Brown hair covered his face and then traveled down his face to cover his mouth in a beautiful way. In that mouth were strong straight teeth that were never anything but white. Then above that was a perfect nose and following were light clear green eyes that were the perfect size, perfectly spaced apart, and always had a happy soul within them. The owner of all these perfect features was John Ode. John was the owner of a company that was in every city for 100 kilometers. He seemed to have his whole great life ahead of him

John was a christian man but he was constantly questioning God ever since his sister died and he and his 1.5 million dollars couldn't save her. No weren't aloud to save her. It was against his father's wishes since God would give her all the healing he needed. A month later she had died and he had stopped seeing his father. He was still heartbroken over losing his little sister but he had to get over it. He hadn't stopped being christian but he was still bitter and angry at God.

Right now it was late at night and John was leaving his house to go to an unimportant location to do unimportant things. As he got off his couch after an hour or two of watching television until 2:37 in the morning he sighed. It was going to be another boring sleepless night. Maybe it'd be better if he didn't have a family photo in nearly every room. He wanted to take them down but he couldn't do it due to overthinking it every time. John was extremely bad at making decisions. It was always keeping him from greater things.

As he got prepared and put on a suit and tie he was beginning to wonder if he should go through with this. It was such a late time but he had known who he was going to meet for years. He just could not decide and figured he would come up with an answer on the drive there. He wondered if God ever had moments of doubt. Maybe if he got to play God for a day he would know.

John stepped outside into the garage of his humble home lit by a single light. He walked over to his nice looking dark car. A dark car required a cautious owner to drive it in the dark of night. John was wondering if he should drive it and eventually decided to. John was very indecisive It seemed it would always make him shy away from greater things. It was such a side yet humorous sight.

He opened the car door and got in and started it up. He slowly got out of his driveway and took a right and went down his street at exactly the speed limit. Every now and then he would go a little over that but would always end up back. He didn't want to go fast or too slow and couldn't decide on which. John was very indecisive it would always lead him to danger. 2:56 was the time it seemed he would reach his destination in 10 minutes. Not too long but he could make it faster if he wanted to.

As John drove on and turned street corner to street corn the streets became longer and more and more lights seemed to disappear making his car slowly harder to the see. By now it was nearly invisible. All you could see were seemingly floating lights that originated from nowhere but a large shadow.

After 3 minutes of more driving a car was coming slowly bridging the gap between John Ode and the driver's car. As they kept going more and more going down the road about to reach the 4 way intersection where he'd meet John. He kept going slowly picking up speed stopping by now would be hard.

John was going more and more about to reach a new road when up ahead he saw a stop sign. He couldn't decide whether to stop or not and by the time has passed it, and decided to stop, and tried to maneuver the incoming car, he had died. John was very indecisive. It was always killing him. 3:00 in the morning John Ode had been killed by an oncoming car no one would ever track down or see again. The car would vanish without a trace just like John would on that fateful night.

John felt like he was weightless as he floated through an empty black void. He felt like he was in water but it was much much denser. He was moving and still at once while being everywhere and nowhere. It was the most bizarre experience in his life and words alone would never be able to explain it like he was feeling it.

Trying to turn around and look John realized he didn't have a body. He was simply there in some dark void of nothingness. As he tried to move he learned he couldn't. Movement in anyway was impossible but yet in some way he was still moving in some twisted way.

Thoughts formed in John as he tried to make sense of wherever he was but everytime he thought of something he became more and more less. His memories disappeared as his thinking slowed and soon he faded away until there was nothing left but a black infinite void.

Yet somehow in an instant there he was. Like he always had been he was again in his own body but to his shock he was in no place he recognized. Looking around he realized he had never seen this place before in his life and had no idea why he was here. It made no sense to him.

John struggled to remember what had recently happened and then it all flooded back to him. Only when the memories returned he realized a second ago he literally remembered nearly nothing.

The first thing to hit his brain was a black car that came crashing into his mind and then he realized he was in a car crash. Yes! He was in a car crash and now must be in some kind of coma that was it!

