Prologue Verse

"10 more minutes! Our live will be starting soon!"

Shouting voices from the outside passed through the walls into the dressing room, a dark room only lit by lights from the mirror. Sitting in front of the mirror, a young man with grey long hair tied it up in a loose pony tail.

Mismatched eyes of grey and green with black sclera, gazed calmly at its own reflection. Despite his scarred face, he was well dressed up in a black army outfit with a black cape draped across his shoulder.

Letting out a deep breath to acknowledge the voice he heard, he mumbled to himself. "With this everything will come to an end…"

Knock knock!

"Pardon me, Kazuki. It's me."

Standing up to turn around, a taller figure with short swept back raven-haired wearing contrasting colour of similar army outfit entered. Turning his head up, the raven-haired's brown orbs looked and smiled. "It really suits you sharply, Kazuki."

As the faint blush colored his cheeks, Kazuki returned with a small smile back as well. "I can say the same to you, Seimei. Like a commander of the army, you'll definitely bring victory to end this war."

Giving out a faint chuckle, Seimei took steady steps towards Kazuki. Within reach, he immediately pulled the smaller figure into his arms and whispered. "Are you really sure you want to do this, Kazuki…?"

The warmth enveloping his heart from Seimei, Kazuki could feel how much his heart was ready to break and scream. He wanted to scream what his heart felt and desired, to give the answer that could give him an illusion end.

But, he knew better there was also another part of him that wanted something different from this. Thus, Kazuki raised his arms up to return the embrace and nodded. "Yeah, for the sake of this world polluted by corrupted Krach… For all of us, for him… I have to, Seimei."

"I see… If this is what you want, I will be here with you to achieve this together. For the world, for all of us… And for him, too…." Seimei's replied added with a firmer hug given to Kazuki, which was returned back the same too.

Burying his head into Seimei's chest, Kazuki thought to himself aloud. "For this world… To think we've come to this from three years back…. To now… Thinking back, if that day never came, would I remained ignorant to my death…?"

End of Prologue