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Verse 1-1

"On this day XX/XX/2X44, we are greatly reminded of the great world-ending disaster happened on humanity 400 years ago. The human civilization nearly wiped out by the great terror of Krach, sentinel beings created in sought by countries to use as a weapon in starting a World war.

"But, these beings turned against its creator and eliminated them. At worse, humans and non-living beings coming in contact by the sounds it makes will turn into one. It was then today, the human civilization found hope where they fight back to save humanity—!"

In the airport arrival clearance, the TV reporter announcement drowned out by the loud voices of passenger. Families, couples, businessman talking on their phone, were in their own world while waiting for their turn.

"Enjoy your stay, sir!" The female immigration officer smiled at the leaving passenger. Turned her head back, she called out, "Next, please."

Gray-haired young man wearing a black coat and carrying a small sling bag, walked towards the counter. He handed the passport over in his hand to allow her job to begin.

Not more than few minutes later, his passport returned as the officer the spoke to him, "Please have a good day and welcome back, Yoshimiya Kazuki-san."

With a warm and polite smile, Kazuki nodded and replied, "Thank you, miss."

With another nod of his head, he turned his head back and headed towards the baggage location in the airport.

While walking, a thought came into his mind with his smile remained on his lips, "Home at last! Hope Jii-chan and everyone are doing well!"


"Yes, Jii-chan. I've arrived at the airport here," Let out a sigh, Kazuki rolled his eyes next at what his grandfather said next. He let out another groan and assured, "Don't curse this place too! There's no sign of Krach here, and even if so, I'm armed."

Collected his luggage, Kazuki sighed upon hearing the familiar high-pitched peppy song.

Though what he had sighed at wasn't the caller, or… The over-worried concerns of a company president and grandfather.

The worried and hoarse voice exclaimed out from Kazuki's gray rectangular-shaped phone, "Jii-chan know Kazu-chan is arm! What Jii-chan mean is, my no-good grandson rash and hot-headed personality is giving Jii-chan a heart attack!"

"Isn't that one of the reason you send me to Symphonic Muses University in New Zealand for three years so I can be a competent manager?" Rolled his eyes once more, Kazuki took a deep breath and spoke, "I'll be fine, Jii-chan. If anything happens, I'll call, okay? Pinky promise, Jii-chan?"

From the few seconds of silence, Kazuki could hear the sigh from his phone as his grandfather conceded, "Jii-chan can never say no whenever my grandkids make pinky promises… Be careful on your way back—One more thing, Kazu-chan!"

"What is it?" wondered Kazuki.

The tone of worry now switched to a cheerful and peppy tone Kazuki was familiar with, added, "Don't leave the airport just yet! Someone is coming to pick you up from there! It's a surprise from Jii-chan, so just be a good boy and wait, okay?!"

Gray orbs widen in surprise, Kazuki reply flustered, "W-What?! I thought you said—Who on earth is coming to fetch me, Jii—?!"


"Hello! Jii-chan?!" Pulling his phone back, Kazuki stared at his phone screen that showed his call ended. He stopped his tracks and sat on the closest empty seat he found at the Arrival Meeting hall.

Threw his head back, he let out a loud groaned and growled to himself, "I'm not a child anymore, for god's sake. Give me the credit in capable of taking a few Krach, Jii-chan!"

"Besides…," Pulling his head back up, he raised his hand up to the black bandage on his neck. One of the main reason he had agreed to his grandfather's decision to become Muse manager, was what lies beneath the bandages.

Shook his head, Kazuki was about to stand. But, curiousity just came into his mind. He spoke to himself in a doubtful tone, "Wait, who is this surprised person—?"




Whipped his head to the sound of the chaos, a monstrous creature whose skin covered in black-grayish video noise entered the Arrival hall.

The mob of people at once fleeing far as they could, Kazuki noticed the large wolf-like creature among them opened its mouth.

Realized what was about to happen next, Kazuki shouted while he dashed forward, "Everyone, close your ears now!"

Confused at whatever the stranger shouted to them, the mob obeyed and covered their ears. Picking up his pace, Kazuki pushed his coat to pull out a silver Jericho hand gun.

Pointing at the wolf creature, Kazuki shouted, "You can forget about making that horrible noise to spread them as your songs, Krach!"