He decided he might as well enjoy it and decided to take in what he was looking at and try to commit it to memory. It would make an interesting story later on his life he thought as he looked around.

He was in a ten or so meter alleyway maybe more, in the middle of the night which he guessed from the darkness. Or at least it must of been considering the sky above him was pitch black. In fact no light was present at all in the entire alley coming from the sky. No star was present or even a light besides one single thing that provided faint yellow light throughout the alleyway.

To the right of John was a rusted and chipped metal barrel. It was the same kind you saw homeless people standing up next to trying to get warmth. John recognized this analogy from many movies he had watched in time that contained large cities filled with homeless people looking to stay warm. He wished he could help those people but he also didn't know if he should as it might seem rude.

As he closely examined the barrel he was thrown back by the details it had on it. The barrel which had once looked bare besides the red rust covering it was actually covered by hundreds of names. He stared at them with awe and wondered if it was some weird tradition to write your name on a barrel. He supposed he would have no idea since he never stopped to get a good look at one. "What in the world. This is not normal. None of this is," he said eyeing the barrel's names and feeling dread.

Directly in the middle of the barrel was something that was there that shouldn't have been there. He looked around once more and assured himself he had never been here before never seen this place yet staring directly at his face was his name carved into the rust on the barrel. John Ode was written perfectly on the barrel and no matter where he looked next it followed his gaze and stalked him.

He wanted to touch the name so badly but also every instinct in his body told him not to. What John should be doing was running out of this alleyway and never looking back. Yet he just couldn't get the name out of his head and finally going against every thought and feeling in his entire body, he touched the name.

The second he felt the barrel every name seemingly melted off the barrel falling to the ground in a heap of black ash. Now the barrel itself was slowly melting as the rust chipped off and then the metal under it making the small alleyway hotter and hotter.

After a fierce battle between metal and fire the entire barrel melted and soon there was only fire. The entire alleyway felt like an oven but as John looked at the sky he saw no smoke going into it and the fire being kept in the alleyway like some shield.

Soon however, even the fire began to fade. The intense heat that almost seemed to melt all of John's skin off slowly began to disappear as darkness crept through the alleyway. Soon there would be nothing left but John and a black wall of brick and stone.

John realized he should have ran out of the alleyway but he couldn't decide if he should or shouldn't. Now he had decided but when he looked at the two exits there were locked stone doors. Somehow even in the immense darkness lit only by a candle sized flame they stood as visible as if it were day. Then the last of the flame went out and even the two doors could no longer be seen and John was alone.

It seemed as if minutes no, not minutes but hours had passed of him not moving or speaking maybe not even breathing. John's sanity began to break down from the darkness and isolation as he inched his way around the wall looking for some kind of escape. It seemed none would come and he would die there, if only.

Hope welled up in John's chest as the fire began to appear once more and he looked at the light. Somehow the barrel had reformed and all the names still stayed on it. As odd as this was it wasn't even close to the figure standing next to it that hadn't been standing there before. No this was far worse by miles upon miles.

Standing left of the barrel was some figure. It stood a little over six feet tall around the same height as John. It had no clothes yet showed nothing but flat skin. It had no fat, chest, stomach, it was simply a flat body. Like they were almost made out of squares that had been shaped into human form they were so perfectly flat.

All of its skin was a dark grey, no not just the skin but every inch of their body was the same exact shade of dark eerie gray. All of the things body besides one single part that John just like his name could simply not escape and never would.

Staring at John were a pair of dark silver eyes that looked right into him and John somehow knew it was looking through him to. Not just through him but inside him like its eyes scanned every muscle, bone, joint of his body but it was more then this. As it peered into John it also saw into his soul and his very spirit. Was this an angel?

Then John heard throughout the entire alleyway a voice. He realized it was the angels and expected some heavenly and beautiful voice. What he got was a voice devoid of all emotion and heart. It wasn't simply monotone it was beyond that. Like after seeing so many souls it had perfected how to get rid of its own before speaking.

