Author's Note: This is a story that I have been planning for a while. It's something I came up with when designing characters and lore, back when I was focused on becoming an animator. Some people in the community would look at the biographies and artwork for these characters, and suggest that I create an original story.

It took a while for me to actually get started, because I was shy and didn't know how to go about this. But we all have to start somewhere. I really wish to turn this into something great, and I hope that you enjoy the journey.

Chapter 1 - The Soul Cutter

The young girl thought that she was in the clear, until she suddenly learned of the stories. Without realizing it, she was caught in the midst of a moment where she thought she was alone. Since then, she has become somewhat of an urban legend within the near area.

These legends spoke of a mysterious girl who wanders the streets and deserted parts of the city, eliminating everything in her path with a strange sword. While the beginning does not seem like anything too interesting; certainly nothing that has earned such a label as "legend", the real unbelievable factor is the sword that the girl carries. It is said to be like that of a vampire, gaining power by drinking the life force of whoever is unfortunate enough to be cut. Some say that the girl is cursed by a demon, channeling dark energy through her sword. Others say that the sword itself is cursed, and that whoever wields it becomes a mindless puppet, simply out for blood.

As ridiculous as some of these claims are, there is a bit of truth behind them. Knowing that, a curious bunch go out of their way to explore the case further. These people are a simple group of troublemakers who have nothing better to do. It probably would not have even mattered what the stories said, as long as a cute, young girl was involved. It seemed that this may have been their lucky day, however...

Happening across an isolated area, there was a nicely dressed girl. Based on her appearance, she was rich, and apparently alone. But as if not even noticing that people were following her, she did not bother to turn around and acknowledge the presence of this group. Although, it was not long until she was made to pay attention, and that is when she finally spoke...

"Did you know that naughty acts usually begin with a hand on the shoulder? While I understand that it's supposed to make the person feel assured, at this point all it does is assist in making them feel more uncomfortable. So tell me..." Pausing her strange speech, she turns around and stares blankly... "Why do you kind men insist on proceeding with this obvious tell?" As if not caring much about the outcome, she just spoke her mind with no real introduction or sense of intimidation. It was at this point that the girl got handed to her quite a hard punch from one of the men, as he begun to feel condescended.

But rather than react too negativity about the hit she just took, she simply looked back, assuming an odd smirk. Her gaze became rather creepy, and her eyes looked dark and lifeless, as if a switch had been flipped. Spitting out blood and wiping the side of her mouth, it looked like she was about to fight back. She still assumed a rather composed stance, despite what her face was saying. But just before then, the troublemakers were suddenly immobilized by a magic spell. Gracefully descended from atop was another girl in a maid outfit, who seemed to be allied with the young girl who was attacked.

"I'm sorry I'm late, mistress. You're not hurt, are you...?" Stopped in her tracks as she saw the wound on the young girls face, the maid quickly turned to the group. While not much emotion was expressed through her face, she was clearly angry. Even so, the young girl intervened. With her creepily dead gaze still set, she unleashed a large sword from her person.

"This is what you wanted to see, isn't it? The legends made you curious and you wanted to explore, right? Well then, I will assure you that it is indeed true. The Soul Cutter does exist, and I am the proud wielder..." Without warning, this young girl who had seemingly become a different person rushed at one of the burly men and struck. Still petrified from the spell cast earlier, his friends could just sit there in horror. Despite the fact that no vital organs were hit, and the victim was not bleeding, he was still clearly getting weaker the longer the blade was held in his body. His skin was growing pale and it looked as though he was quickly aging.

But before the damage became fatal, the maid jumped in and stopped the young girl from continuing her torment. She even freed the group from her spell. "I deeply apologize for my lady's actions. Even I must admit that she went a little far. However..." The maid paused for a moment, looking up with a serious, intimidating gaze. "I hope you have learned a lesson from this experience. My mistress is not to be trifled with, and you now know the legend of the Soul Cutter to be true. As you have no more business here, I suggest that you make yourselves scarce!" She commanded, forcing the group out of the small area with her magic, for emphasis.

Calming down after that little encounter, the girl reverted from her cold exterior; to which her maid tended to her. "You didn't need to do that, Ren. While I suppose they were too caught up in the moment to properly recognize you, you need to be careful of who you draw your sword against..." She said, her face revealing concern. The girl, named Ren, just looked back at her servant, with widened eyes. "Right... I'm sorry... I know it's hard to control this side of you."

Ren simply shook her head. "N-nevermind that, Narumi. Did you at least manage to find more food for the night?" She asked. With a proud nod, the two of them started back to what would appear to be a hideout. There was no real need to put this night behind them, as this kind of thing was normal for the girl.