The painful yelp came from their leader who got shot, the smaller Krach of a human corpse and animal-like lunged forward towards the attacker. On the coming first wave of attack, one of the four of corpse Krach raised its clawed hand to strike.

Jumped back as it's about to land, Kazuki raised his gun and fire four consistent shots at the Krach's neck.

As it let out a deafening screech, the said Krach exploded into nothingness. With one destroyed, Kazuki never stopped his attack against the krachs. One by one, each Krach exploded in the same way without fail from his hands.

Unaware to Kazuki, a wolf Krach was charging behind him and soon leap up to strike. Yet before it could strike, it beheaded from its neck by a swing from a blade. Separated from its body, the Krach exploded into nothingness.

But, the wielder of the blade voice shouted at the single-minded Kazuki, "Oi bro-com retard, give me a notice the next time you want to send your dead corpse back to your beloved little brother!"

"Leave my brother out of this, bastard…!" Finished his final kill at the last corpse Krach, Kazuki turned his head at the taller dark navy-blue-haired figure to retort, "And where the hell were you, Rikkun?!"

Rikkun, or known as, Riku grunted and retorted back in an annoyed tone, "With Reika searching for a bro-com idiot leapt off from his seat the moment the plane landed. But this saved us the trouble, your grandfather's mouth is as big as usual."

"I do NOT have a brother complex on my brother!" Raising his gun to the side in sync with his mouth moving, Kazuki fired three rounds from his gun at the incoming krach.

Not even bothering at the now-dead Krach, he continued, "And, I don't want to stick with someone who got mistaken and surrounded by people as a Muse idol! As an upcoming fresh graduate of Muse manager, I got things to settle soon, which is preparing my first day of work!"

Raised his katana up, Riku followed Kazuki. Stabbed into the bird Krach's neck, he swung his katana single-handedly before countering back, "Well excuse me for being mistaken for one! And first day of work? You mean spoiling and pampering your beloved brother?"

Opening his mouth, Kazuki's words were interrupted when a dark brown-haired ponytail woman came in and shouted at the both of them, "Hey blockheads, quit your couple fight for god's sake! The enemy is— Look out, Kazu, Riku!"

The large wolf krach stood upright again, its mouth opened once more. But this time, bright green energy orb concentrated in its mouth appeared and grew bigger at a steady pace.

"Damn it!" Riku cursed, raising his katana up ready to deflect the coming attack.

Just as Kazuki raised his gun up, a familiar voice sang aloud in a clear yet calm voice, "Donna ni kibishii unmei… De atte mo…."

A tall raven-haired masked man, stepped in front of Kazuki. Rika and Riku showed a respective reaction of surprise and slight annoyance of the sudden intruder.

That slicked hairstyle and the familiar back, Kazuki recognised this figure anywhere even in that black navy uniform.

His head turned to glance at Kazuki, the said figure showed a small relief smile on his face before turning back to sing now with a determined tone, "Mirai no tame ni tatakau tame ni utau!"

With a sudden burst of shock wave sending the Krachs back, the masked figure glowed in a gold-coloured aura surrounding its body. Held out a handheld microphone up, a melodic tune sounded from the said aura. As he channeled the aura into his microphone, it changes to a black halberd.

Gripped the halberd to his hands, he turned to Kazuki and smiled once more, "Leave this Krach to us, you three. Please help get everyone evacuate to safety."

Kazuki nodded his head without hesitation to the masked man's words and replied with enthusiasm, "Understood! Let's go, Rika, Rikkun!"

"W-Wait, wait a minute–! Argh seriously, wait for us, Kazu!" Rika let out a groan of frustration before following the now energetic and enthusiastic Kazuki after hearing what the masked man told to them.

"Oi—!" Before Riku could even called Rika out, he gave a glare at the masked man before following them in frustration at the turn of events.

Turning back to the front, the masked figure twirled his halberd and slammed onto the ground with a confident shout, "Let's face the noise, Oren, Nero!"

"Understood, Alto." Pair of mirror image figures wore the same mask and clothing theme in asymmetrical, similarly to their leader.

They stepped in from opposite side. The left parting masked figure raised his baton stick to tap on his shoulder and said in a monotone, "Together, Nero?"

"If Oren is with me, Nero isn't scared," Nero raised his baton stick up on his opposite hand, with the other hand entangled close with Oren's hand.


Me no mae no kibō gui koroshita…

"Hey, isn't that the Symphonic Synchro Muse group?!"

