by at his command.
He wasn't particularly tall, not for most of the others I see in the halls, he would only be about 5.4'' his features were soft. And he appeared no older than his early twenties. The nurse assistant of his, however, would easily fit into her 40's, greying hair and crow's feet.
I said nothing as his face turned a frown "Not a talkative one eh? Ah well, I was warned" he flexed his eyebrows and looked through his notes, walking from one end of the room to the other and back again.
"Now this is no certain case I'm used to, but I believe my talents will come of great use, oh good use indeed," he laughed to himself as he wrote out a note and passed it to his assistant, she left the room, just me and him glaring through to each other, my expression as blank as it could be, but his smirking, as if his minds train was on a less than pleasant path.

"We're going to have fun, you and I," he laughed gently.

I woke up in an empty room; I had no idea what happened as I was left naked, laying on the ground, my head at an awkward angle, the chain from my new collar directly at the back.
As I sat up, I felt the restricted movement of bindings against my arms and neck.
I was chained up against the wall, with little movement otherwise.
My body was in pain; I felt a stinging sensation as I watched a static red light over my body, as I was reforming, this was the first time I saw my regenerative abilities in action, a gaping hole in my chest, I could see my own lungs, my own heart beating blood endlessly as it would only pour onto the ground in a pool around me. I watched as my ribs slowly formed back and the muscle that would wrap around them, my hand met my chest as it fully formed, my skin reddened from the distress.

I looked up to see a standard armed guard equipped with his 1938 Carbine Rifle, a Mosin-Nagant.
Dr. Yanovich was a clearly impatient man as he yelled at the guard "Have you had no training boy!" he shrieked.
"non-lethal! I said non-lethal you moron!" he snapped as he swiped the Mosin-Nagant from the man's grips, passing it on to the guard who was waiting by the door.
"now we're showing this nice girl what pain is, to teach her a lesson of what happens when you hurt your Allies" he smirked.
"Ahh, she's awake" he grinned as he approached me.
I pulled myself to my feet, and Dr Yanovich would stop only centimetres from my face, his face pulled into an ominous grin.
My first reaction was to ring his neck, as the chains strained I couldn't bring my hand nearly as close as I would have liked, my fingers bent harsh as I attempted to grip him.
"You won't see the light of day, my dear, you are on level B3, well below where the sun shines, you're going to stay here my pet, going to be target practice for a little while, is that alright with you?"
He smiles as he steps back, honestly as if I had a choice in the manner, he certainly didn't wait for any sort of response. "Take aim," he demands at the soldier, his Rifle loaded as he raises it, pointing straight down at me.
I felt my heart beat harder, my breaths grow heavier as I looked down the rifle's barrel, I looked down its sights to the man holding it.
He never shot anyone before, too young to have served in the great war, too much of a city man to have ever seen hunting out in the forests of Russia's great land.

The first bang rang out, taking a decent sized chunk from my left calf, causing me to fall to my knees as I wrench over in agony, I could see the static buzzing from my blood again, it did not null the pain, it simply healed my wounds.
"Fascinating" Anton remarked as he watched in growing interest, walking in half circles to either side of me as he watched my muscles and skin reform nearly perfectly.

"AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!" He screamed in laughter as with each shot a new wound was inflicted and I screamed in pain, no choice was given in my torment as it continued to flush over my body, blood pouring from the fresh wounds.
"Shit" the soldier exclaimed as he quickly attempted to fix the mistake, the rifle had jammed.
Dr. Yanovich bellowed at the soldier, exchanging their words as the soldier was removed from the room,
He took the rifle in his hands as he fixed the jam, reloading the five-round clip before shouldering it, walking up to me to grinning menacingly.
I couldn't do much, but my attempts at escape would continue, I pulled and strained the chains with all my might, as he raised the rifle to point at my shoulder I quickly reacted, the chain taking the shot as it shattered, giving me enough leverage to swing the remaining chain at his head, knocking him down and the rifle sliding across the room, I pulled him by his leg towards me, beating him time and time again with my freed arm "YOU'RE WEAK!" I would scream, his nose and lip a bloody mess before the guard could drag him from under my grasp.

I laughed as I watch Yanovich crawl back against the wall "You she-beast!" he screamed
The remaining guard went with him to the office like room that was just on the other side of the door, at least that's what it looked like. I looked around the room as I was now left to my own accord, it was a black floor, painted that way, and small cut-outs to drain the blood out, there was a hose on one end of the room for cleaning, and two large cabinets by the door, the wall I was restrained to was pulled out slightly from the rest of the back wall, I could see my own blood pooled around my feet as I came back to standing.

I was left there, I didn't know how long, I had no measurement of time.
But it drained on forever.

January 8th was the day Dr. Yanovich confessed to where I had been locked up, the deathly silence only aided my mental state to go down the drain, but even with such wrongdoings, I was the one still in the wrong.
I went to solitary confinement for my behaviour.
Dr Yanovich was not punished for his actions against me.
In all reality's he was right to do what he saw fit to punish me.

Anton Yanovich would still look over my upbringing, as far as the board thought of his actions, they were extreme, but in the broken state they had found me, they ended up doing nothing more than congratulating him on progress for my behaviour.
I heard news from one of the guards that Svel had recovered and was able to leave the Medical bay on the 9th of January, that was yesterday. My heart sank when she didn't come to visit me, I must have broken her poor heart.
Svel was a rare case, no one had known of her interests, a taboo of all things.
It was not that her father cared of her interest in other women, it was her interest in an Experiment that would start rumours.
Svel was interested in women, and she held her head high as she confirmed it with anyone who would ask her.
But not many people would know what happened in her room that night, no one would know that the woman she was so fond of was me.

That stayed between us.
Love was a foreign concept to me.
But I held Svel in a dear part of my own heart.
I must have, why else would guilt haunt my mind endlessly.
If I didn't care about her, why would I care what happened to her?

Svel didn't return to work; I didn't know that.
She spent time while she recovered on the rooftop.
If you had ever walked out onto the rooftop of this facility, you would have been awestruck.
Nothing but plants would fill the entire size, a lot of the facilities food and supplies would come from here, but mainly it belonged to the workers.
Experiments were allowed to help tend to the garden, but not to eat the food it produced.
Experiments were allowed to help.
I guess time has gotten away from me.
Other experiments were allowed to wander the halls without supervision; they had full access to the library and the gym, they could spend time on the rooftops tending the gardens.

0004 was my twin.
In his older age, he was a handsome young man, a strong jaw, and bright purple eyes, matching those that all experiments had.
His face was no longer as severely dis-formed, but he still had a wrinkled scar mark on his cheek, though no longer reddish in colour it was still an obvious feature, Nikolai, as Svel had named him, was an excellent experiment. Fit and smart, excelling in all fields.
My brother was so perfect compared to me.
He was Father's favourite subject.
I was nothing more than a mistake.
I knew that, and I don't think there was anything that could change my opinion.