She took a running start, and swan-dived off the side of the building.

Catching herself with a double roll into a ballet pose, she turned gracefully to greet the masked hero that stood before her.

"It seems you haven't lost your touch, Andrea." he commented mildly, holding back a laugh.

"Neither have you, cabron!" she remarked playfully, giving him a mock bow.

"You still have such a dirty mouth," he bantered back, even as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"Into that kinky role-play shit, I see," she teased. "Although we both know I'd be the one on top..."

He blushed profusely, clearing his throat before replying, "Come on, dearie. Just come in quietly, please?"

"You know the rules, Cap'n! Whoever tags the other first..." she trailed off, looking at him expectantly under her mask.

"Wins..." he deadpanned, before lunging forward, wings appearing as if by magic.

"Beasty-boy's got some new powers!" she catcalled, propelling herself forward, just out of his reach.

"Oy, Twinkle-toes, that's cheating!" he shouted, flying after her.

"Boop!" she whispered, suddenly behind him.

She grabbed one of his large feathery wings, overbalancing him. He fell ungracefully towards the ground, feathers streaming after him. She continued to hold his wing folded against his back, and influenced the currents to move his other one towards her outstretched hand.

She folded the other one gently, before bear-hugging him from behind.

"You having fun yet?!" she shrieked into his ear.

"N-not really!" he yelped in return.


They were about ten feet from the ground, when suddenly the air underneath them grew thicker, cushioning their fall.

"Tag." she stated simply, before hauling his unconscious body into the waiting transport truck.

"Goodie. You're awake." she taunted from outside the pit he was currently caged in. "I was getting tired of waiting."

His wings flared to life again, flying up to claw at her.

He was yanked short by an iron chain attatched to his ankle.

"So you told me the truth then, when you said you can't break iron. I wasn't sure." She said monotonously, inches away from his irate stare. "You are so full of fire, Sa'id. I can't wait to watch it burn you up."

She ran her fingers along his tense jaw, before ruthlessly grabbing his throat and squeezing it hard.

To give credit, he did try to get away.

But that's kind of hard to do when your captor has you chained in an unbreakable metal and she's channeling the earth itself to give her super strength.

Just as he was about to fade into unconsciousness, his wings going limp, that she let go, dropping him fifteen-some-odd feet to the hard dirt below.

"You might want to let me fix your ankle, Sa'id. You wouldn't be able to get out of here if it was broken." she commented drily.

Struggling to breathe, he was unable to reply, only weakly flutter his wings before giving up.

She channeled the air once more, drifting down slowly into the pit.

He tried to get up, pushing himself into an almost-sitting position, before collapsing to the floor again.

He tried again, sitting up and leaning against the concaved wall behind him.

His wings disappeared, when he was finally unable to keep them going.

As she came closer, he struggled fruitlessly, kicking at her legs to try and deter her from getting closer.

She nimbly avoided his futile attempts, kneeling uncomfortably close to his face.

"That's enough now." she said calmly, peering into his eyes.

He continued his futile attempts to drive her back.

"I said that's enough now." She caught hold of his wrists as he tried to keep fighting.

Pinning them above his head with one hand, she traced circles into his back before gripping him in a one-armed bear hug.

It could have been comforting, if it didn't have the unyielding restraint of shackles.

"There we go, easy now," she mumbled into his ear, "You've been hurt enough for one day."

Fighting against the hold did nothing but exhaust him, and eventually he gave in.

'You're the one who hurt me!' He wanted to scream, 'This is your fault!'

"Shh-shh," she mumbled- warned- he didn't even know anymore. "It's enough. It's more than enough. You've fought so bravely, but there's no sense in fighting when you've already lost. Calm down a little, and let me patch you up."

His heartbeat sped up, and he tried to relax.

"Good, good. You're doing great." she cooed.

She let go of his hands, moving to go down to his broken ankle.

"I'm sorry, Sa'id, but this is gonna hurt." she warned.

She placed her hands gently on his ankle, and quickly began binding it with the medical kit she had brought with her.

He screamed for about half a second, before passing out from the pain.