"No doubt! Their leader Alto, and his two members, Nero and Oren are here to help us!"

"Isn't their first debut concert coming the following week?! To see them here before… T… This isn't a dream, right?!"

"As expected, the Emperor of Symphonic Synchro, Alto-sama! Not only the aura of confidence that come from his songs, but his lead to his members against Krach are the best!"

"Kyaa~! It's Oren-sama and Nero-sama! Not only they are cuter in person, but their dance moves are so synchronized! Every steps and breath they take and do are just like one person themselves!"

The earlier commotion of panic had turned into an excited yet boisterous chatters among the evacuating passenger.

The surprise entrance of the Symphonic Synchro enamored the attentions of the fans within the passenger turned their fear into excitement.

Symphonic Synchro, an idol group of Muses. They charmed the whole of Japan before its first debut concert. No one knew where they came from or talent agency they belonged. But, their first impression skyrocketed their popularity.

Kurayami ni shouhi sareta hikari…

At the line of evacuating passenger, Rika directed to one of her hand gesturing towards where the exit was. She noticed a group of ladies had stopped.

The obvious expression of awe and gossiping at seeing the group fighting against Krach, Rika rolled her eyes and reminded them, "Okay okay! Let's get moving ladies! You will create a line here!"

Annoyed at her shout, one lady stopped and glared back at her to point out, "What are you, their manager? Can't we even stop to look at them?"

Narrowed her eyes, Rika remained calm as being trained to be a professional Muse manager and spoke, "Well—!"

Owari ka? Unmei ka?


A toad Krach landed right before Rika and the girls, let out a horrible croaking noise that sending the crowd to stop their movement and crouching in pain. Winced at the pain affected in her head, Rika turned to the group of girls and asked, "Are you girls okay?!"

Kazuki and Riku charged forward after leaving their position. Headed towards the Krach, the former shouted, "Shut your croaking up, ugly toad! You're interfering with the live, so just die already!"

Stopped in his tracks, Kazuki fired at the Krach while Riku continued onwards. Once he was close enough, Riku jumped upwards and raised his katana. As he was to land, he strikes it downwards to slice the Krach into half.

Landed on the ground, more Krachs appeared and headed to their direction. Grunted annoyedly, Riku wondered aloud to his friend, "Damn it, how many are there left?!"

"As expected of a Wolf Krach… It'll keep calling more of its allies until it's dead!" Kazuki growled in frustration.

Agreeing Riku's words, Kazuki remembered within 20 minutes a Krach will appear in trying to attack the passenger. But, they were dealt swiftly—

Sou ja nai darou?

"Kazu, Riku, there's an emergency!" Rika's panic voice called out to the two men. Upon hearing, Kazuki and Riku headed over with now a shocked expression of what they were seeing.

Rika and the young girl whom she was resting in her arms while her friends showed a panic and tearful look.

Their friend was not only unconscious but her body and face was distorting like a static noise. The symptom happening was known "The Noise Syndrome".

The Noise Syndrome was a virus coming from the screech that a Krach made. Once infected, the human body would be distorted by the static noise appearing on their body, covering them whole to transform into a Krach.

Lowered down beside Reika, Kazuki searched the pockets in his pants but only to growl in frustration, "Damn it, the antidotes are in my luggage!"

"W-What should we do, Kazu?!" Reika looked at Kazu, panic and fear slowly growing onto her.

"P-Please, you have to help her!"

"Anything, please save her!"

Kazuki nodded and assured calmly, "I promise, I will not let her be turned into beings like them—!"

Reassured that to her, hope had come in to them. A familiar gentle singing voice grew louder to them, "Kyojaku furueru te o nigiri~"

Turning over, Oren and Nero stood before them with a calm expression as they were singing.

Both kneeling on one of their knees, one of their hand hold each of the unconscious girl's hands while the other touched her face.

Soothed the panic, a gentle voice singed out with their gaze never leaving her, "Kokoro wa kimerareta… Senritsu o utai~"

Each word being sung out from their lips, the distortion faded away by the glowing aura emitted from their body to the young woman.

Her hand in Nero's hold twitched, gradually opening her eyes to the relieved and tearful expression around her.

"Emi-chan…? Noriko-chan…?" The young girl muttered weakly of her friends' names.

