Shivers And Splinter

By, Gildarts Winters:

A zoo for letters surrouns me, the souls sing to me.

Their breaths match the beats of my heart, symbiotically.

We be rhythm.

My heart flutters like wind blown shutters, They trust me.

As I open the shell, stressing the spine, our shared tide binds.

I exposed the white desert, exposing the exhibits I am here to see.

There is poetry in war, three four, is seven,, which is seven.

One and, ten, that, is eleven. They sense me, I am blind, yet, I can see.

Am a stowaway on a titanic ship in a vast sea, I am not hear, nor should I be.

Yet, they know I am here, they feel me, they accepted me. I probe their minds, I hear their conversations, the tide tosses me.

Alive, or dead, the gods of these worlds, within the adventures still tread. They, love me.

In open battle, I duck a sword swing, my comrades is downed, I must not fall.

After a quick sojourn in space, I try on a gown, I am to attend a ritzy ball.

Across the wild west, on the broad back of a stallion, I ride.

Down a steep slope I ski, over the sky and stars astride a spiky backed dragon, I glide.

I die, I am immortal, mermaids tease me, stern professors lecture me, I revel in my freedom.

From farmsteads, to brothels, to castles to, schools, and space stations, I tunnel with dwarves.

I save the world, I destroy the world I am here, yet...nowhere. People and animals scare, and enthrall me.

Night shrouds the zoo, I must go. I close it's flesh.

they were on their final gasp but, I breathed life back into these souls. I smile, I skip across the tial.

Like a drunk with mead, I just love, just love, just read!

I shut the door, lock it, put the key in my pocket...I grin. I shall return again.

I sing the library it's lullaby, and say, for now, goodbye.

I sigh, what else is there to say? I must go, can't stay. On the morrow, will put a cessation to my heart's sorrow.

Sleep, and a storm tossed sea, envelopes me.