"John Ode. You are in Alley. One of these doors will lead you to Heaven and the other will lead you to Hell. The door you pick has already been set based on the life you lived. Pick your choice and you will either face endless terror and sadness or infinite happiness and cheer. Goodbye," it said and just like the fire melted then faded away.

Hearing the news John suddenly looked at everything else that had happened leading up to this and he realized something. When he first arrived into this strange alleyway he thought he was in a coma after being in a car crash but the truth was far more sickening. He had died in that crash and now he was left to choose his own choice. If he chose wrong he knew what awaited him. Nothing good at all.

John edged his way towards the closest dare not daring touch it. He didn't know if this would mean he chose it or not but he didn't want to find out for if he did he could choose wrong. Something he knew he would not do no matter what. He just couldn't.

Putting his ear as close as he possibly could to the ear without touching it John still heard nothing. He tried so desperately hard to hear something anything but no sound came through the door that loomed over him. There was only dead silence.

John understood that the test would not allow you to cheat and must be based entirely on luck. He thought this over and considered his chances that were fifty fifty. An equal chance of him picking the right door or the wrong one. Half a chance in other words. This had always seemed such a fair choice to him but currently staring between the doors he only felt like he was being unfairly treated. Perhaps he should just open it.

He reached out to touch and open the door ready to take the chances but grabbed his hand an inch away from the dark mysterious door. John couldn't just go for one and hope for the best! He had to think more carefully then he ever had before.

John quickly ran to the dead center of the alleyway and looked between the two doors. Each one was the exact same without one difference besides being on opposite sides. Or so John thought for as he looked once more he noticed one other difference.

A barrel sitting directly in front of him had fire flowing towards the door on the right. While for one person this could lead them to believe it must be Heaven or Hell, all this did was confuse John more as he was torn between more ideas in his split mind.

Did the fire symbolize destruction, burns, bloodshed, death and a dozen other things that would surely mean if he chose that door he would go to Hell? It seemed to make sense in John's mind as he turned away from that door but then a completely opposite thought tugged him back at the door behind him.

Did the fire symbolize warmth, a family huddling around a fire on a cold night, smores, camping, life, and more and more things that meant that door would lead him straight to Heaven?! It was as good of an argument that the door to his left was Heaven as it was Hell. There was no way for him to choose other then sheer luck!

John spun around in circles looking between one door to the other. He felt laughter on him as he bit into his leap from anger trying to figure out what door was which. Every moment he spent in that mind shattering alleyway was another piece of his sanity destroyed sent through whichever door it felt like. Then more ideas appeared!

What if both doors were Heaven? Maybe neither were and both were Hell. It was some cruel trick that was made just to show how much of a fool he was. Or! The doors wouldn't even open and he was stuck in the alleyway forever. Yet he could still be in a coma and maybe none of this was even real! Maybe in a few seconds he would be killed because it had been years in some coma and he would never get out!

John ran at one door and quickly turned around refusing to make a decision that would land him in Hell. As he ran at the other door he again stopped full of confusion and rage as he looked from door to door screaming at them hoping they would open.

"Damn you two doors! One of you shall open and show me which path I will take! Stop this torment and stop this torture! Show me which path I am to go!" he screamed at the doors with as much force and sound as he could muster in his throat.

John was thrown back as both doors opened and he heard screams of terror and agony as the smell of death and decay filled the alleyway. The second this occured John regretted his previous words and wished for them to be taken back.

Once more the doors closed then opened but this time he saw a golden and white light coming out and he smelt cookies, felt warmth, smelt cinnamon, flowers, and overall just felt good. He knew what the door was and ran at it ready to go.

On the last second the door closed and reopened revealing once more foul smells and tinges of red filled his view. He knew what each door meant and knew he had to be fast enough. But what if he wasn't? Perhaps it was impossible!

Thousands of times a second the doors switched as smells and sounds of death and life switched every second and he kept trying to get in at the right moment. However he would never get to the right moment. After all it was impossible to get out of purgatory.

John lived his life never making a real decision and he never would make the biggest decision of every person's afterlife. He would run from door to door trying to make a decision but thoughts in the back of his head kept him from making the final leap.

John was indecisive. It always kept him from the afterlife.