"Sayori-chan!" The black-haired girl, Noriko, at once hugged her awakened friend.

The other brunette, Emi, let out relieved tears muttering, 'Thank god', that she was alright.

The trio let out a relieved sigh. It was fortunate that two members of Symphonic Synchro came over to help, otherwise, a tragedy would happen before them.

Both Nero and Oren leaned closer to Sayori and asked, "Are you alright, Sayori-san?"

Turned her head back to the front, a red embarrassed blush colored her cheeks and spoke out in a high pitch voice, "N-Nero-sama and O-Oren-sama?! W-Were you the one who…?!"

"You were unconscious of the Krach's screech… Not only your friends, but we're worried when it happened before our eyes…" Nero stated.

Nodding at Nero's words, Oren followed, "Was it scary for you, Onee-san? But don't worry, we're here with you now… All of us…"

With their gentle smile, a bright smile shone on Sayori's lips. Nodding, she replied with a more relaxed yet cheerful tone, "Y-Yes, I'm alright now! Thank you very much for saving me, Nero-sama, Oren-sama."

As they helped her up, the duo placed a kiss on both her hands. Oren and Nero smiled once more and bowed, "It's our wish to make sure you are well, Onee-san."

As they turned to leave, they moved their head to look at Kazuki. A curious expression shown on the latter's face.

Nero and Oren showed a disappointed expression despite wearing a mask that written 'Expected-of-no-good-Kazuki'.

Realized what's implied, Kazuki was about to retort back to them. The two joined up with their leader to sing the next the line of the song, "Sonna kanashii uta issho ni utatte!"

Utau! Unmei no gia waga o tomanai

Rushing towards the enemy, Nero turned his head and shouted while singing, "Oren!"

Tossing over his baton to Oren, the two batons in his hands generated electricity from Oren's voice. Oren held up to form a cross formation, he shouted aloud, "Plus-counter!"

Rotated the sideway baton upright, Oren twirled the two batons and charged forward to the large Krach. Reached towards left foreleg, he slashed it upwards then from the right in a quick movement.

Utau! Kurayami no naka de hitori de atte mo

Osorenai! Ware no uta wa kore yori tsuyoku

Seconds later, sparks of electricity came out from the slash movement. Electrocuted the whole of its left leg, the wolf Krach let out a painful growl. Zoomed its head to Oren, the wolf Krach opens its mouth in trying to bite hold of Oren.

Upon noticing, Oren back stepped away from the charging head.

Alto stepped forward, twirling his halberd forward and knocked the incoming head upwards. Alto commanded without a beat missed, "Now, Oren, Nero!"

utau! Mirai no tame ni

Stepped back allowing the two to come forth, they approached forward while all the more continuing to sing. Closer, Oren handed the two batons to Nero. Nero continued forward as Oren stepped back and commanded, "Lightning Electrocution!"

Kneel onto the ground with one knee, Nero tapped the tip of batons downwards which discharged a stream of lightning. The stream of lightning glided across the ground to the injured left foreleg of the Krach.

Utau! Aisuru hito no tame ni

Upon electrocuting the leg, the said Krach let out a growl as its leg broke apart and disintegrated into nothingness. Left a broken stump of its leg, the Krach collapsed on the ground.

Let another howl out, it sent out shock wave impacted towards the Symphonic Synchro group. Nero and Oren both jumped in the opposite direction, then jumped towards the wolf Krach to strike. Each leap across the Krach landed a blow against it.

Alto charged forward with his halberd armed in his hand. The wolf Krach noticed his incoming attack and attempted to strike. But, Alto moved to the side before turning to use the other fore leg to leap up into the air.

Leapt up high into the air, Alto impaled downwards onto the wolf Krach's core. Singing loudly, Alto voiced out, "Koe o hitotsu ni shite mirai o tsukureru! Blitz Impact!"

Koe o hitotsu ni shite mirai o tsukureru

Jumped away after he landed, hordes of stake-shaped energy beam rained downwards and pierced onto the Krach. Let out a loud painful growl, the wolf Krach fell onto ground. With a loud thud, the Krach exploded with its remains turned into nothingness.

As the three landed back onto the ground, thunderous clapping from the crowd applauded to them. Whether it was because they were the heroes or idols, it was all the same. It's a job of a Muse to save humanity while performing to give hope to humanity.

Nero and Oren waving left and right side of the crowd, shouted in unison, "Thank you for the support, everyone!"

Turned the halberd back to a microphone, Alto faced towards the crowd and shouted to his mic, "Thank you, everyone! We hope everyone not only enjoyed our little performance!"

Voices of 'Thank you', 'Thanks for the performance', 'Your songs are the best' and 'We love you Symphonic Synchro!' screamed from the crowds excitedly. Let out a chuckle, Alto continued with a wide grin, "Thank you! Unfortunately, as our show has ended, a farewell must be bid…."

"Until our next meeting… The symphony of your soul synchronizes with ours!" The group spoke with their hand reached out to the crowd. The next moment, they poof and disappeared within the white puff of smoke.

Strong breeze of wind blew seconds later, revealing empty spots of where they stood. The crowds gossiped among themselves, some were taking their leave. Kazuki, Rika and Riku sighed in sync once giving the glance around them.

Kazuki stretched his body back and groaned, "Thank god! Good thing a Muse group assisted us, otherwise we'll be questioned for letting an innocent turned into a Krach."

"Tsk, don't give too much credit to them if I were you. They may be heroes and idols, but who were the ones that had to deal both the Krachs when they invaded. And, the ones against those morbid fans of theirs?" Riku retorted with an obvious annoyed expression on his face.

"You—!" Kazuki looked over and glared at Riku.

Rika intercepted but agreed with Kazuki's words, countered, "Kazu is right, Riku! Were it not for them, she would become a Krach. Plus, they have the power of Stimme to end those monsters!"

Stimme, the name of a special voice from Muse used as a weapon to combat Krach. The Stimme was the only power that capable of generating sound waves to cure against Noise Syndrome and to combat against Krach.

Folded his arms, Riku gave a pointed look at Rika and reminded, "What about us? Don't forget, we graduated from the University of Muse Management. We may not have possessed Stimme but were trained in dealing and even able to destroy them on our own."

"But, this doesn't mean, we're not supposed to work with them, Rikkun," Kazuki's turn to retaliate at Riku's argument. Raised his index finger up, he pointed out, "The fight with a Krach is similar to a live stage as our professor said. While the Muse performs at the front against the Krach, we managers handle the back with the Noise Syndrome."

"But, you slipped on that part with the antidotes left in your luggage," Rika pointed out at the earlier mistake Kazuki made. The latter gave himself face palm and mumbled in the lines of 'It's not like I want to forget.'

Sighed in resignation, Riku relented himself to agree the last point Kazuki made. Or, Rika's reminder at Kazuki's mistake and said, "I won't deny what you said, Kazuki. But, we're trained fighters. I'll stop antagonizing every Muse if you can stop being a brother complex."

Rika moved both her hands up to cover as she turned away to control the incoming burst of laughter. Kazuki's face grew with anger and embarrassment. Twitching with rage, he shouted while cracking his knuckles, "Well, why didn't you told me straight you're picking for a fight—?!"

"Kyaah, it's Alto-sama! Wait for us, Alto-sama!"

A woman's voice echoed through the Arrival Hall. The three paused their conversation and looked over, knowing how mysterious the group was. But, they balked at what they saw instead.

Alto in literal figure himself was walking and pulling luggage in a frightening fast pace, despite the hordes of fan girls behind were chasing after him. A minute of silence to comprehend, Riku spoke first, "Did that guy just…?"

"And right out in the public… His fans here are hungry with desperation and lust to get their hands onto him…? Is he insane or just plain stupid?!" Rika shouted in shock, unable to understand the actions of the Symphonic Synchro's leader.

"He is stupid for putting himself in the open. But," Folded his arms, Riku showed a small wicked smile at the still-running fans and pointed out, "At least, it's amusing to watch them trying to chase after their dreams."

Rolled her eyes, Rika gave a light smack on Riku's shoulder for his teasing. She shook her head and agreed, "Who wouldn't when they make rare appearances in the public, isn't that right, Kazu—?"

Looked over to where her friend, a vacant spot was what she found instead. Rika raised her hand up to give herself a face palm, Riku voiced the shared frustration out, "God damn it! Let's buy him a dog's collar with a bell for his damn Christmas present!"

"I second to that, but first, let's find that stupid bro-com! Kazu, where are you?!" Rika agreed and separated ways with Riku in searching for their missing friend yet again.

Part 1 END

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